What is the limit for BTC to ETH exchange?

What is the limit for BTC to ETH exchange?

How to Exchange BTC to ETH without commission? Selling Bitcoins for Ethereum (ETH) with cashback. How do you buy assets then?

Dozens of sites offer to exchange BTC to ETH. But choosing the first one on the network, customers often get unfavorable conditions and risk getting caught by scammers. Therefore, the monitoring of exchangers ExchangeSumo analyzed these portals and selected reliable ones. The table included only those online exchangers, in the honesty of which we are sure.

Before exchanging cryptocurrency, the money of electronic payment systems, or fiat (rubles, hryvnia, dollars), we additionally recommend reading user reviews. The more positive responses, the older and more reliable the service. Another recommendation is to go to exchange sites with ExchangeSumo to avoid links to fraudulent resources.

How to Exchange BTC to ETH without commission?

Exchange services, as a custom, do not require further fees, do not need certification and confirmation, and give a simplistic interface. Certain are their principal distinctions from banks and merchandise markets.

It will take up to 5 minutes to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin. Follow these steps:

  • choose a place for coin exchange of the table;
  • proceed to the section by matching on the list with its signature;
  • fill out an application specifying the invoice, the amount you intend to sell, and other required information;
  • complete the payment and wait for the replenishment of your account, card or wallet.

If the sale of currency is carried out automatically; this does not yet guarantee that the wallet can be replenished instantly. The removal rate depends on the particular pay policy.

How to choose exchange platforms 

The most difficult step in buying currency is the choice of service. After all, it depends on that whether the property will be successful or not.

To choose an exchanger for Exchange BTC to ETH, analyze the conditions:

  • Course – displayed in the columns “Give” and “Receive”. Initially, the most beneficial service for the client is at the top of the list.
  • Limits – the maximum and minimum amounts that can be withdrawn through a specific platform are displayed in the “Withdraw” field.
  • Reserve – the possible price in a particular money that can be purchase on the source. If it is not acceptable for a fiat or cryptocurrency change, remain for the replenishment of the store or make a retreat on 2 – 3 programs.
  • Benefits – standard or semi-automatic process, extra charges, changeable transfer rate, and other distinctions with withdrawal. Each portal offers to transfer from BTK to Ether on its terms. They are identifed with appropriate symbols next to the signs of the places.

To quickly and profitably convert currency through exchangers, ExchangeSumo offers additional tools – “Calculator”, “Notification”, “Double exchange”. For example, if the rate and reserve are not high enough, indicate the required parameters in the “Notification” section. When the values ​​grow, a corresponding message will sent to the email.

Selling Bitcoins for Ethereum (ETH) with cashback

ExchangeSumo users are offered the sale of Bitcoin for Ethereum with cashback. You can exchange BTC to ETH with cashback. The client has the right to receive 25% or 35% of our income for the executed transaction.

How do you buy assets then?

Ere giving capital, see for the “Cashback” or “Raised Cashback” image. It displays in the table next to the resource names.

The client should switch to a suitable service from monitoring and only then withdraw funds.

The following move is to demand cashback in your ExchangeSumo individual form.

Last word on Exchange BTC to ETH:

No great offer? Advanced users can purchase currencies through our P2P platform. Write the conditions on your own or respond to the ads of other clients!

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