What Are The Hidden Benefits Of Adding A Video Call Camera To My TV?

What Are The Hidden Benefits Of Adding A Video Call Camera To My TV?

Technology is under continuous change, and more than half is for positive things, like the integration of a video call camera into your TV. In this article, let’s find out the hidden advantages of adding a video call camera to your TV. Moreover, I’ll also introduce you to a device, the KA2 AI Smart Box, which comes with all the mentioned advantages; and smoothly merges video calling, conferencing, and smart TV capabilities into one. So, keep reading. 

The Hidden Benefits of Video Call Cameras on TVs

Enhanced Connectivity:

Adding a video call camera to your TV will bring a lot of connectivity benefits. People often use small smartphone or laptop screens for conferences and video calls, which are difficult to handle and use. These small screens allow only 2 to 3 persons to be visible to other screens and also demand them to stick at one point. But adding a video call camera for TV allows you to use TV as the canvas and get real-life experience in distant conversations. 

Family Bonding and Social Interaction:

The best part of video calling through TV is its ability to facilitate larger gatherings. Big families and large friend circles enjoy video calling and connect virtually. Whatever the occasion, a birthday celebration, a virtual game night, or a simple catch-up session; you will get a big screen that enhances the sense of togetherness and makes virtual interactions closer to life and more enjoyable.

Smart Home Integration:

Modern video call cameras, like the KA2 AI Smart Box, come with far-field voice control and integrated smart home features. This feature is beneficial as it allows you to control your smart home devices with a simple voice command; and it will bring a lot of ease and convenience to your daily life.

Aging in Place with Smart Elderly Care:

Smart elderly care gets the most benefit from the integration of video call cameras into the TV as it offers the comfort of communication right in their living rooms. Some devices are designed specifically to help the elderly get a sense of connection; and reduce the feeling of isolation, like the KA2 Smart Box.

Seamless Professional Communication:

In addition to video calling, Video call cameras on TVs are also beneficial at a professional level. These cameras turn your TV into a video conferencing hub, thus helping people in business meetings and presentations. The larger screen size makes the whole team visible; and sharing presentations and collaborating with colleagues remotely is simply a breeze. 

KA2 AI Smart Box: A Fusion of Smart Camera and TV Box

As we already mentioned, the KA2 AI Smart Box is a great tech innovation by VideoStrong, a leading tech company and manufacturer. So, let’s see what this tech device is and how it benefits you.

Smart Camera and TV Box 2-in-1:

Instead of an average smart TV accessory, the KA2 AI Smart Box is a great device that is a blend of ease and innovation. It combines a Full HD 100° ultra-wide-angle lens camera with a Google-certified TV box, which offers a unique combo of video calling, conferencing, and smart TV functionalities.

Far-Field Voice Control:

Instead of standing closely to give command, the KA2 Smart Box comes with a built-in 5-meter far-field voice control feature. This hands-free voice commands feature helps the user to give commands from far areas like a 5-meter distance. These Google Assistant voice commands help people control all smart home devices despite their disabilities and overage. 

Video Calling and Conferencing on TV:

Video calling and conferences become easy and smooth due to the wide-angle lens and microphone array, which remove the need for additional cameras or microphones. You just need to pair up the KA2 Smart Box with your TV and make video calls and conferences without hassle.

Enhancing Connectivity and Entertainment: KA2 Smart Box in Action

Answer Calls with Ease:

The KA2 Smart Box makes the process of answering calls on your TV easy with the help of just one button. Moreover, the device also helps you never miss a call by providing reminders through speakers and flickering lights.

Make Calls Effortlessly:

The KA2 Smart Box also helps you make calls, just press a single button and call back the last contact without the need for advanced appointments or turning on the TV.

Built-in Google Voice Assistant:

Its built-in Google Voice Assistant connects it to Google’s smart ecosystem. It helps the user to conveniently do house chores by allowing hands-free control over entertainment, smart home devices, and daily tasks.

Entertainment Galore:

Moreover, this VideoStrong device allows you to enjoy top streaming apps at your fingertips, including YouTube, Disney+, Prime Video, and more. It turns your TV into an entertainment hub and offers a pool of content for your viewing pleasure.

Capture Moments with AI Effects:

The device comes with a 1080P camera, which allows you to take HD photos and videos and share them across various devices. You can also use AI effects apps to add creativity to your media and add some excitement to your memorable moments.

Unique Design for Versatile Use

Space-Saving Design:

VideoStrong gives the KA2 Smart Box a vertically plug-in interface design so you can place it on a TV or mount it on a tripod wherever you feel at ease. This space-saving design also keeps the cables safe.

Privacy Protection:

Privacy is important, and VideoStrong always pays attention to this point. Their KA2 Smart Box device comes with a hardware switch for the camera and microphone, which is easy to switch off when not in use. The user feels secure and safe as their privacy is safeguarded.

Loud and Clear Audio:

This device comes with a built-in 5W speaker, which offers clear and loud audio so you can hear everything whether you use it for conferences or online classes.


It’s not just entertainment that adding a video call camera to your TV offers, but convenience at controlling smart home devices, making video calls, and attending online classes and conferences. 

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