A Look at the Features of Wondershare PDFelement

A Look at the Features of Wondershare PDFelement

A PC or smartphone program is as good as the resources it has. Typically, the more features the program sports, the better it is and upholds attributes like convenience and versatility. In this piece, we focus on Wondershare PDFelement. As its name hints, it is a tool that you use in handling PDF files. Its primary purpose is to convert your files to PDF format.

This free PDF converter for PC ranks among the best, courtesy of its many features and standout attributes. If interested in this program, hang on as we show you its resources in this piece. Before looking at what will offer you, let us quickly look at its use.

How to Use Wondershare PDFelement

To enjoy the services of this file conversion tool, you have to install it on your device. Start by visiting Wondershare PDFelement’s website and pick the suitable version. There is the free one, which you may bank on if you are a beginner. It will give you an idea of how the program works and introduce you to its features.

If impressed by how the free converter works, you can upgrade to the premium versions, which offer more resources. We will look at the premium plans later on.

Download the program and install it on your device. You then launch it and take advantage of its usability.

The following are some of this toolkit’s features and resources that you will encounter.


Wondershare PDFelement

User-friendliness is a crucial factor to check on before downloading a program for your device. You will have it easy when using this PDF converter for Windows. The site is perfectly organized, making onsite navigation a walk in the park.

The app is likewise well-organized, and you can effortlessly trace your way when using it. If you have any problems when using this conversion tool, you can refer to the video tutorials on the website. If it is a technical issue, reach out to the customer support team.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Wondershare PDFelement

This PDF converter is versatile, evident from its multiple device support capability. PDFelement has a desktop version that works with Windows and Mac operating systems. For the latter operating platform, the toolkit supports both older and newer releases.

Wondershare’s product is an excellent PDF converter for smartphones and has options for Android and iOS run devices.


Functionality is an area that we must tackle to see how great Wondershare PDFelement is. With our focus on the functionality facet, you will love this utility’s flexibility, as it can handle several functions besides file conversion.

Some of the applications this converter handles include editing, merging, comparing, and compressing files. Moreover, it can encrypt and decrypt your documents. This multipurpose tool will not disappoint you in handing any of the tasks at hand.

The PDFelement SDK

If you are into programming, PDFelement offers you a software development kit, which you can use to develop instructions. The high-performance development library is easy to use and works with different languages and environments. It is an ideal toolkit for customizing programs and systems.

In this application, you also notice PDFelement’s adaptability. You can use it with popular programming languages, such as Python, C#, and C++. Plus, it works with different development environments like Windows and Linux. This utility will be a great asset to someone who is into programming.

Cloud Storage

Wondershare PDFelement

Another element to appreciate about this conversion tool is its cloud storage. When you go premium via subscription, you get a free 1GB cloud storage capacity. It is a great offer, as you can safely store your documents.

With cloud storage, document management is a hassle-free affair. You can access your documents on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS run devices. Also, You have the assurance of privacy, and no unauthorized party can access your material.

You can expand your cloud storage if need be, and the platform also allows for document sharing.

Education Center

If you are a novice user of this conversion software, you need to visit the resource menu on the website. Here, you will find several educational materials that you can use to grasp this utility.

Some of the learning materials at your reach include video tutorials, articles, and a tech spec. Also, you can opt for the user guide and product FAQ if you have queries on how it works.

Wondershare PDFelement for Business

If you run a business that relies on PDF files, you can sign up for PDFelement for business

You can get up to 20 licenses to sort out the working spaces you run. You will benefit from the reduced costs of product license ownership.

Other perks you will enjoy are enterprise-grade document creation capability, flexible deployment options, and access to cloud storage.

Premium Subscription

If you want access to more resources, you subscribe to the available premium plans. You can pick from the individual, team, education, and bundles package. The plans have more categories and pricing plans.

For instance, the individual package has the Pro and Pro bundle versions. The former supports only Windows run devices, while the latter works with both Windows and Mac OS PCs. You pick this option if you are an individual user. The Pro Bundle costs more than the Pro.

Moreover, there is a 30-day refunds policy, which has your back if not impressed by the product.

Customer Support

If you have any challenges when using the program, you can reach the support section for help. As an individual user, you may get the support team from Monday to Friday, 24-hours a day. If using the platform for business, customer care is available 24/7.

You reach the help center through live chat, email, and phone call.


Wondershare PDFelement is a utility to have if you need your documents in PDF format. This article looks at the features that make it a suitable tool. You can appreciate its versatility, which is noticeable in many areas, like multiple device compatibility.

Furthermore, it is a convenient tool that will ensure you have your documents in the proper format. Check out this Wondershare product, starting from the insight we give you in this piece.

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