Top Restaurants in Kuwait That You Should Visit

Top Restaurants in Kuwait That You Should Visit

The cuisine is one of the major aspects of understanding one’s culture. It introduces one to the regional knowledge and the way of life of a place. Furthermore, it makes one closer to the people of the land where you have gone for the tour. Hence, as a true-hearted traveler, your travel will never be complete without trying local foods and cuisine. 

In this essence, if you go to Kuwait, you will have an amazing food trip, as there are many things to try. Beginning from shawarmas to date dessert, you will have a mouth-watering and spicy food adventure here. However, to experience good food and a real zest for Middle Eastern spices, you must also know where to try them. Hence, this post will share our insights about top restaurants in Kuwait. We suggest you note them down so that when you finally land via Kuwait Airways, you are all set with your plate and fork to satiate your hunger.

Get, Set, And Dine!

Do you know the best part of Kuwait restaurants? Restaurants here are open to try and cook various continental cuisines and impress you with their culinary accuracy. However, all of that needs a little research about the Top Restaurants in Kuwait beforehand.

Your touring experience becomes so easier when you know dining places already. Furthermore, given the ease of GPS and maps, you can now easily locate them too. In Kuwait, people are also of great help if you need directions. Hence, you will be able to easily hunt down the restaurants we are about to mention below:

White Robata

Top Restaurants in Kuwait

Calm your sushi cravings, as White Robata is open with the most authentic sushi platter. As astonishing as it may seem, trying Japanese cuisine in the most unexpected cultural setting is fun. Furthermore, it is not just the sushi that will delight you, but also how they cook their food. The White Robata takes its time to grill your food in the low flame of burning charcoal. As your food cooks, you can sit there, enjoy the Japanese aura and chat with your traveling partner. Alternatively, if you are a solo traveler, then hospitality from the restaurant workers will keep you occupied.

Dar Hamadi

Dar Hamadi is no ordinary restaurant in the neighborhood. This restaurant is a food temple; you will be in awe of the architectural design as much as the food they serve. After all, the architectural masterpiece is the creation of Hamad Alsaab, a renowned Kuwaiti architect. Regarding the menu, the restaurant serves “perfection”! You can try all the middle eastern delicacies and Lebanese desserts; Dar Hamad has it all. Do not forget to try its signature dish; you can ask the main chef for the same. Besides the interior, the calm aura of this restaurant will bring you a peaceful dining experience.

OVO Restaurant

OVO restaurant needs a special mention as it offers vegan cuisine to travelers. As a traveler in Kuwait, finding a vegetarian restaurant, let alone a vegan one is too difficult. Hence, if you are reading this right now and are vegan, then rejoice! Another good news is that this restaurant stays open for business every weekday, i.e., Monday to Saturday. Hence, walk into OVO and have the most amazing vegan platter. Not to mention, OVO also has options for vegetarian food items, and they are equally yummy.

Open Flame Kitchen

This Top Restaurants in Kuwait lives up to its name, as it has an open grill amid the restaurant. So do not just enjoy gobbling up your food, but also enjoy the process of its making. Perhaps you can follow up on the recipe when you return home, just like you saw in Open Flame Kitchen restaurant. Apart from its open grill, you will enjoy the interior design; it is black and illuminated with ambient orangish light. Furthermore, the food here is 10/10 and is worth every penny. Also, do not forget to treat yourself to yummy milkshakes this kitchen takes pride in.


The Veranda fulfills the wishes of those who like to dine in a posh setting. The interior ambiance is great and nothing else, and it also gives off a rich vibe. The cream décor, sofa cum chairs, and warm hospitality of the workers will make your time in the Veranda worthwhile. If we look at the menu, this restaurant mostly offers seaside delicacies. Hence, all seafood lovers must gather here and enjoy various fish-based dishes and other pescatarian delicacies. Besides, the entire veranda team makes special arrangements if you have a birthday boy/girl with you. The restaurant is open for booking occasions such as kitty parties, weddings, and any celebratory occasion.

Al Noukhaza

Top Restaurants in Kuwait

Al Noukhaza is a great way to treat yourself to seafood cuisine, as this restaurant specializes in it. Moreover, as you enter and dine at Al Noukhaza, you will enjoy the ocean-themed interior; their cutleries even have fishes drawn over them. This way, this restaurant stays true to its seaside cuisine. You can choose from lots of options. The menu has live lobster, crab soup, tangy oyster dishes, a fish platter, salmon fish fingers, and many other yummy items.

Dai Forno

For people who think that Kuwaiti restaurants are all about spicy middle eastern delicacies to them, Dai Forno has a twist with a surprise. Dai Forno is, hands down, the best Italian restaurant you can find in Kuwait. Hence, this restaurant will be a breath of fresh air if you are done trying all the lamb curries and shawarmas. You can try freshly made oven pizza, pasta, and other Italian food items here. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a Kuwaiti espresso in the most Italian way possible with your traveling partner. If you are searching for this restaurant, look for the Four Seasons Hotel, as this restaurant is located within this hotel venue.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have the list of these popular and amazing restaurants, we are sure you will have a great time hopping restaurants. However, while doing so, you should mention to the cook about your allergies (if any). The restaurant owners there are very generous and ready to treat you with delicacies that are tasty and suit you.

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