Use Free Video Editor – MiniTool MovieMaker to Capture Your Moments

Use Free Video Editor – MiniTool MovieMaker to Capture Your Moments

Would you like to record your happy days? How to customize video editing on a free video editor? This article will show you a guide.

MiniTool MovieMaker is a simple and practical  video editor for DIY the best multimedia elements, like videos, pictures and music. This topic will arouse the interest of all the video editing enthusiasts to use the best video editing software.

How to Custom Video Editing on MiniTool MovieMaker?

MiniTool MovieMaker is a fairly good app that supports editing videos/photos/audio. The video editor comes with a timeline to edit clips. The users can add transition, effect, text, motion and elements to generate unique and exquisite videos.

Meanwhile, this video editing software allows customers to make adjustments on color correction, rotation, speed and audio.

MiniTool MovieMaker is a clean and watermark-free video editor. Also, you can choose custom-made  video templates to make quick and easy video editing.

#1. Import Media Files from PC

Download and install the free video editing software. Then, launch MiniTool MovieMaker. There will appear the Project library window. Please close it and then you will enter into the user interface.

Click the Import Media Files option under the Media tab in the upper left of the video editor and then you can select the files that needed to be uploaded from the PC.


#2. Add Media Files to Timeline

  1. The imported files are in the corresponding media library and they are all displayed in My Album.
  2. You can click the + in the lower right of the source media files to add them to the timeline one by one. Or you can also drag and drop the desired clips to the timeline.

#3. Quick Split and Trim Multimedia Elements

  1. When the target videos/images/audio are selected, please drag the playhead to the place where you want to split. Next, you can click the Split icon (blue scissors) on the playhead or click the scissor icon on the toolbar and choose Quick Split video editor. Then, the target media will be split into two parts.
  1. To quickly trim a video is a nice method to get a video that can be exported. By using the Arrow (a two-way arrow) according to the following solution, you can successfully remove the unwanted part.

Step 1: Click on the target videos/images/audio. Mouse over the start of the source media files until the mouse turns into a two-way arrow.

1: Step 2: Drag the Arrow to the beginning of the wanted part.

2: Step 3: Mouse over the end of the source media files until the mouse turns into a two-way arrow.

3: Step 4: Drag the Arrow to the end of the wanted part.

#4. Add Transition, Effect, Text, Motion and Elements

  1. When you click Transition, Effect, Text, Motion and Elements respectively, you can access the corresponding library and then add them into the appropriate area of the timeline.
  2. You can preview the edited video in the Player section of the video editor.

#5. Edit Video, Image and Music Property

  1. There are the Basic tab, Rotation tab, Speed tab, and Audio tab under the Video Property in the video editor.
  • In the Basic tab, drag the sliders to adjust the contrast, saturation, and brightness, and to apply a 3D LUT effect to videos.
  • Switch to the Rotation tab, flip videos horizontally or vertically, or rotate them by any angle.
  • In the Speed tab, the video duration varies from speed to speed. Tick the Reverse Speed to reverse the video.
  • Switch to the Audio tab and move the slider to change the fade-in/fade-out effects of videos.
  • Drag the volume slider to the left/right to make the sound quiet/louder.
  1. Under the Image Property video editor, you can change the color correction and rotation of images.
  • In the Basic tab, move the sliders to adjust the contrast, saturation and brightness of pictures. Apply a 3D LUT effect to pictures.
  • In the Rotation tab, flip images horizontally/vertically, or rotate them by any angle.
  1. You can change the fade-in or fade-out effects of audio or drag the volume slider to the left or right to make the sound quiet or louder under the Music Property in the video editor.

#6. Export the Video

  1. The user can click Export in the Player section to export edited video to PC/Device.
  2. In the Export window, you can rename the edited video and change its save path.
  3. Next, click the Settings button and enter into its interface. Adjust the video quality, encoder, resolution, and bit rate and press the OK button.
  4. Click the Export button. When your movie is done, you can click the Find Target button to view your video on video editor.


MiniTool MovieMaker is a free video editor. It can be easier than you think. Different designs and solutions will be worked out through the above operations. 

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