Choosing a Wedding Dress for a Bali Wedding

Choosing a Wedding Dress for a Bali Wedding

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Dress are The Weight of the Dress, Climate, Environment, Color Palette, Wedding Swim Suits.

Every girl dreams of having the perfect gown for her wedding. All girls wish to put on a unique fairy tale bridal gown that is inimitable. However, dreaming about your wedding dress is easy; choosing it, in reality, can offer you a plethora of conflicting choices. You should consider several factors when selecting a gown, especially if you are planning to have a Bali wedding

This article gives you a few tips that will provide valuable insights when choosing a dress for your dream wedding. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Dress 

The Weight of the Dress

When choosing a dress for your big day, select one that is easy to transport. This is crucial, especially if you plan to travel on air to have your destination Bali wedding. Bulky dresses increase your airport transport charge. Go for a lighter variant instead. 

Moreover, bulky is more hectic to iron than light wedding dresses. So, if the hotel you are staying at does not have a professional to help you iron it, it is best to settle for goffer or lacy wedding dress. Wedding dresses with a heavy corset and beading could make you look like you are dressed for another occasion. 

The Climate 

Bali is a warm and humid place. So it would be best if you also considered getting a gown with lightweight fabrics that will not make you stuffy and hot during the ceremony. Get a beautiful silky and cotton dress that will bring out your feminine features and make you exude relaxed sophistication. Some of the features you should look for include sheer panels, fashion sleeves with plenty of keyholes.  

The Environment

The tender, stirring oceans, islands, playful wind, warm sun, and greenery are unforgettable feelings that are brought to life by a light dress that effortlessly flows and caresses your body. Additionally, a Wedding Dress with asymmetrical styles such as curly cuts, long flying trails, and attractive stomach or back parts looks even more exotic when worn in exotic places like Bali. 

The Color Palette

When choosing your dream dress, do not be limited to light pastel tints. Let your imaginations run freely and wildly. You could decide to settle for a bright dress full of decoration or a color that naturally merges with the colors of the wind and rustle of the ocean waves. 

Wedding Swim Suits

Suppose you are a fun-loving person and want to spice your day with a swim in the sea, you should choose a dress with a synthetic material. Synthetic materials are light. They dry pretty quickly and prevent you from looking like a drenched cat on your wedding day. Moreover, synthetic materials are less affected by salt and water compared to other materials. 

You should, however, keep in mind that swimming in your wedding dress may be the end of its beauty. So, you may consider giving preference to clothes with a natural feel that is not overly decorated. 

Every loving couple wants their partner to look amazing on their wedding day. That is why you need to advise the groom to choose a shirt made from natural, synthetic fibers because it will be easier to breathe and not get sweaty or stuffy. 

Light clothes will give the groom a free and natural look that does not crumple his style with stiff collars and creased trousers. You can help the groom select a shirt with a creative style that looks great when the sleeves are rolled up, the shirt is a little unbuttoned, and a silk scarf to replace a tie or a necktie.  

Bottom Line

Imagine having a wedding on a clifftop in Bali, overlooking the vast ocean at your feet, orange clouds melting under the waning sun and the hot afternoon heat turning into a light, calm breeze. A dress that floats in the wind adds more beauty to your striking figure and stunning beauty. 

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