How To Know If Your VPN Really Takes Privacy Seriously?

How To Know If Your VPN Really Takes Privacy Seriously?

What are the important features of a reliable VPN? Reliable VPN service provider In The Market Today are Mysterium Network, Express VPN, NordVPN, Proton VPN.

We know that the internet is a dangerous place if you do not use it wisely. One of the biggest issues we face while surfing the internet is Privacy. To combat this problem people started using VPN or Virtual Private Networks. A VPN protects you from letting others like your internet provider from tracking what you are browsing or downloading. A VPN allows you to secure and browse the internet anonymously.

You get an extra layer of security online through a VPN service like Mysterium Network. Pay through VPN bitcoin payment if you want a guarantee of anonymity. You can learn more about VPN on their website.

Today’s privacy remains as big of an issue as ever. Your internet service provider can store your sensitive data. This stored information may be sold to third parties or can be used in other ways. The role of a VPN is to make you feel comfortable at home while using your internet. After all, your online activities shouldn’t be anyone’s business.

Now the next question is, with thousands of options available how can you make sure that the VPN you are using is the best choice to protect your privacy? The answer is to properly evaluate important privacy-protecting features. The following are some important features of a reliable VPN:

No-Logs Policy

A no-logs policy means that a VPN provider does not store any information that is transmitted through their servers. To maintain privacy, it is equally important for VPN service providers do not to have access to your information. Otherwise, the VPN service provider has the potential to share it with authorities. A VPN service is a guarantee of a no-logs policy as they cannot store logs.

Before purchasing a VPN service, always make sure that they have a no-logs policy.


Your VPN service provider must try to prevent your VPN account from getting hacked. Therefore, a VPN Service provider should put an extra layer of authentication. For example, an OTP every time you try to login into your VPN account.


Kill-switch is an important feature that helps to prevent any leaks. As there is always a chance of VPN disconnecting because of internet speed. In order to prevent any kind of data leak, a kill switch is an important feature. Kill switch kills the internet connection when VPN Service disconnects. So, no data is passed directly preventing data to be stored by your internet service provider.

VPN Bitcoin Payments

A VPN service provider should offer VPN bitcoin payment as an option. It allows a user to buy VPN services anonymously. Therefore, allowing the prevention of any data collection as bitcoin provides anonymity.

DNS Leak Protection

A VPN service may fail to tunnel all the information and cause leaks like DNS requests. This information may pass through your internet service provider servers. This results in important information like websites visited being revealed to your ISP. Make sure to buy a VPN Service that guarantees DNS leak protection.


VPN services can buy virtual servers in place of physical servers to minimize the cost. This results in easy access to hackers and other parties to capture and intercept the data. This is why you must prefer Physical servers if you are concerned about your security.

Customer Support

Customer Support is a requirement if any kind of problem comes up. A VPN service provider’s ability to give quick solutions to any problems or clear any doubts is important. Good customer support makes sure that your VPN service is serious and cares about its users.

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How To Know If Your VPN Works?

Now, to check that your VPN service is providing privacy you can do the following. You can conduct an IP Leak test or You can visit a DNS Leak test website to test your VPN. If the test shows your ISP servers, it means that your VPN service is not able to encrypt all your traffic. To summarize, a DNS Leak is an important issue that needs to be prevented by any good VPN service or contact with your VPN service provider.

Some Reliable VPNs Services In The Market Today:

Mysterium Network

Mysterium network in a P2P VPN marketplace offering unused bandwidth. Being a decentralized VPN, they can’t store information (logs). In addition to this, you can pay for the amount of bandwidth you use. Use VPN bitcoin payment to pay the exact amount.


ExpressVPN has high-speed servers in more than 90 countries. They offer a no-log policy, kill-switch, split tunneling, DNS leak protection, and VPN bitcoin payments. Making it one of the most trustworthy VPN services.


NordVPN is another reliable VPN service offering high-security features like kill switch, DNS leak protection, top encryption, etc. They have more than 5500 servers. In addition to this, you can pay using cryptocurrency or buy a NordVPN gift card.


ProtonVPN offers a multitude of configuration options. They have 88 secure core servers in 55 countries. They also offer a free VPN service although it would not offer you high-level security. It is more affordable than most VPN services out there.

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Some security features are necessary if you want to make sure that you are being anonymous on the internet. A VPN service provider will only be able to protect your privacy if they offer a no-logs policy. VPN services without a no-logs policy may use your data to sell to other parties. So, buy a reliable VPN service to make sure your identity is hidden and no one is keeping tabs on you. Choose a VPN service that satisfies all your needs and is based on your convenience.

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