AR and VR Within The Casino Industry 2023

AR and VR Within The Casino Industry 2023

2023 could be the year AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) become mainstream in the casino industry. Recent developments bring commonplace adoption within many industries closer than ever, the online casino industry has already employed the technology with excellent results. The technology available is rapidly expanding and new products are becoming available. Soon we could see this list of fast withdrawal casinos all offering various forms of AR and VR experiences for their customers, providing an immersive experience to users from the comfort of their own homes. Online casino operators are keen to implement the latest technology within their games, so it is a very exciting time for the industry.

What We Have Now

Since the launch of the Metaverse VR has grown in popularity. This rise has brought with it the emergence of the VR casino. Online gambling has been with us now for over 20 years, it has been steadily gaining ground for many of those years, but the lockdowns in force during Covid-19 have given a significant boost to the industry. With customers keen to still enjoy their hobby, but local land-based casinos closed, these customers went online to find a solution and the casino industry responded with ever more realistic and engaging games to keep the entertainment available to the highest standards. A social aspect is often sought by the gambler more used to a physical venue; and VR casinos hope to bring that experience to life once more by enabling chat and interaction through customisable avatars.

For those hoping for an immersive gambling experience, VR does a lot to bring that possibility to life. Live dealer games bring an authentic feel and have closed the gap between online and physical venues. 

VR casinos have been around since 2017, they require a 3D headset to fully appreciate the immersive experience. Users can still access some VR casinos with other methods; but for the ultimate VR experience, a headset like the Oculus Prime required.

One of the key selling points for the Metaverse has always been its interactive environment; and easy communication, so this is an area that may see improvements in 2023. Games like Poker are brought to life with the technology; bringing you closer to the feel of a real poker table and the atmosphere that goes along with it.

The Headset

Technology in VR headset design improving all the time, costs are dropping and the features offered are expanding. The ease of use for headsets is becoming better; but they still are holding back VR casinos in terms of accessibility. Customers must have a suitable headset and a safe space they can play undisturbed. This will continue to be a hindrance to the speed of growth, but 2023 is a year we are likely to see cheaper more accessible headsets gain user base and this can only improve the future of the VR casino in general.

With businesses looking to the Metaverse to provide virtual facilities such as meeting rooms and offices, headset manufacturers know the potential market for the right device is huge and many are developing innovative and effective products for the future.

AR and VR Technology in the Online Gambling Sector

Although there are plenty of industries making use of both AR and VR technology; it is the online gambling industry that is the front-runner in this respect. Online casinos have long since been known for their forward-thinking ways; with customers relishing the fact that this industry keeps on top of new; and emerging technology – AR and VR technology is no exception. Online casinos have embraced this technology to do things like set up virtual tournaments and even set up virtual casinos; where players can use their avatars to walk through the virtual room and enjoy games in this way. 

Augmented reality is something that has also proved popular with both consumers and gambling operators; with things like live dealer games being able to upgrade what they offer in terms of interaction thanks to the type of technology. 

Both options are an exciting technology for online gambling. Their unrivalled ability to give inclusivity and an immersive experience to casino goers is one that may see strong implementation in 2023. Giving players the ability to customise their own gaming; and interact at a level not seen before exciting for all those involved; other industries like estate agencies are also using the technology to promote their properties. 

AR has the advantage that it can displayed on a standard portable device like a smartphone; and does not require a separate headset to enjoy the experience fully; but both are exciting and being embraced by consumers all over.

The online casino industry customers potentially stand to gain much more accessibility and choice as the technology implementation grows. 2023 is sure to see an expansion in this area as the year progresses.

The Future of AR and VR

Whilst no one can say for sure what the future of AR and VR looks set to be; we can be pretty certain that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With VR becoming much more accessible for those that want to access it at home; and various industries now incorporating it into their strategies; we know it is a concept that is here to stay.

The likes of Zoom, remote meetings and even learning from home have grown over recent years; and with the right direction AR and VR could add a little extra depth to this. That is without the entertainment industry and their contribution to the world of VR. Whether we’ll be visiting our bank and socialising with friends via some sort of metaverse at any time in the future remains to be seen; but it is certainly an exciting time for this industry and those related to it. There are certainly plenty of people invested in this technology; and will be waiting to see what the next 5 years or more bring to the VR and AR industries. 

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