Abu Dhabi to back the growth of web3 startups with $2B

Abu Dhabi to back the growth of web3 startups with $2B

As part of the UAE’s initiatives to establish itself as a premier centre for technological innovation and investment, Abu Dhabi has announced the creation of a $2 billion fund to assist web3 start-ups.  Read more The advantages of bitcoin for electronic commerce platforms by clicking here.

However, The decentralised network known as Web3 is driven by blockchain technology, opening up new commercial options and business models that were not conceivable with the conventional online. Also, The fund is anticipated to support web3 start-ups at all phases of development and offer funding, knowledge, and resources to aid in the development of cutting-edge goods and services.

 Also, In an effort to establish itself as a major player in the quickly developing tech sector, Abu Dhabi has made the strategic decision to encourage web3 start-ups. The UAE’s dedication to technology and innovation is demonstrated by this most recent project.

Why is Abu Dhabi growing web3 startups?

The Hub71 technological ecosystem in Abu Dhabi has unveiled a brand-new project called “Hub71+ Digital Assets” with a capital backing of more than US$2 billion. 

This initiative intends to enhance Web3-based technologies including blockchain and metaverse software. The project aims to give Web3 companies access to a number of projects, programmes, and corporate, governmental, and investment partners in both international and UAE markets.

According to the Hub71+ Digital Assets project, it aims to give Web3 startups access to cutting-edge blockchain and cryptocurrency – related infrastructure as well as an advanced regulatory setting.

However, It headquarters are available at Hub71. Technology platform exchanges and service providers will join First Abu Dhabi Bank’s academic and creative centre FABRIC as an anchor partner of the project to make it easier to find, trade, and store digital assets.

Hub71 stated that as part of its future growth programme; it will support companies in growing their footprint in the Middle East and international markets as well as in Abu Dhabi.


Web3 startups at the “unicorn” stage—companies valued at more than $1 billion—will be included in this programme. Also, This programme is a part of Abu Dhabi’s initiatives to support and encourage creative companies; and position the UAE as a leadership in the Web3 industry.

The introduction of Hub71+ Virtual Assets, according to Hub71 deputy CEO Ahmad Ali Alwan; represents Abu Dhabi’s openness to “innovative firms that promote transition on a worldwide scale.”

Startups can financing, establish, and market cutting-edge ideas safely by collaborating with ADGM; FAB, and FABRIC as well as illustrious Web3 companies and intermediaries. 

This allows them to do so while able to operate within the biggest MENA region’s controlled commodity derivatives authority. This partnership provides a chance for companies to prosper while igniting change and progress.

The UAE has taken it upon itself to embrace blockchain technology and the new industries it includes; such Web3, the virtual world, and non fungible tokens.

UAE Start Internation Trade:

Thani Al-Zeyoudi, the UAE’s minister in charge for international trade, stated to Business insider on January 20 from Davos; Switzerland, that the nation is starting to work on its legal regime for cryptocurrencies with the goal of making the Gulf nation a centre with symmetric encryption policies; and adequate safeguards in place.

The Middle East and North Africa  area is one of the crypto marketplaces with the quickest rate of growth internationally; according to a Chainalysis analysis published in October. The survey revealed that consumers in the MENA region got $566 billion in cryptocurrency over the course of a year; from July 2021 to June 2022, an increase of 48% from 2021.

Conclusion : 

Abu Dhabi established a $2 billion fund to assist Web3 startups as a sign of its dedication to innovative products. 

By strengthening Web3-based technologies like blockchain and metaverse technology, the Hub71+ Digital Assets programme aims to give enterprises access to trying to cut technology and a complex regulatory framework. 

The initiative will assist businesses in expanding their share of the market in the Middle East and other areas. The UAE is a champion in its sector as a result of its attempts to embrace blockchain technology; and the new industries it contains, such Web3 and non-fungible currency. 

One of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency markets in the world is in the Middle East and North Africa; offering this project a chance for businesses to thrive while sparking change and development.

And  revealed that consumers in the MENA region got $566 billion in cryptocurrency over the course of a year; from July 2021 to June 2022, an increase of 48% from 2021. If you are looking to invest or trade cryptos check out Bitcoin smart. 

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