Types Of Cryptocurrency And Their Benefits

Types Of Cryptocurrency And Their Benefits

Currently, there are more than 800 Types Of Cryptocurrency in circulation, but not all of them have the same use. So let’s look at some popular cryptocurrencies and their applications.
The world of cryptocurrencies is growing almost every day, with new cryptocurrencies appearing as derivatives or direct copies of existing ones, as well as the way they are all used. Currently, there are more than 800 cryptocurrencies in circulation, but not all of them have the same use (direct replacement for traditional currencies when paying) or value. After the arrival of Bitcoin, there was a need for alternative currencies that blockchain uses for various purposes. So let’s look at some popular cryptocurrencies and their applications. Here are different Types Of Cryptocurrency

Types Of Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin is, without a doubt, the most famous and most valuable cryptocurrency. Thus, it became the first cryptocurrency accepted as universal money in online stores and exchange offices. It is now often used as a currency to buy other cryptocurrencies, but also in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process, which involves investing in upcoming cryptocurrencies by paying a certain amount of existing and liquid cryptocurrencies. Its use is especially convenient when it comes to godkendte online casinoer and other services related to gambling and sports betting. 


Ethereum experienced a huge expansion in 2017, especially among “miners”, but it is not yet as widely accepted as Bitcoin. The platform on which Ethereum works is also used for the development of other decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies; so the ICO process is also present in the case of this cryptocurrency. The classic version of Ethereum is a platform on which the so-called “smart contract” applications in which the blockchain allows uninterrupted operation without the influence of a third party or the possibility of fraud.


Safex came to be in late 2015 but its real foray into the market began in February this year. Also, Safex Coin represents an investment in the ownership and dividend of the project. Better said, owners of Safex get dividends by just keeping their coins. Safex dividends refer to the projects and platforms on which the Safex team works. The more platforms in the future, the higher the “passive” earnings. In addition, each Safex Coin will allow you to vote on platforms developed by the team. By voting, the community will change its shape and evolve a certain platform, or rather; all the development and direction in which the platform is developing, depends solely on the desire of the community.


In addition to being a cryptocurrency, Ripple is also an open payment network. This system designed to connect different billing systems and make it easier for users to use traditional and cryptocurrencies by working as an exchange office. Ripple charges for its services, of course; but this rate is far lower than that charged by banks and other services. That’s why a transaction takes about a thousandth of a US cent in Ripple currency; and destroys it to protect against a huge number of transactions that potentially some of the users could make.


As we can see, the purpose of cryptocurrencies and their application is not only for buying or paying for services; but also for their blockchain and network in other spheres of life as well. As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, the application of this technology is growing; so ways are being explored to use their blockchain in medicine, government, and industry.

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