5 Great PC Games to Play In 2022

5 Great PC Games to Play In 2022

We’ve passed the halfway mark for 2022, meaning there are only a few months until we can discuss the greatest game of 2022. With this in mind, we’ve gathered together the top PC Games to play in September 2022. 


If you’re a gamer and you’ve been on TikTok or Twitch recently, you’re bound to have seen Stray, which takes you on a journey through a dystopian world. You take control of a stray cat roaming an overgrown outside world, but then you fall to the depths of a buried world steeped in mystery. Your job is to explore the streets and find a way back to the top, all with the help of some loveable robots. However, you should be careful of the flesh devouring Zurks lurking in the shadows. 

Announced in 2022, this game was one of Sony’s pulls for the PS5, so there’s no surprise that it’s better with a quality graphics card. If you’re getting a grainy display for this game, wait until you’ve got a better GPU – read more at lenovo.com.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise is a fantastic RPG with excellent lore. Created by Capcom for Nintendo Switch, the game is now available on Microsoft Windows; proving ever more that desktop gaming is the master of all. Recently, a DLC was released called Sunbreak, which added more story to an already brilliant game. In our opinion, the expansion is better than the Monster Hunter Rise base game. 


Teardown features nine open-world levels that consist of fully destructible voxels. Your job is to bring down the landscape using your available arsenal. To begin with, you will have a fire extinguisher, spray can, and sledgehammer. The campaign mode for the PC Games lasts about five hours, but there’s an enormous modding community out there that makes this game much more interesting – think portal guns, Mjolner, lightsabers, and ‘TRAINS!’. 

Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is inspired by tabletop RPG PC Games. You will take control of Sleeper, a cloned being owned by Essen-Arp (the baddies). You escape their prison and wind up on Erlin’s Eye, a space station with plenty of people to meet. Your job is to escape slavery and build a new way of life. Much of the game is storytelling and you will have to use your imagination to get the most out of the game. Unfortunately, this means there’s not much action – if that’s your thing, we suggest giving this one a miss. 


Norco is another point-and-click storyteller that sends you into the swamp-like industrial suburbs of an alternative South Louisiana. Your brother, Blake, disappeared after your mother’s death. In an attempt to find him, you must set out on an adventure with a security android to guide you. Be warned, there is plenty of reading in this game and all you will do is click around a room to explore. 

Computer gaming is versatile because games from all platforms, as well as exclusives, hit the stores. Further, once you’ve played the incredible PC Games above; you can likely find a mod to bring more fun to the gameplay. 

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