Wondershare Filmora: Is It The Best Video Editing Tool for YouTubers?

Wondershare Filmora: Is It The Best Video Editing Tool for YouTubers?

Millions of YouTubers widely adopt YouTube video editing tools, which have various enhancing features and cool effects to make creative and innovative videos and then uploading to different platforms. Meanwhile, YouTubers work hard on many things to become successful on the platform, for example, knowledge of YouTube algorithm, eye-catching thumbnails, best audio and visuals, and music licensing policies, etc. Why Filmora Video Editor Is the Right Tool for YouTubers?

With right video editing tool, like Wondershare Filmora, you will find it easy to present ideas in a creative way. Popular among millions of Youtubers, Filmora presents features that can meet users’ demands, whether beginners or advanced users. After all, the only goal is to make amazing content and grab audiences’ attention. 

Why Filmora Video Editor Is the Right Tool for YouTubers?

It is important to pick the right YouTube video editor to meet the requirements and standards, as it saves much time and efforts. When discussing the best, you must go through the list of best video editor for YouTube first, where you can check the pros and cons of each software. 

For creative content, of course, you need to think creatively; at the same time, you need master editing software to enhance it. Filmora video editor with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface is a simple yet powerful tool. It has been summed up with excellent features and specializations that drive the content makers crazy for it. What can be more propelling than getting a big library of trendy resources and cool effects in a video editing tool? Filmora provides you with one-stop solution for editing and sharing. Here are some key features you must know about it.

Essential Features of Filmora Video Editor

Tons of Special Effects

You will be amazed to discover the rich library of video effects in Filmora. With newly added plug-ins: Boris FX and NewBlue FX, you can access professional graphic potential and creative visual effects, such as image restoration, stylization, BCC blur, BCC art looks, and BCC light, Video Filters Video Elements, Title Pro 7, Video Stylizer, and Video Essentials, etc.


Speed Ramping

YouTubers always make videos catchy by adjusting video speed. The Speed Ramping in Filmora presents six excellent effects – Hero moment, Montage, Jumper, Bullet Time, and Flash in. It will help users to create expert-level speed changing and adjustments. Meanwhile, audiences can watch the video content precisely and transparently.


Instant Mode

The new feature- Instant Mode is very helpful for beginners with zero editing skills. It’s a fact that not every editor is perfect in their skills, and hence the software has come up with great personalized editing features. You can create a video with wide choices of templates that include themes such as business, vlog, intro, travel, slideshow, and more. Here, you will find anything you prefer and create the video in a few minutes.



The mask and blend effect are always what YouTubers want for a creative video clip. Make your every clip interesting and eye-catching with this special effect. It is filled with resourceful modes to showcase your unique creative ideas of masking and blending. The feature is like adding magic to your content. The best video editor for YouTube supports overlays, adding and transforming shapes of your choice, revealing duplicates, or modifying the footage. 

AI Portrait 

AI portrait is the advanced feature of Filmora. With AI Portrait, you can remove the background simple, and you just have to drag and click to remove the background. Explore multiple portrait effects and AR stickers, adding more entertainment to the clips. Besides, you can add effects on the humans in the video, making it more creative with AR Stickers.


Audio Edit: Text-to-Speech & Speech-to-Text

This is what do YouTubers use to edit videos to give special audio effects. The speech-to-text function helps transcript voice to subtitles in one click, saving most of your time. While, the text-to-speech function allows you to convert text files to voiceover and liven up your story. Other audio editing features in Filmora are Audio Ducking, Auto Synchronization, Silence Detection, and Audio Visualizer. 


Green Screen 

Green Screen feature is mainly for background edit and enhancement. You can imagine different creative ideas for your videos and get your video background removed or changed with one click. This is the best way to impress your viewers with special background effects. 

Export options

Here you will get multiple export options to share your videos on various platforms. You can explore many export options in Filmora, such as Export to Device, Upload to Youtube, Upload to Vimeo, and Burn DVD, etc. 

Price and Plans 

Avoid paying much when just starting with the video editing tools. You can get a free trial of Filmora on their official website before purchasing the full features. Always look for an affordable and customizable tool like Filmora video editor. There are annual and perpetual plans for individuals:

  1. Annual Plan – It is a popular plan for individuals. It costs around USD 49.99, and it has covered all advanced features.  
  2. Perpetual Plan – This plan costs USD 79.99 for a one-time payment.

There are plans for Team and Business too. It is flexible and tracks the license. The plan is available in the annual mode for one user. Special discounts are available for students.


The overview of beneficial features showcases why YouTubers go for Wondershare Filmora. In comparison with other tools, Filmora has excellent advanced features. It has many audio and video editing features and effects based on enhanced techniques. 

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