A complete guide about Typing Speed Test, Biggest Typing Mistakes, and Typing Techniques. How you can increase speed 100 WPM+

Being a fast and accurate typist is most prominent for seeking a consistent career path. People usually tend to improve their typing speed but forget that typing speed is inutile without accuracy. That is where they generally make mistakes and give rise to typos. Hence, prioritize typing accurately rather than working on typing quickly.

Biggest Typing Mistakes:-

We usually practice in a continuous manner to improve typing speed. But, consistent practice leads to muscle fatigue and causes discomfort. It’s, therefore, necessary to take breaks in between to relax your mind as well as body. These are the mistakes, should not be ignored.

Hence, if you want to eliminate such blunders in your typing, here are few tips which you must follow:

1. Shift to Mechanical Keyboard

Typists and Gamers these days prefer to use mechanical keyboards over rubber-membrane keyboards. It’s due to its improved typing experience, long-lasting durability, customizable switches, and high stability.

Rubber-membrane keyboards are the usual keyboards that usually come with our computers and require force to tap the keys quickly. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards have slight bumps over every keypress, which provides ease, and your fingers don’t pain even after continuous practice sessions.

That’s why it is preferable to shift to mechanical keyboards for an improved typing experience.

2. Maintain proper posture and keyboard angle

That is quite important to maintain proper posture while typing to avoid any kind of discomfort. Firstly remember not to slouch, sit up straight with your back at a 90degree angle with the legs, as slouching causes back as well as neck strain.

Your keyboard should be flat at a negative angle, placed just below the elbow level, and avoid resting your wrists on the desk which causes strain on your tendons. Avoiding these mistakes may reduce the risk of computer-related injuries and help to boost Typing Speed Test.

3. Use Colemak Layout

Generally, we prefer using QWERTY Keyboard to get used to the positioning of the keys. But, nowadays, QWERTY and Dvorak are being replaced by the Colemak Keyboard. Which is known for its efficient touch typing.

Colemak is Ergonomic and comfortable, easy to learn, fast, multilingual, and absolutely free. It’s easy to learn, as it is only re-arranged 17 keys, and most of the keys and shortcuts are similar to that of QWERTY.

One of its plus points is all of its common characters were moved to the home row, to reduce finger movement. Getting familiar with Colemak Layout is a one-time investment that will allow you to enjoy efficient typing for the rest of your life.

4. Typing Techniques for exceeding 100 wpm

WPM Test (words per minute) has tests your typing speed per minute and tells you how accurate and fast you’re. One can enhance their typing speed by giving WPM Test. This test not only lets you practice daily, but you can also monitor your accuracy reports and work on them.

Having a higher wpm count shows how fast is your typing skills. People who could barely type 4-6wpm have worked consistently and improved their wpm speed and accuracy.

Even if you want to type 100+ wpm, here are few tips which you need to follow:

Few Tips for 100+ WPM

1. Keep Checking your Progress

As already mention about typing tests also lets you monitor your accuracy reports. So that, you can work on them. Regular practice with utmost dedication no doubt increases your typing speed, but not your accuracy.

Due to prolonged hours of practice, people tend to make many errors, which ultimately reduces their typing accuracy. But, the online typing test such as provides you with your accuracy reports. So, you can work on reducing the probability of errors and type accurately.

2. Take one step at a time

People tend to make blunders when in a hurry. To avoid such blunders I recommend you go step by step. First, understand and analyze the first step, execute it, and then move ahead to the second step. Keep your mind calm and composed for better results.

3. Don’t Practice for too long

Continuous hours of practice causes strain and leads to many injuries such as muscle cramp. Hence, it is always preferable to take short and frequent breaks while typing. Replace those long hours of practicing schedule with frequent, and short hours. Practicing 20 mins every day is better than practicing for 5 hours for only a few days.

4. Pressing Keys

Choose a keyboard you’re comfortable with, and we recommend you to use the mechanical Keyboard. Whatever keyboard you use make sure that you type keys with a quick tap rather than pressing it for too long.

5. Get Familiar with finger placement

Memorizing the keys is crucial for improving your typing speed. Place your index fingers on the F and J keys. These keys have small bumps over them for their easy identification. Rest your other fingers of the left hand on the A, S, and D keys and the other fingers of the right hand on the K, L, and; keys. Together all these keys make the home row. Use the correct finger for each letter, always use the thumb of your dominant hand to press the thumb bar in Typing Speed Test.

6. Don’t look down at the keyboard

Looking down at the keyboard while typing reduces your typing speed. Therefore, one must memorize the positioning of the keys to avoid looking down at the keyboard.

In case you forget the positioning of the keys, try to feel the bumps on the F and J keys. And then accordingly adjust your fingers on the home row.

7. Refresh your mind

Working on improving your typing speed is quite hectic. Keeping your mind refreshed by taking breaks and playing some typing games proves out to be very interesting.

Typing Techniques

If you are struggling to become an efficient typist, and are in search of excelling typing speed, and want to boost Typing Speed Test then follow the below tips:

1. Touch Typing

The most effective way to improve one’s typing speed is touch typing. Touch typing is nothing but typing without looking at the keyboard.

At First, you have to become familiar with the home row of your keyboard, practice it until you memorize where each letter is, and can easily place your fingers in the correct position without looking at the keyboard.

After this, master the rows above and below the home row, the numbers row, and other shortcut keys.

2. The Home Row

It is the row that starts with the “CAPS LOCK” key. Thus, ends with the “ENTER” key. It contains the F and J keys with small bumps over them. That is where your index finger must reside, and other fingers will rest accordingly on the home row. Spend some time memorizing this position, and learning the keys on the home row.

3. The Top Row

Once you get familiar with the home row, move ahead to the top row. All you need to do is place your fingers on the home row keys, and then slowly, step by step look for the keys above the different home row keys. For ‘D’ it will be the ‘E’ key, for ‘K’ it will be the ‘I’ key, and so on. The only exception to this is are the index fingers.

Users should be able to not only reach the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys. But also the ‘G’ and ‘H’, and the keys directly above those as well. Now, all you need to do is memorize the top row keys and keep practicing them until you can type without looking at the keyboard.

Last Word on Typing Speed Test:

Once, you get familiar with the home row and the bottom row. It seems to be the easiest row. Learn the bottom row using the same technique as used for the top row, memorize it and keep practicing consistently.


1) What is the average typing speed?

Professional typists type as fast as 100 wpm, whereas some people are so slow typists that they manage to type only 6-8 wpm. But, on average, an accurate typist must be able to type at least 38-40 wpm.

2) What is Monkey Type?

Monkey type is a new customizable minimalistic typing test with various features and many test modes specially designed to improve your typing speed. It also provides a history of your results. So that, you can track your progress and avoid repeating those mistakes which you already made. It improves your typing accuracy.

3)Does typing test games help?

People usually prefer things that are fun and interesting. So many online typing test games are available that improves your wpm speed.

Playing online typing test games not only improves your typing speed. But also, increases your accuracy. Hence, preferring online typing test games to improves your typing skills is the right choice.

The above tips and techniques will surely help you in improving your typing skills but, In the end, all that matters is your determination for typing quickly to become an accurate typist. By compliment we also want you to use speed reading tests to read quickly and type faster.

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