4 Enterprise Tech Solutions For Building A More Reliable Operation

4 Enterprise Tech Solutions For Building A More Reliable Operation

As a small to medium enterprise owner, you’ll know the challenges of operating an enterprise – specifically, getting the right tech solutions for your business. Striking the right balance between getting tech that isn’t too expensive and does what you need while remaining scalable for future demands is no easy task.

But getting the right enterprise tech solutions could make the difference between easily handling diverse, complex workloads and not being able to keep up with client demands (and what your competition offers).

This article has broken down the tech essentials for building a more reliable operation.

Don’t Skimp On Network Adapters

Your operation is only as strong as your internal networking capabilities. Without a robust internal network linking your workstations and servers, you will run into bottlenecks and issues with providing your services to your clients.

Begin by identifying where your current network falls short or what the weakest link is for your network. It could be an old switch, a router with outdated firmware, or your workstations’ connections – be it wired or wireless.

Outfitting every device in your internal network with strong, resilient network adapters is a great way to free up data transfer bottlenecks that could slow down your ability to provide services.

There are a few options, such as adding state-of-the-art networking cards to workstations or buying a dedicated set of transceivers for the most important data transferring tasks.

Going wired is also a safe bet, as this tends to be the most reliable; secure, quickest and cost-effective way to transfer data from one point to the next.

ETB Technologies offer a superb range of network adapters worth considering!

Opt To Supplement Your Storage With Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a fantastic option to consider for the storage of data that isn’t critical to everyday operation. Cloud storage will save your network vital space on HDDs and SSDs and free up power draw requirements on workstations and servers that use large storage arrays. 

Locating all non-essential data on cloud services, such as client work backups; is a great way to stop your network from getting clogged with information that isn’t needed.

And cloud storage also has the benefit of being accessible from anywhere; with the option to offer shared folders to clients without compromising your internal network security.

This is a great option for clients who want complete access to their deliverables!

Go Fully Wired

Wireless networks have their advantages, but they also have their fair share of disadvantages. Yes, wireless networks make setting up new workstations easy, but they also open up your network to potential security threats. While this is unlikely, it is not unheard of.

However, a more prevalent reason that some enterprise operations prefer wired networks over wireless networks is that WiFi signals can be prone to interference, slowing down data transfer speeds.

If you operate out of an office block, for example; the many other businesses that occupy the block will all have wireless setups, too (most likely). That’s much potential interference to contend with.

The obvious downside is buying and installing the wires, but most modern offices already have the pre-installed infrastructure to facilitate this should your enterprise opt to go wired.

Lastly, wired connections are easier to troubleshoot and fix when something goes wrong. Usually, it’s a simple case of switching out the CAT cables (and you don’t need to worry about WiFi receiver firmware).

Always Keep Enterprise-Ready Laptops Ready

Laptops are not entirely needed for most enterprise operations; but having access to a few mobile workstations will always come with advantages. Even if your employees rarely use them; it is often best to have a few spares lying around if mobile working is required.

Having laptops present in your operation will expand your options for being able to provide your services; regardless of where you are. Now, if you run an enterprise with a huge data turnover daily; laptops may not be efficient to use all the time, but they can make for handy additions in emergencies.

Laptops are also great for diagnostic purposes and fixing workstations or servers when things go wrong.

To Summerise

When running any enterprise operation, it is only as good as the tech it has; and that’s the bottom line to remember. If you decide to always go for the cheapest options and neglect to have backup options; it’s only a matter of time before this will cause workflow issues.

But these are only a few suggestions to consider for enterprise tech solutions. Most importantly, apply the solutions that’ll work for you and make your operations seamless.

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