Anime and Gambling: The Perfect Match for Action and Suspense

Anime and Gambling: The Perfect Match for Action and Suspense

Anime Characters and Gambling. Anime has now become sensational, as evidenced by anime-themed slots and games featured by the platforms reviewed. Read about the most inspiring anime gambles.

Gambling is a form of entertainment that has been in existence for a long time. A common gambling story has high-stakes, high-strain, and convincing characters willing to gamble their lives in the present for a superior future. With the dynamic changes that have come in the entertainment world, various branches have developed in the last few decades. One of which is anime. We get to watch fascinating characters win and lose everything up close in anime storylines.

Online as well as offline gambling games are booming with popular anime characters. From Death Parade to Saki, the list goes on. Extraordinary characters fight for high stakes; and engage in mind battles to win large at the table. Games like Wolf Run slot machine have seen an increase in popularity due to the love for anime. Before we dive into the world of anime and gambling, let us first take a look at the basics.

Who Are Anime Characters?

Anime is a form of hand-drawn and computer animation creating in Japan. In Japan and Japanese culture, anime from the English word animation represents all animated work. With time, the characters from different shows have garnered worldwide popularity due to their character arches, theme, and plot. 

Gambling has been an overshadowing theme in anime. Whether it is about money, life, or anything or anyone precious to the central character, the presence of the concept can be seen in most anime shows. Whether the characters are gambling for money or their lives, it never misses providing thrilling content to the crowd. 

Here are some popular anime series centred around gambling:

  • Akagi 
  • Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor 
  • Kakegurui 
  • C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 
  • Legendary Gambler Tetsuya 
  • Rio: Rainbow Gate  


Akagi is one of the anime shows about Anime Characters and Gambling; which is set in the period after World War II. With Japan still reeling from the devastating bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Akagi revolves around the tale of Shigeru Akagi, a little boy who meets Yakuza individuals in a round of Mahjong and losses to them at the young age of 13. Also, The plot revolves around the game of Mahjong, and the main character, Akagi, who is a self-announced expert of the game and demonstrates it quite often, with an agenda to become well known in the world.


Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji is one more conspicuous anime in the category. The main character, who’s a drunkard debtor; was given the deal to get right out of a 3 million debt from the Yakuza. 

The game that the anime centers around are ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors.’ The mechanics work separately in Kaiji, which makes it even more fun since it adds a serious touch of creativity to a straightforward game, we are familiar with. The rules of the game are like the Rock, Paper, Scissors game; Candidates are additionally given three plastic stars as security to wager on each round of play; – at whatever point a player loses a round, the victor gets a star from the washout. To survive the twilight, contenders should hold their three-star pendants and utilize all of their motion cards.


Kakegurui is a newer anime title that has a betting theme; it is likewise the current top pick for anybody inspired by a gambling-themed anime. It is consider as link between Anime Characters and Gambling. The reason it is engaging is it blends the betting idea with the secondary school life climate. The school storyline takes a backseat in the evening and opens the door to a world that is darker and full of characters hungry for power.


C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

C is an anime that doesn’t utilize cash as the wager. It, however, influences the player’s future throughout everyday life. The hero of the show has gotten an extraordinary amount of money from participating in a fight; where the two players bet their future, and in case one loses, in the future awful consequences will happen to them, something that could be more regrettable than losing just cash. 

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya 

Whatever ability you are excellent at, there will consistently be somebody more experienced and better at what you do. Also, Assuming you can manage watching old craftsmanship style anime, you should have a go at this title as it shows a bold youngster who is outstandingly gifted at playing Mahjong. His expertise comes from coming up against a more experienced player who is equally good and experienced in playing Mahjong; bringing forth a feeling of inspiration in the youngster to be just about as incredible as him. What makes Tetsuya stand apart from other Mahjong betting series like Saki and Akagi is its emphasis on cheating. 

Rio: Rainbow Gate!

If you ever wondered how Japanese casinos work – this anime is for you. The TV series follows young but skilled casino dealer Rio Rollings, who works her way up to be the world’s best card dealer. The TV series has 1 season, and it is based not on manga but on a pachinko-styled PlayStation game.

The reason anime has become well known is because of its quality and interesting themes. Fun and sensational storylines, just as the excellent craftsmanship, have caught the hearts of many individuals.

Touhai Densetsu AkagiRio: Rainbow GateLegendary Gambler Tetsuya
Touhai Densetsu – Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai is a Miscellaneous game created and distributed by Culture Brain, which was delivered in Japan in 2006.Warashi adapted Akagi into a PlayStation 2 game delivered by D3 Publisher on December 12, 2002.Rio: Rainbow Gate! Who might have realized that this would have gone from a Pachinko to a completely fledged anime establishment? For the people who may not have a clue about it, a Pachinko is a sort of Japanese pinball machine. Consider it what could be compared to a Western arcade game.The betting in Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is about Mahjong. It’s somewhat unique to the Mahjong you may have seen on your PC or tablet. It’s conventional Mahjong, which highlights four players against one another.

All things said, gambling had been a growing interest for people for many years now. It has been depicted in the forms of entertainment and has its root deep within the social structure.

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