Onlycans 2021 – Complete guide about Thirst and Sexy Sodas

Onlycans 2021 – Complete guide about Thirst and Sexy Sodas

What are the best features of this onlycans game? This game tells us about the sexual themes, insects, gambling, BDSM, clowns, and smoking.

In this article, you can find all possible information and detail about this onlycans game and the mental conditions of the players. It is a very famous and popular game for all the users of personal computers and devices. This game is about having an opening the different colors of sexy sodas.

But this game is for that player who loves to play and watch the content of such things as food, body horror, and flashing images.

This game also tells about the sexual themes, insects, gambling, BDSM, clowns, and smoking. We are trying to give all details about this thirst and sexy sodas to our precious readers. So let’s start this article here:

What are the best features of this onlycans game over the internet?

The best features of this game are mentions here incomplete description here:

1: This game is specially designed for thirsty players to play such a game on their personal computers and devices.

2: This game has the facility of providing unnecessarily high-quality cans for their gaming abilities!

3: This game provides cans in all colors, sizes, tastes, and accessories.

 4: this game also provides the facility of tasty and tasteful canned drinks and sodas to their users and players with erotica.

5: this game is also involving cooperating with drama.

6: this game also shows a mixture of Family tragedy.

7: this game is also showing the results of Greed! Love! Passion and Photography.

8: all sodas cans, which also give the facility of different flavors, provide the facility of One-Handed Gameplay.

What are the names of the programming team and visual team of this sexy sodas game?

The names of all the teams which are involving directly with Onlycans game are mentions here:

1: Sean Oxspring is giving the facility of 2D art and user interface for this game.

2: Sarah Ford is giving the facility of 3D art for this game.

3: Sam Silvers is giving the facility of original Shize jingle for this game.

4: Chel Wong is giving the facility of the writing of this game.

5: N. Cannon, África Curiel, Nagisa Futagawa, and Zaid Shaikh are providing their voices for announcer’s voice acting.

Casey Whillhite is also providing the same facility of giving their voices to the game.

What are the names of all actors who are providing the facility of canned voice-over artists?


The names of all actors who are providing the facility of canned voice-over artists are mentions here:

1: Ahmed El-Badawi

2: Anna De Cicco

3: Bertine van Hövell

4: Ben M-J

5: Bianca Pana

6: Dan Chambers

7: Evgeni Puzankov

8: Joanna Graham

9: Joe Neeves

10: Kat Welsford

11: Kitty Crawford

12: Lorraine Ansell

13: Lucas Duff

14: Mcdoogleh

15: Natalie Winter

16: Reece Bridger

17: Rina Locke

18: Sam Silvers

19: Sean Oxspring

20: Xalavier Nelson Jr.

21: Zach Thelen

What are the names of the cultural and translators of Onlycans game?

The names of all artists who are giving the facility of translators and also providing the facility of cultural artists here:

1: Nagisa Futagawa

2: Evgeni Puzankov

3: Masao Kobayashi

4: Lisa Schaeffer

5: Bianca Pana

6: Ahmed El-Badawi

7: Mcdoogleh

8: Zaid Shaikh

About the onlycans game:

This game is specially designed for players and gamers who have an intense thirst for playing such sexy sodas. And this game is just beginning with the sound of opening the can.

So we can say that Thirst Date is such kind of a Can-themed and erotic-based game. And this game is also based on the Photography of the simulator by the OnlyCans team. 

This game was released on the date of 12th of February in 2021. And this is such a type of game that it is free for download on Steam and

 This game also contains some warnings for food, body horror, flashing images, sexual themes, BDSM, clowns, and smoking.

What is the description providing of onlycans game?

It is such a kind of game where many players open the different flavors of cans and sodas. In this game, all players can take advantage of the role, and they can also play the famous role of an erotic photographer and misting various kinds of soft drink cans and sodas in different sexy outfits. And the player can be taking multiple photos which are using the prompts provided for the thirst seekers.

All of these cans each have their flavors and personality. The player or gamer has prescribed and indicated both players and gamers by writings their biographies. These flavors, sodas, and cans have their tastes and flavors and also have their personalities.

 All the players will learn from this sodas can and flavors cans to know what they are? And what is its history of Shize? The player or the gamer can also use the LLC (the company behind the cans) and use the Shize Family.

 All the players can do the driving force behind all of these sodas cans.

What is the game description on steam?


The game’s description on steam is as follows in this article here:

1: When any user or player uses the flavor of Shize soda can, which has the trademark of LLC. Then we should pour our hearts and souls into every can and every product of the soda cans in this game. So we can say that we can put our souls into the honor of the Shize family of this game.

2: The user or players are excited to watch and announce the new kind of heritage held in 2020 and all their collection!

3: We are the gamer of this game, and we choose the different flavors of sodas cans then. We should also know all the terms and policies of this game, known as bringing back every type of flavor since our flagship of taste from 1744. 

4: so every player can enjoy the flavor of Cherry Pop, Gamer Energy, Pineapple Pizza, and so many more flavors at gamer’s local grocer.

5: so we can say that we can have so much personality and rich flavors and also they have their tastes and personalities.

6: every user or player will indeed find a favorite soda can for themselves. 

7: you can see all our collections and varieties today on our official web page.

8: this is all waiting for you and all players!

Play OnlyCans: Thirst Date, The World’s First (& Last) Erotic Photography Experience for FREE:

Twenty-nine cans have different flavors, and they are ready to play and win the exciting games through in the base game.

The gamers have a new collection of different types of cans and flavors with a new flavoring system of unlocking on completion of the flavors, which are different from the previous one.

The sodas cans are introducing in the format of a dating profile at the beginning of the game. And every user also has the different flavors and overview of can’s according to their personalities, likes, and dislikes available in the game.

What is about the GameplayGameplay and levels of the game?

1: Each level of this game presents the player or gamer with a different can. 

2: every level has its rounds, and every round has its timing.

3: the player will have the facility of giving every round with 30 seconds, and usually, they can also set their time. 

4: The round timing of each soda cans is easily found in the top-middle of the screen.

5: A ring-pull icon that moves backward and forwards along a bar at the bottom of the screen is easily located at every game level. 

6: It depends on the user’s choice and selection within the game, so every player can have the ability to use and enjoy the experience of sodas.

7: Player or gamer should click the left or right button on the mouse, and when this icon aligns with the randomly-placed cloud is prompting as indicated on the description of the game.

8: the user or player will have the ability to successfully clicks on the game, and he will also increase the game’s speed at which the ring pulls moving with the cans. 

9: the user or gamer can make unsuccessful clicks, and they will reset the speed back to default with the game.

10: we can also see and check the game’s performance, and we can also measure on each grade meter, which is located on the bottom-left.

11: the gamers have a successive correct input about the game, and it will increase the player’s grade at which he is performing on the game.

12: the game will check and increase the speed of the beating heart icon within the game time.

13: all of them can see and selects the successive incorrect inputs of the level or a lack of input game, and thus the result will decrease this grading system.

14: the user can see his progressive location at the progression, and it looks like the linear.

15: completing a can at an E rating or above the level will lead to unlocking the next level on the game list.

16: so we can say that GameplayGameplay is an identical situation for every sodas can.

Onlycans about hot and steamy:


OnlyCans is such a kind of thirst-seeking game for all the thirst seekers who choose Hot and Steamy. And all the sodas cans have their significance about their base game. It was the first introduction of DLC for the base game, and it can introduce top 10 new cans and flavors for their gamers to play throughout the game smoothly.

And the user can expand the lore business set up by the previous content of sodas cans and their flavors.

We can see all the flavors of sodas from the latest collection of the game: 

So we can say that Welcome to the Shize™ world of onlycans and Hot ‘n Steamy collection, and every player can enjoy a celebration of the amazing Shize and Condom.

You can easily find Shizeheads all around the globe of this world to enjoying our products.

And you can be writing love letters and write the emotions to our great cans, and you can feel the fizz inside the cans.

And when there is found special kind of occasion, we can quickly want to highlight some of our beloved cans and their related messages from our gamers around the globe.

You can find all the love letters very own passion for Shizeheads.

Whenever you are feeling lonely, and you do not forget to play this kind of at Shize. 

In Hot and Steamy applications on the personal computer of the gamers, the sodas cans are no longer presenting as dating profiles.

And we are, instead of playing with flavors and these cans, also creating and inspiring the Shize by LLC.

So we can say that GameplayGameplay has become censorious and identical to the base game level for the players.

How can a player or gamer play this game on his personal computer?

The player can easily play this erotic game on his personal computer, and the gamer of this game becomes a photographer, and when he is taking the photos in their erotic shoot with the sodas can.

They must have the ability to hit and well-timed left and right clicks to satisfy the thirst of beverage’s desires and emotions.

When the user is taking a left click on the snaps or photo of the sodas can, he is rendering in a glorious high-quality sheen within the game, and he can give the right click on all causes of the can to fizz spraying a little within the game time.

The final words:

The onlycans is such kind of erotic and newly launched game for those people who have not any chores at their homes in this pandemic situation. As usual, this game is not gaining such popularity, but it offers different sodas can for their players.

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