Xbox Series X: 7 of the Best TVs

Xbox Series X: 7 of the Best TVs

There are numerous TVs available at various price ranges that could be considered the best for gaming. If you are looking for the perfect TV for your Xbox Series X, check this guide.

Now, you don’t need a TV that is primarily calibrated for gaming. Xbox Series X has proven itself to be capable of 4K gaming. The best gaming should be able to deliver crisp and clear 4K video. But when you are choosing one for your Xbox Series X, check if it has HDMI 2.1 ports and carries the bandwidth needed for 4K 120Hz gaming.

Below you will find some of the options you have at hand.


This is the best-performing TV that you will come across. However, it might be a little on the costlier side. Also, it is highly compatible with Xbox Series X. The TV has the incredible image quality and super-low input lag.

The balance of the performance and price means it is going to retain its top spot on the list. Some of the features of the TV include 4K at 120Hz. In case you would like to have a screen that does it all, this TV is an excellent choice.

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This is another great TV. It is a premium model with plenty of gaming features. Although the picture quality is not as bright as the previous one, it is still worth buying. There are 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs on the TV, as well as VRR. If you are playing on an Xbox Series X, you can take advantage of its G-Sync support. With this TV, you won’t have any trouble receiving Xbox signals.

But OLED TVs are prone to premature burning. This can be an issue when you leave the TV on with a static display all the time.

Samsung QN90A QLED

In the LED category, it is the most suitable option for Xbox Series X. While providing impressive picture quality, the TV is packed with features that are gamer-friendly. So, no matter whether you are playing in a brightly lit room or a dark room, your eyes will have no problem adjusting. With this, you can stream 4K games at 120 frames per second to your Xbox without any problems. In fact, you will also be able to play in HDR.

Vizio M7 Series Quantum

Within an affordable price range, it is a perfect option to consider. In terms of price, it is the midrange model from Vizio. There are some gaming perks that justify its price. Only 1 HDMI 2.0 port and a 60Hz panel are available on the TV. But it has VRR that reduces screen tearing. The overall response time results in low motion looks and input lag. The slow response time in transitioning to dark might result in black smearing on the screen when dark objects are shown. The TV is a great choice for darkroom gaming.

Samsung QNQ80T / QEQ80T

The Samsung QNQ80T / QEQ80T for Xbox Series X offers impeccable picture quality. It has a capability of 120Hz. The TV has dynamic HDR, razor-sharp detail, and superb color fidelity. It comes with 4K 120fps support. There is ALLM and VRR, too. However, the best part about the TV is it has a two-speed Game mode.

LG Nano90 Nanocell LED

Another TV by LG hogs the limelight. However, its Nano cell screen is an LED-based alternative. It is a 9-series model that has 2 high-speed 4K 120fps inputs, in case you want to play in both camps. The device is a mid-range performer when it comes to the brightness of HDR. However, the full-array dimming of the TV maintains the dynamic. The TV set is compatible with ALLM and HDMI VRR. When all these features are combined with low image lag, you get an incredible gaming screen.

Hisense U8G Series

The Hisense U8G provides exceptional brightness for gamers who would like to play during the day and do not have light control in the selected gaming space. The TV set delivers phenomenal picture quality. You will appreciate the VRR and HDMI 2.1 inputs. Nevertheless, there might be some problems with the motion artifacts. The VA panel of the TV displays deep black and comes with a wide color gamut.

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