Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers for Email Marketing

Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers for Email Marketing

One of the most modern methods of internal and external communication is the use of emails. A dedicated email server is essential whether your company is large or small. Those still using a shared server or shaky hosting services will soon be forced to upgrade to dedicated email servers. Maximum security and convenience are among the few benefits of using dedicated servers for email marketing needs.

What are Dedicated Servers for Email Marketing?

Only one company’s email is hosted on the server. The server’s owne entitled to any uses that suit their needs. This hosting email service provides its customers with exclusive use of hardware and a secure data center rather than sharing these resources with anyone else.

Companies needing reliable, high-performance dedicated email server hosting will find this an ideal option. In a safe and secure way, the server can host many email accounts. Additionally, the file sizes of email attachments can managed with greater precision on a dedicated email server.

Why You Need Your Own Email Server

Free of charge electronic mail many popular email providers, including Yahoo and Hotmail, refuse messages sent via local SMTP servers. Using a dedicated email marketing server is excellent for your company. Moreover, it increases the likelihood that your emails will be delivered to the inbox rather than the spam folder.

An email service makes writing, sending, and receiving messages easy. However, you can send a limited number of emails with your email server, regardless of the service or app you use. If you reach this limit, your server will immediately stop sending emails from your account. Therefore, its possible to send a large number of emails through bulk email services without worrying about your emails blocked.

List of benefits of Using Dedicated Servers for Email Marketing

Since a dedicated server only stores and processes data for one website, all of the server’s resources dedicated to that site. Because there is less traffic on the data highways, the browser can quickly receive data from the site. This will lead to happier visitors and, more importantly, higher search engine rankings. When it comes to web hosting, there are many benefits if using cheap dedicated hosting for email marketing.

Improved Page Load Times

According to research, if a shopping site takes longer than three seconds to load, 40% of consumers will abandon it. The consequences of even a single second of delay include:

  • 11% reduction in page views.
  • A drop of 7% in conversions.
  • Satisfaction levels will be low by 16% amongst customers.

Crucially, search engine optimization significantly affected by how long it takes a page to load.

Faster Loading Time

In 2010, after realizing that users didn’t like waiting around while pages loaded, Google started rewarding site owners who improved their sites’ loading times. As a result, the search engine giant made page load speed a more significant ranking factor in 2018. The new average load times for pages 1 and 2 are 1.19 and 1.29 seconds, respectively. Quality hosting and whether or not the site owner has invested in a dedicated server are two of the most common determining factors.

Shared servers’ ability to deliver the speed a site requires to rank highly varies widely. Information loads quicker, and transactions processed more quickly on a dedicated server for email marketing because it only has to deal with data for one website. When you reduce your site’s load time, you improve your search engine rankings, which drives more visitors and leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Authority Over the Archives

Information that drives a website resides on a server. The storage requirements of the many users of a shared server are considered when configuring the server. One of the benefits of using satisfactory dedicated servers is that they allow you to more easily meet your company’s specific data storage and processing requirements.

The ability to strike a good balance between storage and power typically results in quicker access to your data, which directly translates to a better user experience. When a business expands, the number of visitors to its website rises, with them, the pressure to keep up with demand. As a result, customers may notice sluggish page loads due to using a shared server, which is problematic because this is precisely when they need to have a positive experience.

A Specific Internet Protocol Address

A unique IP address used by each server when it connects to the internet. Each IP address serves two purposes:

  • Highlights the singularity of its web interface in comparison to others on the internet.
  • Marks the site’s actual headquarters.

Several domains use the same system resources and are accessible through the same username and password on a shared server. Unluckily, Google blacklists the associated IP address when a web admin operates an unethical site. If one website owner on a shared server engages in spamming or purchasing backlinks, all of the websites hosted on that server could penalized. A website can have its unique identity on a dedicated server for email marketing. As long as its managed well, no one can hold it responsible for its failures or punish those responsible.

Safety Improvements All Around

Many companies worry about the safety of their customer’s personal information when they host their websites. Therefore, dedicated email server hosting offers a more secure environment. If one website on a server experiences an issue, every website on that server is at risk. The loss of money in revenue for other hosted sites could result from the carelessness of a single webmaster.

When using a dedicated server, you can rest assured that those of other users will not disrupt your scripts. Better security against cyberattacks, expected to cost businesses around $2 trillion in 2019 alone, is another benefit of using a dedicated server with a unique IP address. And that doesn’t even consider the potential loss of business from customers who decided not to return after significant attacks.

Greater Scope for Personalization

Your website’s layout and content are entirely under your control when using a dedicated server. However, as a company expands, it may need to quickly and seamlessly increase its bandwidth or implement a new program, which is crucial.

Web developers can use any programming language and install any necessary software on a dedicated server. Corporations can adjust the central processing unit, random access memory, and hard drive to their specific requirements. Because every company has unique needs, a shared server can’t provide that level of customization. As a result, customers are typically stuck with whatever settings, apps, and software the hosting provider installed on the shared server.

Customer Support

Depending on whom you go with for web hosting, the quality of support you receive may vary significantly. However, dedicated email server hosting provides superior support for many businesses. In addition, dedicated server hosting providers typically have fewer customers, allowing them to devote more resources (such as additional servers) to each.

No matter what kind of server you end up going with, it’s essential to check out your choices for getting in touch with a human if you run into any problems. Find out how providers prefer to contacted (phone, email, chat?). Moreover, observe how satisfied customers feel with the service they get by reading online reviews.

Closing Remarks

If you’re looking for a reliable data center for providing cutting-edge benefits of using dedicated servers for Email Marketing, look no further than Navicosoft. Navicosoft has multiple servers in various non-seismic zones worldwide for increased uptime and safety. Since 2004, Navicosoft has been providing solutions to a wide range of satisfied clients, and the company continues to focus on exceeding those clients’ highest expectations. Regarding Email Marketing Server solutions, Navicosoft has a team of experts ready to help you.

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