Ukraine Surrogacy Cost: Legal Gestational Surrogacy Services

Ukraine Surrogacy Cost: Legal Gestational Surrogacy Services

What Is Gestational Surrogacy? What Is Surrogacy Ukraine Cost? The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine can vary. It all depends on the agreements of the parties. As in any other country globally, surrogacy in Ukraine has its characteristics. For example, only women over 18 can participate in the program. As for the Ukraine surrogacy cost, the World Center of Baby offers the best prices for both parties. Read more about it below.

Legality and Characteristics of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy agencies in Ukraine, including the World Center of Baby, operate on legal grounds based on the provisions of the Family Code of Ukraine. This document legalized gestational surrogacy in Ukraine back in 2004.

Article 123 of the Code, entitled “The Origin of a Child Born as a result of Assisted Reproductive Technologies,” regulates the legality of parental rights and the responsibilities of both future parents (including singles, gay men, etc.) and those who assist.

Experts of the World Center of Baby note that the acquaintance of future parents and the candidate for surrogate mothers takes place. They sign an official document regulating the rights and obligations of both parties. The contract is notarized and enters into force.

During the entire period of participation in the program, the surrogate mother has the opportunity (with the consent of both parties) to keep in touch with parents (phone, Skype, etc.). Program participants may also receive legal advice at any stage.

What Is Gestational Surrogacy?

Only gestational surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine. This means that a surrogate mother has no genetic relationship with the child. Instead, the conception of a baby occurs in vitro. Genetic material taken from biological parents used for this purpose.

Women of reproductive age can participate in the program if they give birth to their own child without complications. Applicants undergo a thorough medical examination at the clinic and pass the necessary tests to confirm their proper physical health.

What Is Surrogacy Ukraine Cost?

The World Center of Baby indicates that each party of the surrogacy program interested in the question ” How much does surrogacy Ukraine cost?”. And this is quite natural because a surrogate mother wants to know how much money she will receive for their services and customers, in turn, want to know how much money they will have to pay.

In this regard, it seems appropriate to mention that women who decide to help customers; and undertake to give birth to their child will receive a good financial reward, consisting of monthly payments during pregnancy; (for food, accommodation, clothing, transportation, etc.) and the final payment upon completion of the program.

In total, the surrogacy in Ukraine cost is about $ 35,000. However, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine can vary. It all depends on the agreements of the parties.

The affordability of cost for programs of surrogate material attracts customers not only from Ukraine; but also from many other countries of the world. If you also want to participate in the program – contact the experts of the website World Center of Baby and get reliable support.

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