5 Reasons Why Real Estate Experts Recommend Villas in Alanya

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Experts Recommend Villas in Alanya

You are in a double-glazed French windowed house with an area of 118 sq. m. Sounds tranquil? Alanya has numerous real estate opportunities that can be useful as passive income sources. Most real estate experts agree that it is safe to buy a home in this era when demand is higher than supply. In places like the US or UK, people are struggling to find a rented place. A land or a house like Villas in Alanya is an investment that will never depreciate. 

Why Alanya?

It is a beautiful city on the eastern coast of Turkey. It is also a beloved destination for marriages because of the sea view and serenity. You would like to buy a villa are Mahmutlar, Kestel, Okurcalar, or Konakli. 

They are a small town directly by the shore. Within a kilometer, you can reach the sea. Are you someone who would wake up and go for a morning run by the sea? If that describes you, get ready to buy a luxury house in this beautiful Turkish city. 

5 Reasons Why Alanya Villas Are The Best

According to some of the best realtors, the price plays the most critical role. Once you buy the house, it becomes your asset. Here are some of the best reasons to buy villas in Alanya for sale:


Unlike the US or Europe, real estate is considerably cheaper. An average sea-facing villa in Malibu, California costs a minimum of $1,229,526. However, a similar property in Alanya would be around 500,00. The prices are double or more elsewhere. 

The cost of villas in Alanya can go even down. It is a good asset for you and your children. Also, a lot of new projects have been developed over the last few years. What does that mean to you? You get a brand new and modernly styled villa.  

Complete Ownership

Another great reason why you should buy a house in Alanya is that you receive total ownership. Once you pay the down payment and the EMI starts, you have full authority. To be able to sell again, you would have to wait for the EMI to finish. 

However, you can rent your place out for the holiday season and make a handsome passive income. Unlike in other countries where you receive partial ownership, Turkey provides you complete control. The state carries out regular checks to know if you are maintaining the property. Otherwise, you can make any changes you want. 

Great Value of Location

Another deciding factor is the locality. Alanya is the perfect combination of serenity and bustling civilization. On one hand, people can enjoy the sound of waves crashing at the shore in complete peace. 

On the other hand, people can enjoy parties, go to clubs, and have amazing nightlife. A house by the sea would never go down in value. People pay thousands just to spend the holiday by the sea.  

A Villa For Everyone

Modern and chic houses are in trend. However, you might be old-school and want antique designs in your house. Alanya offers a great variety of villas for every taste. Whether you want a cozy place or an extravagant ten-bedroom villa, the options in this city of Turkey are unlimited. 

If you have specific needs for the interiors, you may contact your realtor and ask for further information. Nothing works better when you have a house that matches your personality. If you are a child at heart, you might want to have something childish like a night sky as the roof.  

Comfortable Surroundings

The climate and the landscape support a happy and fulfilling life. Also, the water-side ecology in this part of Turkey is visually stunning. The large trees and the small fauna are amazing. Also, there are several historical structures left intact, giving this place a medieval feel. Living here will make you feel like you are on a holiday. You will have much more comfortable physically and mentally. 


If you are still weighing your options, it is time to end. We have got the best opportunity for you. Alanya is hands-down the best location to settle down. Whether you just had your start-up, started working from home, or retired from work, Alanya always has real estate for everyone. 

It checks out all the requirements of most buyers: a cheap place, a nice view, and good and supportive neighbors. A crucial step in this process is to find a trustworthy real estate agent. An organization that takes your needs into consideration, follows state rules, and has employees who can speak English, or French and other foreign languages. 

As a foreigner, make sure you receive TAPU and ISKAN documents. They are signed in the presence of a Turkish consulate officer. This is done in the Turkish consulate when you buy the house online and out of Turkey. 

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