Who Is Yoriichi Tsugikuni in Demon Slayer? Is Tanjiro related to Yoriichi?

Who Is Yoriichi Tsugikuni in Demon Slayer? Is Tanjiro related to Yoriichi?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni is a character who supports Yabba, the unseen Kimetsu, who killed the demon in the manga and anime series.


Yoriichi Tsugikuni is a character who supports Yabba, the unseen Kimetsu, who killed the demon in the manga and anime series. Although He is never physically visible (in memory only), the series has a big part to play. He is not only the creator of the modern breathing style used by demon killers but also the greatest demon killer of all time.

The warrior of patience and conscience, He, has decided to kill Musa Kibutsuji, the birthplace of all demons in life. To achieve this, He invented a technique called sun-breathing, which was then transferred to other demon-killers and turned into various forms of battle.

Yoriichi survived until the age of 80, although he was a demon killer with a demonic sign that usually meant he was about to die in his youth. Harry took the last place when He came and found his elder brother, Michikatsu Tsugikuni, who had become a demon. After a heavy blow to Yoriichi’s brother, he remained silent, clasping the sword in his hand.

Who is Yoriichi?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni is a character who supports manga and anime series. He started as an extra character in a series of manga but eventually became popular enough to warrant his spin-off. The primary reason for his popularity stems from the Yoriichi Factor, which is a rating that measures how sexy a character is and He always ranks at least a 4.5 out of 5 on most scales.

 As such, he frequently appears in magazines and advertisements promoting sexy characters. Many fans subscribe to publications because they’re interested in seeing what series get featured alongside him. Even though he has been around for several years, there are still lots of questions about Yoriichi’s life outside of media appearances. 

Thankfully, manga creator Kato Ran decided to shine some light on his subject by publishing a series titled The Real Life of Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Over 12 volumes long, Real Life offers detailed looks into the different ways that people interact with he and all aspects thereof.

What Makes Yoriichi So Famous?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Demon Slayer is an action-packed manga that explores their life of his. His name is famous because of his tragic love life. He loves to fight against demons but soon realizes that he will also kill his loved ones in the process, including Sara and Zuni, who are demon slayers like him. 

They both have so powerful magic that they could even defeat the Demon Lord. After 13 chapters and 4 volumes, Yorishigami was canceled due to poor ratings. Two editions of a deluxe edition were published by Sheepish volume 1 was released on March 4, 2017, followed by volume 2 on June 4. Both volumes cover chapters 1 through 6.

Yoriichi Background

 This story would focus on how did he train when he was young until how did he defeat the behemoth and another magical beast.

Michikatsu Tsugikuni’s younger twin brother. He became a demon and joined the Twelve Kizuki, where he held the post of Upper-Rank On. Yoriichi is a tall and powerful guy with long, spiky hair with red ends that he wore in a ponytail, much like his twin brother. He was, however, significantly slimmer than his brother, with shorter bangs and thicker hair. 

His Demon Slayer Mark was in the same spot on his forehead as Tanjiro’s, although it was a lighter tint. Yoriichi’s visage is usually grave and peaceful, and he seldom expresses emotion. He was a quiet and respectable person who maintained a grave and restrained demeanor at all times, seldom expressing emotion.

Yoriichi Appearance

Yoriichi had a quiet and placid demeanor in general, which was seen when he slew demons without altering his countenance, or when Muzan was taken aback by his enormous talent because he seemed humble. Despite his heavenly traits, he was also exceedingly modest, regarding himself as just another man; an example of this was the time he performed the Sun Breathing’s forms for Suyako at her request and nearly felt ashamed afterward. 

Yoriichi was also described by his brother as having a strong belief in the future, believing that despite the Demon Slayers’ enormous strength when they began employing Breathing Styles, a generation would come that would exceed their own.

Despite his generally laid-back demeanor, he is capable of intense emotions. He cried for ten days after losing Uta and their unborn child, and he was moved to tears by Sumire’s excitement at being raised. Also, He smiled heartily and thanked Sumiyoshi for telling him that his life was not in vain. 

He pledged to pass on his Sun Breathing forms to his successors. Yoriichi is also quite kind, as seen by his accompanying an elderly man he encountered on the way to see his fallen son. While on his way to get a midwife in preparation for the birth of his kid.

He was determined to retain the flute that brought back memories of his brother.

Yoriichi admired and worshipped his elder brother, Michikatsu, as a boy, even proclaiming that he would back his brother’s ambition of becoming the greatest samurai in the kingdom, with He as the second strongest. Even as a youngster, he was cautious and silent, and his family mistook him for deaf for seven years since he never talked.

He is revealed to be very fond of his family, especially his elder twin brother, as seen by the fact that he kept the flute that reminded him of his brother before he fled away from home and maintained it until his death. When he saw him again after sixty years, he had accepted his new existence as a demon. 

He was heartbroken and dismayed by his brother’s transformation; noting how heartbreaking the sight of his sibling was and even crying. Despite this, he sought to assassinate Michikatsu to prevent him from becoming a traitor to the Demon Slayer Corps.

Yoriichi Abilities

Yoriichi Tsugikuni

With a single move, Yoriichi defeats Muzan, the Demon King.

He is the most powerful Demon Slayer in history, having been born with the Demon Slayer Mark, Transparent World, and Selfless State, as well as a godlike body and natural swordsmanship skill. He defeated an experienced sword teacher with ease as a youngster. 

Yoriichi had never picked up a sword before, and he was dubbed a remarkable wonder beyond measure. He was able to fight several demons after training as a Demon Slayer; to the point that his elder brother remarked that he as a youngster couldn’t even compare to him as an adult. 


He was the only Demon Slayer Corps member who was able to surround Muzan Kibutsuji and instantly overwhelm him, putting him on the point of death until he managed to flee.

He fought his elder twin brother, Kokushibo, who had transformed into a demon; just before his death at the age of at least 85. Despite his elderly age and apparent blindness, he rapidly took the upper hand in the combat by cutting his neck and dying standing up. Kokushibo confesses that if He had taken another blow before dying; he would have killed him, claiming that Yoriichi’s strength was still at its peak. 

Founder of the Demon Slayer Mark

Yoriichi is the founder of the Demon Slayer Mark, having been born with it and had the incredible physical powers conferred by its effects throughout his life. Yoriichi, unlike all other mark users of his day; was able to defy destiny and live to be 85 years old. He is immune to Mark’s effects for the time being, but it’s likely because he was the first person to have it and was born with it naturally, unlike all other mark carriers who must learn to get it. 

Yoriichi is the first person ever to be able to convert his Nichirin Sword into a brilliant red hue; since he was born with the mark that allowed users to make their blade bright red as well. He can turn his black blade blazing red at whim while fighting, impeding demons’ improved regeneration.

It includes Muzan’s quick regeneration and burning him down to the cellular level. Yoriichi’s bright red blade was also far more effective than the current generation Hashira and Tanjiro’s. As He could completely negate Muzan’s near-absolute regeneration for a short period. Whereas the modern era Demon Slayers could only slow it down ever so slightly. 

Yoriichi has had access to the Transparent World from birth, and he can utilize it with astonishing skill, as seen by his ability to detect lung expansions and muscular contractions in people and predict when to attack them.


This skill also gave him an edge against Muzan, enabling him to quickly identify and overpower his vulnerabilities.

Extrasensory Vision: 

Yoriichi Tsugikuni
  • In addition to the sixth sense afforded by the Transparent World. Which allows him to see into a person’s inner workings. He possesses exceptionally finely tuned sensory talents that enable him to notice things that are beyond the usual range of perception. 
  • Yoriichi, like other high-level Demon Slayers, would be able to recognize the difference between demons. The humans’ auras, as well as assess the power of his adversaries at a look.
  • He could sense right away from his first meeting with Muzan that he was born into this world to beat him. He could also detect Demon King’s aura, which he described as magma spewing from a volcano.
  • Yoriichi’s genius intelligence comes from his years as a child prodigy. Despite not speaking for most of his life, his first words were loud and clear. He also showed maturity above his years when he discovered her mother’s condition and aided her till, she died.


  • Another example of his sharp intellect is how despite never fighting before. He was able to intuitively figure out that a person’s lungs will expand before they attack. Which he used to his advantage immediately amid battle. 
  • He was able to overcome a qualified sword teacher with simply the knowledge of how to handle a blade correctly. Enter a stance knocking him unconscious and injuring him all over his body.
  • By customizing his Breathing Technique to the specific capabilities of others. He was able to change it to fit their skills. 
  • Furthermore, he was able to deduce that Muzan’s vulnerabilities were his 12 organs. And he was able to devise an altogether new strategy to overwhelm him in that split second. 
  • He has unrivaled speed and reflexes, outpacing all other characters in the series, even the Demon King. As seen by his ability to avoid every strike Muzan hurled at him. And damage Muzan near-fatally with a single move, despite the demon’s own enormous speed and power.
  • Yoriichi could blitz Kokushibo, Muzan’s toughest subordinate. When he was in his 80s, almost severed his neck quickly. Despite the warning him when he would hit.

Immeasurable Endurance & Stamina: 

  • He could run for a whole day without stopping as a youngster. And he said he didn’t feel tired at all.
  • His vigor is also above human limits. As shown by his ability to go 10 days without food or drink while hugging his deceased wife. He also lived into his 80s without losing any of his strength. As seen by his ability to outmatch Kokushibo during their last fight. 
  • Yoriichi boasts incredible physical power, probably surpassing that of practically all other Demon Slayers. He could knock out an adult guy with amazing athletic talents with a wooden sword. 
  • While he was a youngster, even created fist-sized bruises. He was able to chop off Muzan Kibutsuji’s neck. The most reinforced bodily portion of the strongest demon in existence was when he was an adult.
  • Despite being in the middle of combat against him. Muzan noticed that He emitted no sensation of drive, hate, fury, fighting spirit.

Fighting Techniques

  • Yoriichi, despite never having picked up a sword before, defeated a skilled adult swords teacher as a youngster.

Unrivaled Swordsman: 

  • He could easily beat an experienced swordsman even as a toddler with no training the first time. He took up a sword, hitting him in many spots throughout his body quicker than the eye could understand. 
  • Using 108 techniques to even come close to matching his abilities.
  • Even then, the doll was still far behind him. His swordsmanship easily defeated Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King, and if he hadn’t died of old age. He would have slain his twin brother, Kokushibo, the best swordsman of the present period. 


Yoriichi was the first to produce breaths and all other breaths such as flame, wind, earth. And the water was only poor imitations of the original. Yoriichi and Tanjiro have numerous characteristics, such as red hair and eyes. 

A mark on their forehead, and hanafuda earrings, however, are not related. He was Tanjiro’s ancestor’s buddy. He left the ancestor the responsibility of carrying on his heritage. 

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