Things to make sure while writing cover letters

Things to make sure while writing cover letters

Writing Cover letters tips. An unusual and striking opening, Always address it to the right person, Customize your cover letter.

Introduction to writing cover letters:

In the quest to make the CV outstanding, job seekers often forget about the importance of a good cover letter. They end up directing all their energy towards their CV. But don’t forget about the age-old saying, “your first impression is your last impression.” A cover letter does this for you.

A great cover letter is the first step towards landing your dream job, and you must not mess it up. If you are anxious about how to write a perfect letter, we got you covered. Here are few things that you must keep in mind while writing a cover letter. 

An unusual and striking opening

A cover letter is an opportunity to express yourself creatively, which you might not be able to do through your CV as it is all about facts and skills. Ask yourself how you can leave a mark on the hiring manager when he/she picks up your application. A great way is to have an exciting opening. You can start writing cover letters with a quote or phrase which best describes you. 

Always address it to the right person.

It is not paramount to address the recruiter or hiring manager with his/her name. But it will definitely give you an edge when you make an extra effort to find out their name. It is not tough nowadays to search for the name. You can get their name from various social media handles such as Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, or even the company’s website. So, make sure you personalize it. 

Customize your cover letter.

Most people tend to use the same covering letter for multiple companies they are applying to. Now it might save you some time but believe me it is a bad idea to do that. Always put an extra effort into customizing and writing cover letters according to the needs and specifics of the company. It is clearly visible to the hiring manager that you are concerned about the company and the position when you do some research and put the same in your covering letter.

Proofread once you have written the cover letter.

One mistake or typos can prevent you from landing your dream job. What is the sense of putting so much effort into creative writing if you do not make sure that whatever you have is error-free? So, after you are done writing your cover letter, make sure you proofread it, or if you are not sure, get it done by someone else. It will avoid any scope of error. 

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