Splint folding knife

Splint folding knife

The Splint is a compact and powerful folding knife built for everyday jobs. Measuring only 3.96 inches when closed with a deep-carry pocket clip, it is simply concealed in your pocket. It specs an N690 clip point blade with a full-flat grind best for slicing and piercing. The blade is also reinforced in the harness to make sure reliable edge retention. The beefy G10 handle is amazingly machined and rightly textured for a firm and relaxed grip. Inside the handle is a stout liner lock running on the low-friction ball-bearing system, permitting users to open and lock the blade with the thumb hole or flipper tab with ease. Rugged and compact, the splint pocket knife can be for daily use.


Heavy duty material

Premium N690 stainless steel blade with top wear resistance and powerful contoured G10 handle

Urable clip point blade

One of the most famous blade types that built for tactical outdoor, survival and EDC. Full-flat ground blade, slicing a breeze, and reinforced hardness.

Convenient and compact

Measures 3.96 inches when closed, this 2.83 oz folder keeps your knife lightweight. The deep-carry pocket clip makes it simple to forever take with you.

Amazing handle

Ergonomically machined with sufficient lock release area and weight-relieving pockets. The contoured handle is classy in right and great in hand.

Effective and simple

A perfect ball bearing system makes sure a swift and one-handed opening with either its thumb role or flipper tub.

Stout liner lock

Powerful liner locks make sure that the blade stays in place during heavy-duty use.

Confident and precise control

Jimping on the top of the blade permits for increased grip. The flipper tab also saves your hand during cutting operations.

Advantages of Splint folding knife

The folding knife is a popular instrument conveyed by outdoorsmen, ordinary men and specialists and ladies all over the globe. The objective behind its prevalence is clear; it is basically a standout amongst the most helpful tools accessible today. It is accessible in many different kinds of knife blade designs. 

Opening packages, letters, boxes, etc

There is nothing worse than spending half of New Year morning watching your brother and law struggle helplessly with a Lands End box. Definitely, if you were carrying your trusty Splint folding knife, you would be spared this bother and could on to other gift-giving.

With their range of blades, pocket folding knives are best tools for opening boxes. 


If you love camping, one of the important tools you need to have is a splint folding knife. With a folding knife, you will be at a right position of roasting hot dogs on fire. There are many activities you will do if you possess a knife.

Since there are a lot of types accessible, it is important to pick the best one that has got the top specs you need. 

Simple to maintain

Most people favor using or buying pocket folding knives because they are simple to maintain. It is straightforward to clean, and this, so, makes it simple to maintain. Also, these knives are essential because and preferred by most people because they are easy to use.


When you are in a sticky or harsh condition, you need to protect yourself. You can fight back if you have Splint folding knife. Even though it is not designed for protection, it can be the top tool that will help you to fight back when attacked by gangs.


When you are purchasing a product, one of the important features you need to keep in mind is the level of durability. Best knives come in different sizes with a lot of features. So, you can find the best tactical folding knife that will match your needs if you know the right factors to consider.

First aid

This knife can be supportive partner in your everyday routine. It is instrumental in case of any emergency. You can remove thorns, bandages, and splinters easily with the help of this compact knife.

Prepare food

This little knife is perfect for preparing food as it is sharp and little. You can easily peel or cut vegetables or fruits.

If you are not at home or want to eat something on the way, the knife can also work as a fork. Cut your food and have it with the support of this knife.

How to pick the right folding knife


Go for stainless steel. It is firm, lightweight, and resistant to rust, and the top part, it holds an edge – that is to stay, and it stays sharp for a long time. If you want an even harder blade, buy a carbon steel knife. It will retain the edge longer, but it may rust quicker if not well maintained.


Camping calls for a knife that is simple to use both in inside your tent and outdoors. A perfect knife for camping has a blade for around 4-5 inches.


Weight might not seem like a huge deal with picking a knife, but for camping, you have to mind the weight of your backpack and other gear. A knife of medium weight, hundred grams to 150 grams, can perform most tasks. On the other hand, if you are planning to cut branches to make firewood a lot, extra thickness and weight are advisable.

Blade design

This favors to how the blade looks. Some knives are serrated as an included feature. Such knives are handy for sawing wood and cutting rope. Anyway, they come at an extra cost matched to the straight-edge knives.

Handle design

You need a knife with a powerful handle for camping. A weak handle may shatter or crack, making it hard to grip and to use rightly. The choice of material is a matter of personal option. The handle can be made of plastic, wood, metal, or rubber.

End words

The knife you pick for camping will be determined by what you favor and what you are going to do with it among other factors. It is general to carry more than one knife to sever different objectives but when it comes down to that one knife that does it all, the Splint folding knife is advised for camping.

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