Know More About Barcode Scanners and Barcode Printers

Know More About Barcode Scanners and Barcode Printers

Barcode printers and barcode scanners are some of the warehouse equipment and hardware that every business should have. They help you track your inventory and enhance your business productivity.

The warehouse is an integral part of a manufacturing business; and they use this place to store the finished goods produced by them for sale. It is very important to have the right equipment in your warehouse. When we talk about warehouse equipment, barcode printing devices and scanners are among the must-have equipment that helps keep your inventory safe and secure. Barcode tracking allows you to undertake effective inventory management, and it reduces the chances of errors while managing the inventory at your warehouse. Choosing suitable barcode scanners and printers and barcode software will help you track the movement of each stock item in your warehouse efficiently from a remote location. This article will provide detailed information about barcode printer and scanner and their types.

What are barcode scanners?

A barcode scanner, also known as a barcode reader, reads the information printed on a barcode. It is amongst the most widely used asset tracking devices. The device contains a light source, sensor, and lens. The device also includes a decoder circuitry that analyses and decodes the data printed on a barcode image into electrical signals and sends them to the computer. To ensure better inventory management and tracking; make sure you choose the best barcode scanners as per the nature of your inventory.

Barcode Scanners

Types of Barcode Scanners

There are various kinds of Barcode scanners, and here are some of the most commonly used barcode scanners you need to know:

Image Scanner

This type of scanner, also known as a camera reader, uses a small video camera to capture the barcode image and then read it using digital image processing techniques. An image scanner can read a barcode from a distance of around 3-9 inches away. 

Pen-type Scanners

These scanners consist of a photo code, and a light source placed next to each other in order to read a barcode, hold the pen and move its tip across the barcode at a uniform speed. These scanners are portable and easy to handle, and they are inexpensive and occupy little space.

Laser Barcode Scanners

The scanner functions similar to pen-type scanners but offers more reliable and accurate results. It consists of a laser beam that falls on the barcode and helps them read the information accurately. Also, They can read the barcode from a distance of around 50-60 cm away. These scanners are primarily used in retail businesses.

CCD scanners (Charge Coupled Device) Barcode Scanners

They are also known as LED scanners. These scanners make use of hundreds of LED lights that fall on the barcode. They widely used in Point of sale applications and can read a barcode from a distance of 3 -10 cms away. However, they are high in price but offer reliable and accurate results.

What is a barcode printer?

Barcode printers are not like regular printers; they are computer peripherals designed to produce barcode labels that are directly placed on the objects or printed on them. It is another important piece of warehouse equipment that every business requires to track the location of their assets. However, Barcode printers use direct thermal or thermal transfer techniques to apply ink to the labels. The printing quality of these printers varies as per their cost and printing technique used by them.

Barcode Printers

Types of Barcode Printers

Barcode printing devices are of different types, and each printer has different specifications. Also, You need to choose the right kind of barcode printer as per your labeling requirements and the environment in which your goods are scanned. Here are some most commonly used barcode printers you should know:

Inkjet Printers

An inkjet printer used where you need high printing, and the barcodes need to be produced and applied at high speed. They are used in large-sized organizations where bulk production is being done. Also, They are costly, and installation procedures are complicated. If you invest in an inkjet printer, make sure you buy the best quality scanners to scan the barcodes properly.

Dot -Matrix Printers

The Dot-matrix printing technique is one of the holder’s barcode printing techniques. However, They are very cost-effective and easy to use and used by many manufacturing and distribution companies for printing barcode labels. They can print on multiple surfaces and make use of multi-pass ribbons, and this reduces the ribbon cost and helps you save money on labeling material.

Laser Printers

The laser barcode printer works similarly to a photocopier, and they have the potential to print high-quality photos and graphics on paper. Also, The barcode labels printed by these printers are high in density and resolution and can be read by any scanner. These printers cannot produce water or chemical-resistant barcode labels; and they are multipurpose printers and can also be used as document printers.

Thermal Printers

These printers include direct thermal and thermal transfer printers both. They are commonly used in manufacturing organizations as their barcodes are more durable than any other printer. The labels produced have good scanability, and they can be used in harsh industrial environments.

Final Thoughts

Warehouse equipment is an unavoidable expense for a manufacturing business. However, You need to purchase the best quality barcode scanners and printers that can scan your inventory efficiently and makes inventory management easier and simpler for you. You need to access their durability, printing quality, speed, and suitability for your business while deciding which barcode printer and scanner you have to choose for your business. The type of printer and scanner will significantly affect your inventory management procedure. Also, Check their specifications and compatibility with your business environment. You can ask technical experts about what will be the best for your business. Conduct deep market research if you buy a high-cost printer and scanner.

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