7 Best Gowns for Labor and Delivery in 2021

7 Best Gowns for Labor and Delivery in 2021

You might be wondering what you should carry in your hospital bag on the big day when you are going to give birth to your tiny cherub. Although it will be the beginning of your sleepless nights, you still want to feel gorgeous on the D-day. This is where we give you a list of the best labor and delivery gowns. We’re not going to talk about those uncomfortable and stiff hospital labor gowns, but the ones you want to wear to appear and feel gorgeous on the big day… as well as to provide extra comfort after the pregnancy. 

A beautiful and unique labor gown is just as important as a toothbrush. Why? Because, in a crisis, a maternity hospital nurse can provide you a stylish toothbrush, but a warm robe that will give you feelings of a strong woman you are? No way! (Have you ever heard of three-in-one labor gowns? They’re worth a million dollars!) But it is for the betterment since these selections are a million times prettier than the hospital robes! We picked together some of the best labor and delivery gowns that you’ll want to wear even after your baby is born. 

1.  Frida Mom labor and delivery Gowns

Frida now has its very own labor gowns. If you’ve been using products from Frida (pro tip: Frida has some great products that can come in handy), you know how well this firm understands the needs of parents and children. Their labor gowns, of course, give what you need. 

What you won’t miss? Prickly tags, harsh fabric, and fragile back ties all contribute to unintentional mooning. This simple shift is a bright-looking one that no one would condemn you if you wore it to welcome guests during postpartum. Many reviewers praise this labor gown, however many also say that a single size will fit on all garments is a hit. 

2.  Bravely Nursing Gowns

If you want the best of both, then this Bravely labor and nursing gown is the one for you. Bravely’s 2 in 1 labor gown should be packed in your hospital bag. The gown may resemble a standard hospital robe; however, it will not irritate your skin in the same way.

The gowns comprise a blend of cotton and polyester, allowing you to snuggle with your newborn baby in total comfort. If you want to look elegant, go for blue, or black polka dots. What distinguishes this gown from others? The gown has a complete Velcro front as well as shoulder snaps.

It consists of pockets. Remarkably when the nurse pays a compliment to the gown as you’re screaming during the delivery, you can yell, “Thank goodness, it’s got pockets!”

3.  GINKANA Labor & Delivery Gowns

Let’s be honest for a moment. Nobody feels beautiful in the boxy robes provided by the hospital. There has never been a single person who has raved, “oh yeah, nothing beats a polyester gown.” Why can’t we look attractive on the day of delivery? You’re the one in charge! This GINKANA labor gown is as comfortable as your best nightdress.

The silky cotton fabric wonderfully fits your contours and baby bulge, and the shoulder closures make breastfeeding a breeze. When your baby arrives and it’s time to go back home, this labor gown will come in handy during your postpartum recuperation. 

4.  Gownies – Designer labor and delivery Gowns

Hospital robes are a thing of the past. Plain old blue dresses are depressing. Because the D day belongs to you, why not dress to impress? These 100% designed labor gowns are available in a variety of floral designs and colors. Because, let’s face it, flowers give you a feel-good factor! This gown is ideal for both delivery and labor.

The anesthetic and lactating are made simple using Snaps. After all, who doesn’t need a little pampering after giving birth to a new life? 

5.  Ekouaer designer hospital Gowns

It’s a flexible and adorable labor gown we’ve seen yet since it is also a nursing dress and a nightgown. You may quickly pull out your milk producers; you can also wear it to the creche or the NICU, or simply sleep on the bed while wearing it. We’re not sure what else to call it if it’s not magic.

It does not just come in beautiful shades, but it also is extremely delicate and light. When all that you need is a pina colada on a hot day, it’ll keep you cool… but Mom duties come first. This gown reaches just above the knee level and features half-sleeves, making it ideal for parents who like a bit more covering (i.e. nothing too revealing).

6.  iLoveSIA labor and delivery gown

You’ll need backups of your favorite cute labor gown selections if you intend to spend more nights at the hospital, such as for the c-section. This labor gown from iLoveSIA is great for the early days after delivery and also for the following sleepless months, with easy access, sleeveless styling and the stretchy fabric fits on just perfectly.

This labor gown will not fail to make you comfortable during and post-pregnancy days. They include adjustable straps that allow a new mother to alter the bust depth to fit the nursing demands of her infant while still adhering to her body shape.

7.  Baby Be Mine Labor and delivery gowns

The first thing that comes to mind after seeing an ad as the 3-in-1 is “let’s get it”. Honestly, this Baby Be Mine Labor and Delivery Gown is too good to resist. We appreciate getting a great value for the buck spent. 

The Baby Be Mine labor gown is perfect for everyday use, even though it comes in a variety of cheery floral and polka dots. It includes an empire waist that can be adjusted to give you the most comfortable (and seamless) fit. The gown has snaps at the back for not revealing to anybody, it also has snaps on both the shoulders to make those medical exams a little more comfortable.


Check out the Gownies Designer Hospital Patient Gown for a beautiful and useful gown. Instead of ties, snap buttons at the back of the gown to hold it closed, making strolling around the hospital hallways simpler. If you prefer a robe, the Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing Robe is a good choice. This delivery gown, which is made entirely of cotton, will add a touch of luxury to your maternity experience.


1. Can you wear your own gown during labor?

You are not required to wear the gown: On the day you meet your baby, you don’t want to wear the traditional hospital gown. You are not obligated to do so. Most individuals opt to wear the gown since it is more convenient, but if you want, you may wear your own clothing.

2.      What should I wear to the hospital to give birth?

Nursing Gown or Delivery Gown.

If your hospital doesn’t have a preference, obtain a specific labor and delivery gown (with breastfeeding access, an IV, an epidural, etc.) to optimize your comfort and confidence. A nursing nightgown may be an excellent choice after birth, especially if you had a C-section. 

3.      How many outfits should I bring to the hospital for the baby?

Aim for one newborn size outfit and one 0-3 months outfit. If the weather permits, bring hats and/or socks. Contact information for your pediatrician. It’s a good idea to have this information on hand because the physicians and nurses will ask for it numerous times.

4.  What is a delivery robe?

Delivery gowns are quite comfortable, however, the hospital robes that you get are usually stiff and scratchy, as well as being either too big or too tiny. A nice delivery robe (or gown) will provide you with added comfort and will fit you well.

5.  When Should I pack my hospital bag?

Ans: Between weeks 32 and 35 of your pregnancy, you should have your hospital bag packed in case your baby arrives sooner than planned. Around the 28-week mark, or the beginning of your third trimester is a good time to start packing.

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