Commercial Joint Rolling Machines: Expert’s Take

Commercial Joint Rolling Machines: Expert’s Take

Are you looking to establish a cannabis pre-roll business? What is Pre-Roll Machine? No matter how fun this type of work seems, it’s not as easy as it looks. After sorting out the basics, like branding and the kind of paper you want to use, you’re ready to go to the next step — choosing a high-capacity commercial joint rolling machine. 

Although this technology is a wise investment, there’s plenty to do before you master it. Keeping this in mind, our experts have created a guide to make sure you understand all the options available to you. So, let’s jump right in.

What Are Pre-Roll Machines?

We’ll start from the beginning and explain the basics of a commercial joint rolling machine. This is a powerful device that packs cannabis into pre-rolled cones. You can also find them under different names, like weed rolling machines, pre-roll machines, cone filling machines, or something else.

Such equipment uses different methods to dispense the products into the cones. Gravity and vibration are two of the most popular ones, but it all depends on the type of machine you purchase.

In comparison to hand-rolling, pre-roll machines are a true lifesaver. They save you money and time, all the while creating perfect-looking products that will ultimately help establish your brand. Some popular names and large dispensaries rely on such machines to create good products.

Different Types of Joint Rolling Machines

As experts note, there are three different joint rolling machine categories. These classifications apply to machines with different capacities and of various sizes. 

Small Pre-Roll Machine

These machines are not something that dispensary owners are interested in unless they want to carry them as part of their inventory. Small pre-roll machines are intended for home use and frequent smokers who prefer not to spend time on hand rolling.

Those who appreciate aesthetics will also find enjoyment in these small rollers, as they produce a good-looking product that weighs and burns the same.

Compact Pre-Roll Machine

Compact joint rolling machines represent an interesting halfway point between machines for personal use and high-capacity ones. Small cannabis production facilities typically rely on such units, as they do not roll more than several hundred pre-rolls.

Cannabis dispensaries with in-house branding use these pre-roll machines. Similarly, larger facilities that want to roll out their own boutiques can rely on them, too.

High-Capacity Pre-Roll Machine

Clearly, as you can tell by the name, high-capacity joint rolling machines are meant to produce large volumes. Depending on the type, these can produce hundreds of pre-rolls in only one session. That means getting thousands of rolls daily or weekly. They are ideal for large-scale businesses looking to speed up their pre-production processes.

These high-capacity machines are a good option for generating in-house pre-rolls for multiple sites. We recommend such powerful tools if you’re looking to enter the lucrative pre-roll business and have done thorough market research beforehand.

What to Look for When Buying a Pre-Roll Machine?

If you’re a newbie in this business, you should note a couple of things from an expert’s point of view. Also, make sure you take a look at where you can operate in the US here.

Buy From a Reputable Manufacturer

Not only will you have peace of mind if you opt for a reputable manufacturer, but you will also have a quality machine by your side. These units come with completely transparent information on manufacturing and design.

Ask the Right Questions

You need to ask the right questions if you’re unsure of your decision. For example, check if the machine is fully automated. This will save you some manual labor if they are and allow your business to run smoothly and without interruptions.

Also, don’t forget to inquire about the machine’s operating mechanics. This is important as some equipment requires a lot of training. You don’t need a steep learning curve if you’re joining the business just now.

Check the Mechanics Behind the Machine

Most importantly — check how the machine is made. You don’t need to invest a lot of money into a system that will break down quickly or need frequent repairs. Machines made from stainless steel can withstand a lot, while automatic cone feeders are more efficient. Consider absolutely everything before you make the final decision.

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