Luxury time with shoes, bags, and natural linen dresses by sleeper

Luxury time with shoes, bags, and natural linen dresses by sleeper

Luxury in 2021? Accessories and dresses by The Sleeper! Sleeper shoes, bags and linen dresses for women – a perfect reason for a lady to pamper herself.

Dresses by Sleeper. Let yourself a piece of comfort and quality

It’s about time ladies who love dressing up fashionably (in linen dresses by Sleeper, for instance) stop limiting themselves! Definitely, it’s a pity that the covid restrictions of the past year made women stay at home not being able to let everyone amaze at their stylish garments. Fortunately, 2021’s summer finally brought an opportunity to put on one of the excellent dresses by The Sleeper (produced from natural biodegradable materials, by the way).

It is difficult to deny the fact that the majority of ladies compliment Sleeper and understand that there are good reasons for that. The company is a brand that has managed to evolve significantly since its foundation by Kate Zubareva and Asya Varetsa in 2014. Back then Sleeper appeared as a garment-producing company offering people what could be called “walking sleepwear”: pajamas fitting for both spending time at home and outdoors. Let us give you the main facts on the brand:

1) Nowadays, Sleeper is known as a garment maker selling not just casual pajamas but also quality dresses, shoes, garment sets, accessories.

2) Sleeper clothing is produced by professional seamstresses working in small Kyiv factories which ensures the quality of production.

That, in fact, could be the key to realizing the reasons for Sleeper garments’ popularity.

Linen dresses for women by Sleeper: are they great indeed?

With Sleeper, it’s mostly about the brand’s clothes being suitable for any purpose. It doesn’t matter whether the idea is to look stunning at home, work, or meeting with friends; anywhere a lady in one of Sleeper linen dresses for women will enjoy admiring gazes.

Not just quality but also the design is what the company pays huge attention to. So, what can one find among the brand’s garment collections on the-sleeper?

First, it’s a variety of women’s garment design solutions, like the Atlanta dress, mini, or lounge one. Among many ladies’ favorites by Sleeper are lounge dresses from natural materials. Without too much pride, we can claim that those are great for any season: in summer you’ll feel comfortable outdoors while in autumn and winter these garments provide comfort so vital for stopping being depressed by colds and frosts. Those owning a puffy-sleeved dress besides lounge one, are going to be a source of Dickens-time vibes at any party. But the specialty of many Sleeper garments is combining classic elements with modern ones.

Combining dresses by Sleeper with its other clothing and accessories

As we already mentioned, dresses and pajamas aren’t the only things produced by the brand and are findable among the company’s best collections. The Sleeper team knows very well that one dress can’t make your image alone; thus Kate and Asya are always eager to help every lady complete it by offering Sleeper shoes and accessories. The company’s professional seamstresses and designers have done their best to create a line of quality Sleeper shoes. We are sure that everyone will be able to find something fitting them while looking through the shoe collection’s items. They are designed to look perfect and feel comfortable no matter what the occasion is; 35 – 42 are the usually available sizes and the materials the shoes are made of are 100% biodegradable.

How does Sleeper achieve pleasing customers of such various characters and with different purposes? The main principle the company’s stuck to since its very appearance is that people’s comfort has to always be the first thing to keep in mind.

Each pair of shoes has a lot of care and professionalism put into it in the process of making. Sleeper cares about customers’ convenience too. That is why we pack shoes in linen bags. We aim to help every buyer feel cared about even if he is carrying the newly acquired Sleeper shoes around.

Get over the 2021 winter with our shearling shoes and clogs! They are available in several colors and sizes. We expect the shoes to become dear to the heart of each of our lady customers. Sleeper shoes are crafted to keep not only your feet warm but hearts as well.

Perfect accessories to go with quality dresses by Sleeper

The Bambola mini Bags are also designed to complete your image. Or maybe it should be one of Sleeper’s “This is not a bag” accessories? Anyway, each product made to perfectly harmonizes with any other one. Speaking of the brand’s bags, those loving things in colors like Bubble Gum, Coal Black, or Azure blue will hopefully be happy with our latest accessory collection.

Made to harmonize with daily life

Those who haven’t had a chance to check out Sleeper’s products and their quality may find it a good opportunity to get to know the brand well. Hopefully, it was made clear in the article what the company is and what it offers. The evolution of the brand allowed the Sleeper team to learn a lot from their experience of garment crafting to make Sleeper products better in every way.


Casual pajamas, dresses, shoes, and accessories – they all got a piece of the team’s soul in them. Let us remind you once more: no matter what the occasion is; Sleeper garments are meant to be there with you in order to change the mood for the better and grant every lady an opportunity of looking luxurious, even if the situation is rather trivial. We draw inspiration from your choices to make something that will inspire you in return.

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