A Google Wi-Fi vs. Nest Wi-Fi Comparison

A Google Wi-Fi vs. Nest Wi-Fi Comparison

Google Wi-Fi and Nest Wi-Fi are two of the most well-known home mesh Wi-Fi systems but which one should you choose? Each of these services has great coverage, speed, and intuitive apps; but there are some major differences between the two systems that may make one better suited to your needs than the other. This Google Wi-Fi vs Nest Wi-Fi comparison will help you decide which system is best for you based on your wants and needs.

The Pros and Cons of Nest

Nest is one of our top mesh Wi-Fi systems for families with a lot of devices and users to support; so let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from it. The first thing you’ll notice about Nest is that it has an elegant design and is easy to install out of the box; all you have to do is plug in its base station, connect it to your internet router; and sync up each device wirelessly (if you want). It also makes setup much easier than other systems by automatically walking you through everything that needs to be done during installation (like getting apps ready on mobile devices). Plus, thanks to its sleek design, you don’t have ugly hubs hanging around like some of its competitors—including Google WiFi.

The Pros and Cons of Google Wifi

Google Wifi is a mesh Wi-Fi system, meaning it will blanket your home in wireless connectivity. This is ideal for homes with large or complex layouts and often means better coverage than non-mesh routers can provide. You’ll also enjoy fast speeds due to mesh technology: Google says Wifi can deliver download speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 600 Mbps depending on your setup (numbers vary based on ISP). Google Wifi also works as a smart router with support for third-party apps; so you can do things like control your lights from an app or view camera feeds when you’re away from home.

Is Nest Worth The Price?

Google Wi-Fi is $199, while a single Nest router costs $169 and can only cover one room. That means to cover your whole house with Google’s system you’d need at least three devices; while with a Nest you’d need five. Is it worth spending more to get better coverage and extra features? The answer really depends on what’s important to you: Are you willing to pay more for less hassle? Or would you rather save money on multiple routers so that each one doesn’t have to work as hard? You’ll have to figure out what works best for your home—and your budget—before making a decision either way.

How Do They Compare Over Time?

There’s one big advantage that Google has over Nest when it comes to mesh networks: speed. And by speed, we mean that Google’s mesh network is faster than its competitor. That said, it really depends on your preferences and budget as to which system is best for you; but if a fast Wi-Fi connection and having multiple devices connected at once are important to you; we recommend picking up a Google system and not paying extra for additional devices just because they say Nest on them. In our comparison of Google and Nest, we found that both systems had comparable coverage areas;—as long as you have strong cellular signals in your home—and easy installation processes.

Which Should You Choose?

The Google Wi-Fi system or a Nest system? If you’re having trouble deciding between these two mesh systems, we can help. This Google Wi-Fi vs Nest compatibility will cover some of the key differences between them and then let you know which is better for your home based on your needs, as well as answer questions like whether one supports Alexa and if another has a dedicated app to control it. Let’s get started!

Why Amazon Users Love The Google Mesh WiFi System

The Google WiFi system is one of Amazon’s top-rated mesh systems; it has almost 5,000 reviews at the time of writing. A lot of users love that it’s easy to set up and run; letting them expand their mesh network as needed with minimal hassle. One common refrain: It just works. This review from February 2017 points out that its design looks great in any home or apartment, too; After removing my old Orbi system from my remodeled loft condo; where I had many dead spots throughout my condo I decided to give Google wifi a try, a user writes. I am now using 3 units to cover my entire home and they work great!

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