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What is upcycling and where to start?

Many people simply throw away their old clothes because they are no longer fashionable, are a bit worn out, no longer fit, or are simply bored by them and don’t want to wear anymore. This, however, should not be the case after all. Nowadays there is a lot of talk about environmentalism, zero-waste philosophy and reusable materials. In addition, vintage clothing is back in fashion. For this reason, many people are opting for upcycled garments.
  1. What is upcycling clothes and why should you be interested in it?
  2. Do you need a sewing machine and sewing skills to upcycle clothes?
  3. How to start your adventure with upcycled fashion?
Upcycling clothing can be beautiful, fashionable and modern. However, you need to know how to go about reworking your closet. How to upcycle old clothes and transform your closet? Let’s check.

What is upcycling clothes and why should you be interested in it?

Everyone probably has at home a pair of old jeans, a few too big, old t-shirts, fabric scraps or a maxi dress that looked perfect in the store, but looked awful at home. These clothes lie somewhere in a corner of the closet, and after some time they are simply thrown away. And yet you can opt for creative reuse, or upcycling clothes. This is a process that involves repurposing old clothes in such a way that they become new, full-fledged, products. Upcycled clothes are ideal for creative people who don’t like wasting materials and money.

Do you need a sewing machine and sewing skills to upcycle clothes?

Many people are afraid to tackle upcycled clothing because they can’t sew very well. For this reason, they simply do not attempt it and continue to waste materials. And yet, it turns out that to start your adventure with upcycled clothes you don’t need a modern sewing machine or excellent skills at all. You can start with very simple projects that do not require many skills. Sometimes in order to give new life to old clothes it is enough to make minor alterations, which anyone – even the least skilled person – will be able to do. For this reason, it is not worth giving up. Upcycling clothes can not only be good for your wallet and the planet – it can also become a unique passion! Therefore, it is definitely worth trying your hand at it, however, adjusting the difficulty of the project to your skills.

How to start your adventure with upcycled fashion?

A good start is very important – the motivation to do subsequent projects may depend on it. For this reason, before starting your adventure with upcycling clothes, it is worth preparing properly. On the Internet you can find many guides to help you get started. For example, if you want to know more about the topic of upcycled clothing ideas, take a look at https://urbaniccouture.com/sustainable-and-ethical-fashion/how-to-upcycle-and-repurpose-your-existing-wardrobe. There you will find a lot of good advice, upcycling ideas and useful information to help you delve into sustainable fashion. You should definitely take a look at the content on the site, and change your closet to new clothes that are both eco-friendly and individualistic. It is also worth starting with techniques that do not require sewing. For example, you can take up ornamentation, which will give a boring T-shirt or pants some character. However, if you are not afraid of needles and thread, it is worth equipping yourself with a good sewing kit. This does not mean an expensive machine, of course. To begin with, a few needles in basic sizes and a good set of thread are completely sufficient. They will make your work easier and more enjoyable. It’s also worth taking care of the right containers to organize your materials. This will make it easier to work, and upcycling can become a real pleasure.

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