What to expect from the Olympics 2024

What to expect from the Olympics 2024

The Olympic Games are always an exciting affair. We have put together a list of all the things we know you can expect from the Paris Olympics 2024 games.

With Love from Paris

Last year on the 8th of August, The Tokyo Olympic games drew to a close. The traditional closing ceremony includes the handing over of the Olympic flag from a representative of the host city to a representative of the host city for the following games. Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, took the flag and promised the world exciting Olympic games to come in 2024. While the next games may still be a few years off, there are a few things we know that are reasons to start getting excited right now. There will be hard sports to bet on, the debut of a brand new sport, and a superb location. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

The Centenary of the 1924 Games

When the games go to Paris in 2024, the City of Lights will become only the second city in history to have hosted the Summer Olympics three times, London being the first. Paris first hosted the games in 1900, four years after the event’s resurrection after a 1500 year ban. They hosted the games again in 1924, which made them the first city ever to have hosted them twice. An entire century later, Paris will open her arms to athletes from around the world once more; as they all compete to be the best in their field.

The Debut of a New Sport

The next Olympic Games will be unique for many reasons, one of them being the debut of a brand new sport: Breaking. As the name implies, Breaking is a form of competitive break dancing which includes many athletic movements like the headspin or backspin. The athletes usually referred to as B-Boys or B-Girls) will be scored on a number of criteria; as is typical during Olympic dance events. These criteria will include technique, creative choreography, speed and strength, style, agility, and rhythm. The event proved so popular at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, Argentina; that it was clear that adding it to the official Olympic Games roster was an intelligent move. The Olympic Commission chairperson believes that events like this will make the games more youthful, urban, and gender-balanced.

Paris Olympics 2024

Surfing to be Held in Tahiti

An exciting development for surfers who will be competing in the games, not only are they Olympic-level surfers; but they will get to compete in one of the most picturesque places in the world: Tahiti. Being the largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti will play host to the world’s best surfers as a part of the French games. Chosen over four French mainland locations (Biarritz, Lacanau, Les Landes, and La Torche); Tahiti will break the world record for the sport held furthest from an official Olympic location. The record was previously held by Australia, who was forced to move their equestrian events to the Swedish city of Stockholm; a full five months ahead of the rest of the games. International Surfing Association President, Fernando Aguerre; told the BBC that he believed the choice of location was a testimony to the Parisian spirit of creativity and innovation.

Paris Olympics 2024

The New Olympics 2024 and Paralympic Emblems

Back in 2019, when the emblem for the Paris games in 2024 was first unveiled; it was a truly iconic moment in the proud history of the games. For the first time in history, the same emblem would be used for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The emblem, described as the face of the games, unites three well-known symbols; a gold medal, the Olympic flame, and Marianne-a symbol of the French revolution and people. Tony Estanguet, three-time canoeing champion, and bid-leader commented on how badly they wanted to share the same symbol for both sets of games. He went on to say that it is their ambition to put both groups of athletes on the same footing and level.

A Marathon Event

In another historic first, the Paris Games will see a mass participation event unfold. A marathon that will be open to non-professional athletes will take place on the same day as the marathon run by elite athletes. The marathon open to the public will not start at the same time as the marathon for elite competitors; but runners will use the same course and run under the same conditions as their Olympic counterparts. Old and young, professional and amateur, will come together to experience this truly historic event.

Wrap Up

Though we still have quite some time to wait before the games take place; now we know at least some of the things we can look forward to! Roll on Olympics 2024.

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