Tether: Your Guide To The World’s Most Controversial Cryptocurrency

Tether: Your Guide To The World’s Most Controversial Cryptocurrency

Tether is a digital currency that’s pegged to the U.S. dollar. It’s the only coin in the world with this backing, and it has been used by hundreds of traders as an easy way to trade stablecoins between each other and on exchanges. The coin is often referred to as “USD Tether” because it was designed specifically as a stablecoin for use on Trade Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchanges, but now people are using it for regular fiat transactions too!

Overview of Tether

Stablecoins are considered one of the best ways to hedge against volatility in the cryptocurrency market because they’re less volatile than other cryptocurrencies and are backed by real-world assets like gold or foreign currencies.

Tether is one of these coins. The Tether stablecoin created by Tether Limited and its partners, who claim that it maintains parity with the US dollar at all times (that means there’s no difference between how many USDT tokens exist and how much fiat currency exists). In January 2017, Tether launched the USDT token on top of the Bitcoin blockchain using smart contracts built into it – this means that each USDT represents an individual US dollar unit worth $1. 

Each token backed by real US dollars held in reserve at Bitfinex Ltd headquarters outside Hong Kong. If demand increases for reserves during periods where supply falls short, then prices will rise accordingly too!

Tether’s USDT Supply Has Surged in 2018

Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin that has widely accepted as a currency by exchanges and investors. The amount of USDT available in circulation increased by over 600% in 2018; which led to the price of bitcoin dropping from $20K to below $5K.

This increase in supply has caused many people to question whether or not they should trust tether as a cryptocurrency. If you’re using it for buying bitcoin, this could be bad news for you because now all your money will be worth less; than if you had used traditional methods like Coinbase or Kraken.

Bitfinex and Tether Share Owners

You may have heard that Tether is a subsidiary of Bitfinex, but it’s not entirely accurate. 

Bitfinex a crypto exchange and Tether their stablecoin—a digital asset designed to maintain its value over time by backing it with fiat currency like U.S dollars or Euros (or other currencies). This means that when you buy Bitcoin on Bitfinex, your money converted into Tethers which can then exchanged for goods or services in any country around the world without incurring any additional fees or commissions as long as you’re using an exchange located within those countries’ borders.

Tether Is on the Omni Layer Protocol

Tether is one of the tokens that can created on the Omni Layer Protocol; which is a standard for creating tokens.

Tethers stablecoins, meaning they backed by U.S. dollars and thus have almost no volatility. The other benefit of this type of cryptocurrency is that its value doesn’t move too much over time—you’ll never see someone selling them at an inflated price or buying them at a cheap one! To know more about Tether, visit today!

There Have Been Previous Hacks on Tether

The last hack on Tether was in 2016. The amount stolen was $31 million and it did not result from a vulnerability in the tether protocol. Instead, it was a result of a vulnerability in Bitfinex; an exchange operated by Tether founder and CEO Jan Ludovicus van der Velde.

People are interested in tether because it has a real-world backing of USD.

Tether is a stablecoin, meaning that it’s backed by USD. And people interested in tether because its existence removes volatility from cryptocurrency markets.

There are other stablecoins out there—like TrueUSD and Gemini Dollar—but they’re not as popular as Tether. The reason? Tether has accused of being a scam several times over the last few years; though there’s no evidence to back up those claims at the moment.


The Tether stablecoin is an interesting concept, but it’s also one that has been controversial. Many people believe it to be a scam and only want to invest in stablecoins that have real-world backing like USD. While there are many other currencies out there; some people still prefer tether because of its history as the first cryptocurrency backed by fiat currency

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