Best Altcoins to Buy in India Right Now

Best Altcoins to Buy in India Right Now

Now is a great time to diversify your portfolio by investing in altcoins. If you are wondering which of the many coins to pick, look no further. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world, have dominated markets since their launch. However, the crypto market is much more than these two currencies. 

There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies that promise low-cost transactions, faster speed, quick gains, and less energy consumption.

All these new currencies are dubbed altcoins or alternative currencies. In short, currencies that are not Bitcoin. (Know more about what is Bitcoin and its conversion rates). 

More and more investors are eyeing these altcoins to diversify their portfolios.

Which are the top altcoins to invest in?

Now is a great time to diversify your portfolio by investing in altcoins. If you are wondering which of the many coins to pick, look no further. 

Here are some affordable and promising coins that promise gains in the long run:

 Ethereum (ETH)

It is difficult to imagine the crypto market without Ethereum. The second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, it is different from Bitcoin in several ways. Ethereum is not just a currency. It is a blockchain-based computing platform that allows developers to build decentralized applications including games and financial tools. 

With its up-gradation to Ethereum 2.0, its expected to be more energy-efficient, faster, and more liquid. With its unlimited coin supply, there a low risk of inflation associated with ETH. Before investing in Ethereum, check the price of 1 ETH to INR

Cardano (ADA)

Known to have a flexible network and fast transactions, Cardano is amongst our top altcoin choices. Developed by Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum, Cardano is sustainable and scalable. With its recent updates, its network can build smart contracts allowing developers to deploy decentralized applications. 

This altcoin has a low transaction fee and a robust development team backing its operations. 

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is a crypto platform that uses blockchain technology to improve the lottery system. Users can purchase lottery tickets using the native currency LBLOCK in a process that is transparent and completely digitized. 

The platform known for its faster payouts and opportunities to draw prizes every day. Since there is no geographical restriction players from around the world can participate in these draws, making the platform even bigger. 


EOS.10 is an open-source platform and EOS is its native currency. This is a cryptocurrency that’s is designed to support large applications. Its smart contract platform is capable of executing millions of transactions every second. It was launched with an objective to offer ease of operability as compared to its rivals.

It also offers secure access & authentication, data hosting, use control, and decentralized applications. EOS tokens are created in a unique way compared to other cryptos. Users create the required number of blocks and rewarded with new EOS for each block that they have created.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

One of the most promising blockchain-based systems in the markets right now, BAT is based on the principles of Ethereum. Its goal is to allow for transparent, secure, and efficient digital advertising through blockchain technology.

It has a system for tracking the time and attention of media consumers through a web browser known as Brave. The native currency, BAT, used as a medium of exchange between publishers, advertisers, and users. It seeks to improve the overall user experience and do away with malware and irrelevant advertisements.


This list of the most promising altcoins will allow you to diversify your crypto portfolio and gain in the long run. However, since the crypto market is volatile, it makes sense to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and happening. Credible platforms like Coins witch offer updated and unbiased information about the crypto markets. With its targeted research and expert advice, Coinswitch makes it easy for you to trade in crypto. 

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