Asmongold girlfriend – Who is Asmongold’s girlfriend 2021?

Asmongold girlfriend – Who is Asmongold’s girlfriend 2021?

Who is Asmongold’s Girlfriend in 2021? Are Asmongold and Pink sparkles breakup? Pink Sparkles is Asmongold Girlfriend Who dated for One and Half Years.

Asmongold is one of famous and young American video game player and streamer. The real name of Asmongold is Zack AKA Asmongold AKA Mr and he is also playing video games on social media like Twitch and YouTube with more than 950,000 followers.

The journey of Asmongold began in the year 2014 and gained so much of name and fame in just short period of time. But this was just the beginning of his career and popularity and with time he has become a famous and known name among people in social media. He is also famous for playing ‘World of Warcraft Classic’.


pink sparkles

However, he has not revealed everything about his family, very little is known about his family and information. He is currently thirty years old and he was born on April 20, 1990, in Austin, Texas, United States of America. Who is Asmongold girlfriend?

Also, He has an American nationality and he is a Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator. He has spent his childhood along with his parents and he has always been so close to his parents but he is one of those celebrities who always felt like keeping family thing private. It is the reason he hardly shared anything about them.

The real name of Asmongold is Zack but he is more famous as Asmongold and he belongs to Austin, Texas, United States and he said he wants to lead a life of the low key. So he does not feel like sharing about them. But about his childhood, he shared so many incidents like, since childhood, his parents had taught him a lesson of hard-working and its importance.

How did he begin with this YouTube?

Pink Sparkles

Well, when he had begun with this YouTube he never thought he would continue with it like such dedication. With time, he learnt about things and it helped him to continue with it. He had embarked on his journey in the year 2014; with time he learnt a lot about YouTube and how to actually create contents.

This also gave him lots of confidence and it also taught him lots of things. In short, this journey is so close to him because it somewhere or the other helped him to learn lots of things about life and other things. In many of his interviews, he said that life is so full of beautiful things and it should be actually like pink sparkles Asmongold Girlfriend. Life is actually so full of wonderful things even and my YouTube journey has shown me those beauties.

Some lesser-known facts about Asmongold And pink sparkles Asmongold Girlfriend

Asmongold Girlfriend
  • He is even so much interested in playing video games of different types and with time he has even archived of becoming perfect into it. Although he says he is not so perfect he is trying to achieve that beautiful journey.
  • Zack who is more famous as Asmongold is also the founder of the OTK community and this is known by very fewer people. Actually, this community even includes fellow streamers like tips out, Esfand and Mizkif.
  • Recently, he has even uploaded a picture with no hairs and he was completely bald. Although, this picture left his fans shocked. His hair cut by pink sparkles Asmongold girlfriend.
  • Do you know this that he is even a music producer and he has even played videogames and he is truly a versatile artist?
  • There are several of his songs like Speed of Light: Carousel: Get enough: Our world: Winning Not Losing: Good Evening.
  • He actually is a low key person so he has to lessen talked about his relationship as well. He has not disclosed his relationship even.
  • But many times he was found with ‘Pink sparkles’ and she is his girlfriend. It is confirmed that even both have not spoken a single word.
  • He has even verified his account on Twitter since last May 2010. He has more than 377.4k followers over there. It is so wonderful journey for him with Twitter and his fans even appreciate his lot.
  • He has even joined YouTube on December 10, 2019, and there he used username Asmongold Tv. Apart from this. He has other channels too and he has even launched that too. Over there too he has more than 331k Subscribers for the channel.

His relationship with pink sparkles Asmongold Girlfriend

Pink Sparkles

Both have not confessed love for each other publicly but everyone has found them together on many occasions. Asmongold is always found along with Pink Sparkles. However, they both hardly have ever said a single word to each other but it seems like they are deeply in love with each other. They even like each other a lot and they are together and meant to be together forever.

However, They have always escaped saying anything to each other. They both looked so great together and their fans even appreciated them together. Pink sparkles Asmongold girlfriend are really so pretty and cute and she even looks cute with Asmongold. She has also not spoken a single word and they both seem so deeply in love. But recently one of the news is also reporting that both have departed their ways.

Asmongold and Pink sparkles breakup

Asmongold and Pink sparkles breakup

Whether it is true or not, but rumours are coming out with a piece of fire news on Amongold and Pink sparkles. As per the news, people are saying both have departed their ways because they have a breakup. Both have been in a relationship with each other for more than one and half hour but their relationship could not survive and they better took their ways to different roads.

As they had never accepted their relationship in front of media so they never even talked about their break up. But it is so sure that it will be painful because they always looked so beautiful together and moreover deeply in love with each other.

But then people thought now they will never know the reason behind their breakup that is where, Pink sparkles twitted and for the first time, she spoke on her relationship. She explained why they both broken up and what is the reason behind it. She writes this –

Pink spark Asmongold Girlfriend Statement

Pink Sparkles Asmongold Girlfriend

‘’I have been very unhappy in Austin for many reasons. This thought and living there caught me, into depression for a while, and this made it impossible for me to live there. Then I made up my mind and decided to live in Cali where I used to live and work on myself’.

But when I returned there it became difficult for both of us to enjoy our time together and along with this, there were lots of personal problems too. So this was not making any sense for both of us carrying relationship with such heavy heart and we both decide that it will be wise if we depart our ways.

Instead of fighting and filling ourselves with bitter memories so we keep only good memories and continue with friendship. So yes, we are friends now but not into a relationship and we will be continuing as friends and wish each other good luck.

And just when she twitted this, Asmongold twitted that he was in need of a break and it was so important to both of us to stop and think about the relationship.

More about Asmongold Girlfriend(Pink Sparkles)

Well, there are so many things about both of them and this article also carries a lot of things about them. Pink sparkle and Asmongold shared a good time and good relationship but they could not take it to another level and their fan thought they would surely get married. But this could not be possible but they are still friends together. So there may be chances of seeing them together in the future.

What games does Asmongold play?

Pink Sparkles

After breaking up Pink Sparkles moved on and focused on his work he started with his games and he added many new games too and discovered a lot of them. He also introduced these new games and fun to the people. The number of games he plays is as follows –

  • PUBG
  • Dark Soul II
  • Dark Soul III
  • World of craft
  • Dark Soul
  • Bloodborne
  • Dark soul II
  • The witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Apex Legends

Recent news about Asmongold Girlfriend

Recently Asmongold is into the news for many reasons although he always has been. He was caught watching his ex’s live stream the other day. This left his fans shocked and even with so many questions like does he still love Pink sparkles or does he miss her so much? And if he misses her why does not he go and meet her? World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold was watching his ex’s live stream although he quickly minimized the stream of Pink Sparkles.

What he has to say about this?

However, he had got but he had not spoken even a single word on it. He said he does not want to clarify this and whatever was between him and Pink Sparkle was of course for real. Asmongold wants to keep quiet like it was also expected as he hardly ever expressed himself on social media and he hardly believed in these things.

What is one message do you want to give?

 Asmongold Girlfriend

For those who have some dream, it is the best time to get started with that. Yes, no matter what where you are and what is your age, just get started with that. Time and tides wait for none and people needs to work upon their dreams. So if you are thinking that the best time would come and I remember my childhood days.

I go back and I think that if I would not have spent my time there learning new things. My life would not have changed this much but those things really helped me in becoming what I am today. No matter what, life will be filled with many ups and downs and in those times.

If you would have spent your time in the right place, you would learn a lot many things and it would also help you in overcoming so many things and your fears too. Never underestimate is the power of little things and you need to understand a few things only then it possible to gain something in life.

How did this journey continue?


You will encounter so many things and YouTube is one such platform where every day is a challenge. Every day you have to keep yourself prepared for new things and new challenges. Yes, but they are also going to teach you a lot about yourself and about life.

When I began creating YouTube contents I knew it is going to be tough for me not easy. I will have to learn a lot about myself and every day I have to create something new so I have to. I knew that I am also going to fail many times but then giving up should not be an opinion. In fact, I will have to get up and then work upon myself. This is the thing that would carry me further and taught a lot me.

Last Word about Pink Sparkles:

You have both the accounts name and User Id, you can follow both of them Pink sparkles and Asmongold. They both are quite active on social media with full potential. They are an active member of that and they have even good numbers of followers and people appreciated them. So if you want to collect all the information about them, then you can surely do that by following them on social media.

If you want to collect all their pictures you can stay with us. We are here with all the photos, videos and everything and you can collect all of them in one place. And you can even follow them on any social media platform because they both are active almost everywhere and you can even follow them on Twitter. So enjoy every detail about pink sparkles Asmongold Girlfriend by staying with us and also follow them See their photos, download their videos and follow them silently and be with them.

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