Top educational platforms Rating for 2022

Top educational platforms Rating for 2022

In the age of digitalization and the Internet, all the knowledge of the world is more accessible than ever. Learning materials are literally in your hands if you hold a smartphone. Also, You don’t have to figure it out for yourself: the field of online education is constantly growing. Here are details of educational platforms.

The web is full of advertisements. There is a new problem – how to navigate the variety of proposals, where to find something that suits you? It makes sense to start with the major sites.


Mostly for schoolchildren. However, The only subjects on offer for kids (from 4 years old) are preparation, chess, and English. Not all school subjects are available. Also, there are clubs with a mathematical bias – programming, game development, chess. However, A separate section is preparatory courses for state exams for high school students.

For parents – classes of pedagogical and psychological orientation, free informational notes, and access to developmental and auxiliary materials. Also, The team is made up of distinguished professionals.

Also, The educational platforms have extensive technical capabilities, the creators tried to provide everything necessary for the distance learning process at all stages. The Classroom section contains interactive teaching aids for independent use.

There is no charge for an introductory class. However, There are various drawings and bonuses. Lessons are purchased in packs of 4 to 128, and the cost per lesson is reduced. On expensive large packages – installments. You can save money on English and Maths if you choose the group format. The remaining classes are individual.

In addition to private lessons, you can buy video courses. This is cheaper, and the list of subjects is larger. Feedback is available, you can get a document in the final.

For deeper English studies, a premium service is possible. It is personalized at all levels, from curriculum development to organizational support from a personal manager. There is a daily conversation club available.


Trains programmers. Claims a comprehensive study of major programming languages.

There are in-depth courses on specific topics for those who don’t want to take the whole program. Newcomers can start with free courses in the basics, and then decide on the specialty. If you often wonder who will help write my essay, here you can ask for assignments from the online community or wait for help from professionals. To gain access to all courses, you need to pay about $ 40. For $150 you will get a teacher’s support and work on training projects. Slightly more expensive – the full set for a professional start, with an internship, certificate, and prospect of employment.

Problems reported by users are the poor organization of the learning process. Most of the materials are poorly suited for independent work, and feedback is not always prompt and complete.

There are supplementary materials and a few courses on related topics – for example, English.           

An interesting trick is a Sandbox. These are courses that are prepared by the students themselves, not the project team. Some can practice the methodology (the principle of “learning to learn”), while others get extra material. The downside is that no one is responsible for the quality of this section.


The site is an online design school. It covers all modern areas – from interiors and graphics to web design and animation creation. Narrow specialization allows you to get better results.

Courses are at different levels. Some designed for beginners, but some help develop existing skills in greater depth. Full training in the chosen profession lasts at least six months. Students graduate with a finished portfolio, and the platform staff helps them find jobs. For example, they organize online internships.

Some programs are not detailed enough and cause difficulties for beginners. There are problems with doing homework, and above all on the side of the resource.

If you can’t decide on a direction – fill out the feedback form and wait for a call. You will consulted on the phone. But do not wait for quality technical support. Support works slowly and poorly.


A resource designed for learning English. It allows you to get the desired level of language skills in a fairly short period. The audience is the widest – from schoolchildren to employees of companies.

The first lesson is free. Students are advised, determining their level, and sent to a specialist with the necessary skills.

You can study completely free – on your own. Most choose lessons with qualified teachers. But many teachers are quite weak. You cannot choose the desired teacher, the system selects it automatically.

A distinctive feature of Skyeng is the many sub-resources available. There are several applications for mobile devices and extensions for different browsers. And support is always in touch.

A noticeable disadvantage the high cost of courses.


The educational platforms are focused on the IT sphere and provide training in all its main areas. Its participants become analysts, developers, cybersecurity specialists, and representatives of other professions. On completing the courses, valid certificates issued.

There are difficulties with financial policy. This is especially true for course cancellations and installments.

SkillFactory focuses on practical skills. Only 20% is left for theory. Participants lead their projects and graduate with a ready-made portfolio even if they start from scratch.

Career counselors help you get a job afterward. Getting a job through the platform is noticeably easier.


The site has a license for educational activities. Participants receive full-fledged diplomas for completing courses and programs. First of all, GeekBrains focused on the most demanded modern fields – IT and marketing. There are over 150 programs in total, with new ones appearing all the time. Some are free.

All teachers have the necessary credentials and experience. True, not all approach their duties responsibly. There is a database of articles written in a clear, lively language on educational platforms. Real people share their experiences and advice

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