What is AcroTray.exe? Best 3 Methods To Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe

What is AcroTray.exe? Best 3 Methods To Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe

ACROTRAY, What is Adobe AcroTray.exe? How to check whether a computer system is facing an acrotray.exe malware issue? Why disable AcroTray Assistant from Startup? How to Disable Adobe AcroTray from Task Manager, From Services Or By Using Autoruns? Here we have complete details. Let’s start it

Have you ever used Adobe Acrobat?

If yes, you must be well aware of the vast range of features does it have? It is a very huge platform that makes the tasks of creative people much easier. Whether it is about designing something or is about editing pictures everything is being accessed quite smoothly here.

Adobe Acrobat is a huge world of possibilities that makes it quite easier for you to perform a vast range of tasks efficiently. It is software that allows, users to view, print, manage, manipulate and create files in PDF format. As we just have discussed above, the software offers users a vast range of opportunities, it is being used in a vast range of services. Whether it is about administration or it is about business, whether it is about the IT industry or it is about educational documentation, Adobe Acrobat can be efficiently used everywhere.

Adobe Acrobat software

AcroTray is an absolute software component of Adobe Acrobat that helps it is converting the other document formats into PDF format. The application gets automatically loaded to Adobe Acrobat from the very initial stage without considering whether you need it or not. AcroTray is one of the most important parts of Adobe Acrobat software as it helps you in opening, editing, and reading through the main program.

Moreover, the application also helps you in tracking down the updates for the Adobe Acrobat software. The best thing about this wonderful software component is that it keeps the users informed through different notifications whenever it gets set to convert the PDF files into some other formats.

If you are one of those who are willing to remove this .exe file from your system, we are here with a descriptive solution for you. But before leading further with it, we would also discuss here what exactly is AcroTray.exe and why to remove it from your device.

What is AcroTray.exe?

AcroTray is an acronym being used for Adobe Acrobat Tray Icon. It is an extension to Adobe Acrobat that is being used for opening and converting PDF files to different formats. One doesn’t need to bother for installing it on their devices separately. It is a part of Adobe Acrobat that gets automatically startup whenever the operating system is booted up.

Whenever a user will make a right-click on a file or wants to convert it to any PDF file it starts displaying notification messages automatically. It is a wonderful software component that makes it quite easier for a user to keep track of the updates of Adobe Acrobat. If you already have installed Adobe Acrobat on your device but are failing to get this file extension just locate it in Acrobat installed directory.

How to check whether a computer system is facing an acrotray.exe malware issue?

Every malware issue does bring up a lot of issues with it. If you are facing some issues on your computer system and are just willing to check whether these are related to acrotray.exe malware or not; here are some of the symptoms that will help you in leading up your way.

  • If your internet connection is consistently fluctuating, it is a symptom that your acrotray.exe might have infected with acrotray.exe malware.
  • However, If you are CPU memory space is running short, the reason might be acrotray.exe malware.
  • Slowing down of your computer system significantly can also be due to acrotray.exe malware.
  • If your browser is automatically redirecting you to some irrelevant websites, the chances are quite higher that it is due to malware infection.
  • Unsolicited ads and popups are other symptoms to show acrotray.exe malware infection.
  • If your screen starts up freezing constantly, the chances are quite higher than acrotray.exe malware is affecting your access.

Why disable AcroTray Assistant from Startup?

AcroTray is a software component of Adobe Acrobat that helps users for opening up and converting PDF files. One doesn’t need to install it separately. The software component does come up as a pre-installed option that can create sometimes issues in your overall access. We are here to provide you with some reasons you can support disabling AcroTray Assistant from your device:

Slowing down of PC

If your PC has been slowing down to a greater extent and even you are facing issues while startup as well, we would advise you to disable AcroTray from your device. AcroTray sometimes forces some programs to start automatically whenever a user turns on its PC and that further uses the computer system’s memory space and results in making the startup slow for PC.

Running short of memory for no reason

AcroTray sometimes drains the power of CPU and memory that further puts on a greater impact on the overall performance of your computer system. In case if you feel like your computer system’s memory is draining quite fast, you may need to proceed with disabling AcroTray immediately.

If your PC is infected by malware

Sometimes different malware disguises themselves as the same name as AcroTray especially when it is located in the system’s Windows folder. In such situations, you are advised to disable the AcroTray.exe file from your device immediately.

If AcroTray is rarely used

If you are not using AcroTray software in your daily life frequently, we would advise you to disable it. Users can easily install and use the same if required. It is always a better choice to disable rather than keeping it always open without any reason.

How to disable Adobe AcroTray from Task Manager?

What is AcroTray.exe

Are you willing to disable Adobe AcroTray from Task Manager?

Are you looking forward to an easy guide to get started with?

If yes, we are here with different solutions for you. We are providing you here with a descriptive guide that makes your journey much easier. Make sure to implement the below-mentioned steps in the specific order we are giving you to avoid any conflicts later.

Solution 1: Disable Adobe AcroTray from Task Manager

It is one of the simplest and most popular ways for disabling Adobe AcroTray from Task Manager. The method disables the startup programs. The Task Manager of Adobe Acrobat does include a tab for the startup that you can easily use for checking up AcroTray in the list and can use the same for disabling it as well.

  • Before using this solution, make sure that you are running the Task Manager as Administrator. And once you have confirmed it, follow the steps we are providing you to proceed further:
  • Press and hold on the Windows key and then press the R button for opening up the Rub command.
  • Once done now type taskmgr in the search bar followed by pressing the Enter button. It will help you in opening up the Task Manager later.
  • On the successful completion of the above process, go to the Startup tab in the Task Manager, and once searched for the option of AcroTray there.
  • Make a right-click on the AcroTray icon and then select Disable option for disabling AcroTray in the Task Manager.
  • Once you have done with it, make sure to restart your PC to enable successful disabling.

Solution 2: Disable Adobe AcroTray by using Autoruns

What is AcroTray.exe

It is another one of the most important and successful options that helps you in disabling Adobe AcroTray from your devices. Making it much simpler for you, Autoruns is a utility software that helps you in tracking and controlling all the programs that usually get started up automatically when Windows Startup.

Steps to follow

  • In case if your Adobe AcroTray is not working properly or you are failing to find it in your Task Manager you can simply use this utility for turning off the same for a startup. If you don’t have any idea how to get started up with it, just follow the detailed process we are providing you below:
  • Launch your web browser and then search for the option of Autoruns there.
  • Once you have done with it, now download the latest version of utility Autoruns from there
  • Now extract the downloaded file from there. You can simply make use of the WinRAR file for extracting the downloaded file. And in case if you don’t have the WinRAR rile you can simply open up the zipped folder by making a double click on it
  • Once you have done with it, now open up the extracted folder to proceed further with the process.
  • Next, make a right-click on the Autoruns64.exe file; once you are done with it select the Run as Administrator option to proceed further.
  • Launch Autoruns as an Administrator.
  • On the successful completion of the above process search for the Acrobat Assistant i.e. AcroTray on your device and then untick it from the list.
  • Bingo! You have now successfully disabled the AcroTray on your device through Autoruns.
  • Restart your computer system to ger ensured about the successful disabling of AcroTray.

In case if the issue is with your computer system or laptop or notebook, you should try to Restore Repair for the same. It can scan the repositories and can replace the corrupt files and missing files effectively. It is one of the finest solutions that helps you in keeping safe from issues like system corruption.

Solution 3: Disabling Adobe AcroTray from Services

What is AcroTray.exe

If you already have done with the solutions, we have mentioned you above, but your problem is still there, you can disable AcroTray from the Services section as well. The method is quite simple and easy to go with. You just have to change some of the Adobe Services here that are usually being set to run automatically. You can set up these services in the manual section and can help in stopping up the AcroTrayfrom running at the startup.

  • If you want a better response, we would prefer you to apply solution 1 just before this method. Before starting up with the disabling of Adobe AcroTray from the Services section; just make sure that you have logged into the Windows PC as administrator. Follow the steps we are providing you below very carefully to let things perfectly happening for you.
  • Press and hold on the Windows key along with the R button to open up the Run command.
  • Next, you have to type the service.MSC command in the provided search space and once done, tap on the Enter button for opening up the services through the Run command.
  • Search for the option of Adobe Acrobat Update.
  • Next search Adobe Genuine Software Integrity to proceed further with the process. Both of the options are being provided there in the Service list.
  • Now make a right-click one by one on each and once done, select the Properties section to proceed further.
  • Next, you have to change the Startup type to Manual for both of the options.
  • The Adobe AcroTray will be disabled from your device.
  • Restart your computer and check whether AcroTray is disabled successfully.

Restore repair tool

In case if you have successfully done with all of the solutions; we have mentioned you above but that didn’t have resolved your problem; we would recommend you to use the Restore repair tool instead. It is a perfect solution that can perfectly scan the repositories. It will find out and will replace the corrupt and missing files perfectly.

If your system is facing corruption issues, it is one of the finest solutions that will work magically for you. Restore Repair is an active way to optimize your system. If you have fed up with the slow functioning of your computer system; Restore Repair is a perfect solution that can provide you ultimate relief.


Adobe Acrobat is one of the finest software applications that does come up with a vast range of opportunities. Adobe is featured with pre-installed AcroTray that sometimes causes issues in the overall functioning of your computer system. It can slow down your computer system and can badly affect its overall performance as well. We understand how annoying it feels while dealing with such issues. We have added up three different solutions for disabling AcroTray from your device. Start with the very first and then try the other ones’ if it doesn’t work for you.

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