Who is Amira Brie? Bio, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Facts & Onlyfans

Who is Amira Brie? Bio, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Facts & Onlyfans

Amira Brie is an American actress, model, and reality star. she has appeared in several Canadian films and television shows such as This Life, The L.A. Complex, and Lost Girl.


Amira Brie is an American actress, model, and reality star. She was born on 07 July 1999, in the United States of America to an Iraqi mother and a Palestinian father. Her age is 23 years old.

Her father died when she was only seven years old and she was raised by her mother alone in San Francisco, California.

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Amira Brie wiki

She is a popular American YouTuber who creates videos on a variety of topics, including beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. she is 23 years old. Amira was born on 07 July 1999 in, the United States. Her parents are named David Robinson and Janae Robinson(parents). She has been in relationships with other YouTubers like Logan Paul before but presently her boyfriend’s name remains unknown.

Amira’s mother started a YouTube channel called Janae Ashleytv in 2007. Her sister Cassidy Robinson has also been featured on their YouTube channel several times. Amira has two sisters Cassidy and Ashley. Amira’s biological father is named David Robinson and her mother’s boyfriend Robbie Risto is her stepfather.

Amira Brie Early Life

Amira Brie

Her father is of Egyptian descent and her mother is of Italian and German ancestry. The San Fernando Valley was Brie’s home throughout her childhood, and she completed her secondary education at Notre Dame. After graduation, she attended the University of Southern California.

Her parents were not supportive of her decision to pursue acting and therefore she moved out when she was 23 years old. In 2012, she graduated from USC’s School of Dramatic Arts with a bachelor’s degree in theater.

Her work in class plays garnered attention from an agent who then encouraged her to pursue acting as a career and served as her representation until signing with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Amira’s mother is Caucasian and her father is of Egyptian descent but all of Amira’s extended family members are black. She has two younger sisters named Julia and Brooke, who are both actresses as well.

Who is Amira Brie?

Amira Brie is a fashion model and social media influencer. She was born on 07 July 1999, in the United States. Her father is Moroccan and her mother is American. Amira has two brothers. She began modeling at the age of 16 and has since appeared in campaigns for brands such as Nike, Adidas, forever 21, and Target.

In 2018, she was named one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 10 Instagram Influencers to Watch. Amira has over 272K followers on Instagram. She also runs an online clothing boutique called Maison Kayser Boutique.

She attended Santa Monica High School and has Moroccan and American ancestry. Amira stands 5’9 tall and her net worth is estimated at $250 thousand. Her mother introduced her to modeling when she was 23 years old, after which she signed with Wilhelmina Models.

Amira Family

Brie grew up in a lower-middle-class neighborhood and attended public schools. She has said that she was raised with traditional values and that her parents stressed the importance of education and hard work. Brie is a close friend of actress Meghan Markle. The two met on the set of Days of Our Lives (1988) when they were both 23 years old.

In 2005, Brie was asked to be one of six friends to serve as a bridesmaid at Markle’s wedding to producer Trevor Engelson in Jamaica. They co-starred again in Suits (2011). It seems like they are best friends who share secrets. When asked about whether or not he knew how it felt to be single, Alex O’Loughlin responded by saying.

Amira Brie’s Height, Weight & Measurements

Amira Brie

As of 2022, she is 23 years old with a height of 5′ 5” inches tall and weighs around 58 kg. In addition, her vital statistics are 33-24-34 inches. Furthermore, she has dark brown eyes and Black hair.

Amira Brie’s Shoes Size: Amira wears a shoe size of 7.5 (US). Additionally, her dress size is 4 (US) and her Bust Size is 32 inches. Similarly, her Bra Size is 23B. Moreover, she has a Waist Size of 25 inches and a Hip Size of 34 inches. Furthermore, her Body Shape/Type is Hourglass with Ethnicity White & Hair Color Black.

Amira Brie’s Relationship

Amira is no stranger to talking about love and relationships in public. As such, she will not offer much personal insight. Our search for answers regarding her love life, relationships, and men proved unfruitful, but we will make every effort to offer you what we have been able to uncover when we can. As of now, Amira is single and has been for a little while.

She is not dating anyone publicly and no pictures or videos are showing her with any current boyfriend. Some speculate that she might be a lesbian based on some pictures found online (and we will show you some below).

However, there has never been any confirmation from her regarding her sexuality. It is unknown if she’s seeing anyone at all and that makes it hard to make assumptions about who she might like to date or who she currently is dating.

Amira Brie Education

Amira Brie was born on 07 July 1999, in the United States. She is of Moroccan and Spanish descent. At the age of six, Brie made her acting debut in a national commercial for Mattel’s Barbie. The commercial was broadcast on television across the country. She has also guest-starred on such television shows as iCarly and Sonny with a Chance.

Amira attended Palo Verde High School in California. During her high school years, she was home-schooled by her mother to be tutored and focus on her acting career.

At age 17, she graduated from high school early with a GPA of 4.7/5.0. It was determined that she would be a good fit for the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. She is a senior there at the moment and has stated that she wants to graduate the following year. Aside from being able to speak English fluently, Amira is also fluent in Spanish as well as French and Arabic. 

Amira Brie’s Ethnicity

Amira Brie is of mixed ethnicity. Her father is Moroccan and her mother is French. She was born and raised in France. Brie has stated that she identifies as both Moroccan and French. She is fluent in both French and Arabic. Amira Brie’s mixed ethnicity is one of the things that makes her unique and beautiful.

Brie’s nationality is Moroccan and French. Amira Brie’s age is 23 years as of 2022. She has been active in acting since 2004. In 2007, she played Hala Hussein in the movie L’Enfant d’en haut. That same year, Brie appeared in La Femme Nikita with Maggie Q and Anne Parillaud.

In 2008, she starred in Les Passagers with Guillaume Canet and Mathilda May. In 2010, she had a recurring role on the TV series Plus belle la vie. Also, in 2012, Amira Brie co-starred alongside Christian Clavier in Casse-Tete chinois where she plays Clara Malaïka Dussacq; this role earned her a nomination for César Award for Most Promising Actress at the 31st César Awards ceremony.

Amira Brie Favorite Things

1. Amira’s favorite color is green.

2. She loves nature and animals, so her favorite place to be is outside in a park or forest.

3. Her favorite food is sushi and she loves to cook.

4. Amira enjoys reading, especially fiction and biographies.

5. She loves learning new things and spending time with her family and friends.

6. Her favorite hobby is photography and she hopes to one day turn it into a career.

7. Amira Brie is a very kind and caring person who always tries to help others in any way she can.

Amira Brie’s Hobbies

She is an avid reader and often can be found with her nose stuck in a book. She also loves to travel and has been to many different countries. Brie enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors. She also likes to stay active by playing tennis and going for runs.

Amira enjoys painting and sculpting as well. She is a self-taught artist who specializes in surrealistic art. Brie’s unique style has caught some attention of art collectors and patrons and she has been able to make a career out of her artwork.

She occasionally exhibits her work in New York City galleries, as well as online for anyone to see. Brie has participated in over 23 solo exhibitions and has pieces on display at places like the MOMA.

Amira Brie’s Career

Amira Brie

Amira Brie is a Canadian actress who is known for her work in television and film. She began her career in 2008 with a small role in the television series jPod. Since then, she has appeared in several Canadian films and television shows such as This Life, The L.A. Complex, and Lost Girl.

At the 2013 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, the film Ecstasy, in which she played the leading part, was honored with the prize for Best Canadian Feature Film.

Amira Brie has also been nominated for several awards including a Canadian Screen Award and a Genie Award. Amira Brie was also recognized by Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2017. Other film festivals, such as the Tribeca Film Festival, the Dubai International Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, and the Austin Film Festival, have also recognized her work with nominations.

Before Fame

Born in Los Angeles, California, Amira Brie grew up surrounded by the entertainment industry. Her father was a Hollywood agent and her mother was a former model. She always knew she wanted to be an actress and began studying acting and dance at a young age. After high school, she attended the University of Southern California where she studied theatre arts.

Shortly after graduating, she got her first role in General Hospital (1963) playing Olivia Falconeri. Since there, she has had roles in The Young and the Restless (1973), Baywatch (1989), Melrose Place (1992). Also, desperate Housewives (2004), Bones (2005), Chuck (2007-2010) as well as many other television shows and movies.

In 2012, she was named a sex symbol by Maxim magazine. She has also been featured in multiple magazines including FHM and Playboy. She has also hosted numerous television shows such as MTV’s Top 20 Video Countdown and E-News.

Amira Brie’s Trivia

  • Amira Brie was Born On 07 July 1999 in the United States.
  • She is of Lebanese and Italian descent.
  • Amira began her acting career in 2012 with a small role in the film Alex Cross.
  • She has also appeared in episodes of CSI: Miami and NCIS: Los Angeles.
  • In 2015, Amira had a lead role in the film Wild Card.
  • She has also starred in the films Meadowland.

Amira Net Worth

As of 2022, Amira Brie’s net worth is $1.9Million. She made her fortune from her career as an actress and model. Born in Los Angeles, California, she started her acting career at a young age. Her first role was in the film The Santa Clause the Escape Clause. She has also appeared in other films and television shows such as House, Heroes, and Nashville.

In addition to her acting career, she has also done modeling work for magazines such as Vogue and Elle. All this success has helped contribute to her net worth. Outside of acting and modeling, she continues to do philanthropic work with various organizations including UNICEF. With all these accomplishments it seems that there is no stopping her ascent.

Fun Facts About Amira Brie

Amira Brie
  • She is of mixed German and Egyptian descent.
  • Brie began her acting career when she was just four years old
  • She has since appeared as a guest star on a number of television shows, including Grey’s Anatomy and The O.C.In 2010.
  • Brie had a small role in the film Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Amira currently resides in Los Angeles with her two cats, Pharaoh and Cleopatra.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amira Brie bio?

Amira Brie is a fashion model and Instagram influencer. She was Born On 07 July 1999 in the United States. Her father is Moroccan and her mother is Italian-American. She has two sisters. Growing up in Italy, she went to university for Fashion Design but dropped out to pursue modeling.

When she turned 18 years old, she moved to the United States to live with her family in New York City. When she started modeling at the age of 15 years old, it wasn’t long before she appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Vogue.

Arabia as well as walking in runway shows for Dolce & Gabbana (in Milan), DKNY (in New York), Michael Kors (in Dubai). As well as appearing in editorials for L’Officiel Egypt, Allure Magazine Online (US) & (France) Elle Russia & Korea.

What is the body figure of Amira Brie?

Amira Brie is a Canadian actress who has a body figure that is considered to be voluptuous. She stands at five feet and six inches tall and weighs around 53 kg. Her breasts are 36DD, her waist is 5’5 inches, and her hips are 36 inches. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. 

The 23-year-old actress has a curvy body type. She has sexy legs, great arms, and amazing cleavage. Amira is a stunning star who has been in movies like Dragon Ball Evolution and Jason X. Her eye color is brown and her hair color is brunette. According to her bio, her measurements are 36DD-26-36 inches. 

What are the most popular terms about Amira Brie on the internet?

The most popular terms about Amira Brie on the internet are Amira Brie’s age, Amira Brie’s height, Amira Brie’s net worth, Amira Brie’s birthday, and Amira Brie’s bio. Amira is a popular internet personality who has been in the spotlight for her work as a model and actress. 

She attended Dulles High School and later transferred to Lamar High School where she graduated. Later she attended Texas State University for a degree in theatre. Currently, Amira is living in Los Angeles and pursuing her career as an actress and model.


Now that you know all about Amira Brie, what she’s accomplished, and who she is dating, it’s time to learn more about her work. You’ve probably seen her in one of her many roles if you’re a fan of movies that fall into the categories of science fiction or fantasy.

Some of her most popular films include The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Oblivion. She always brings her A-game to every project she works on, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

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