SOL and Big Eyes Coin are all set to top the charts

SOL and Big Eyes Coin are all set to top the charts

The cryptocurrency market is seen to deal with a huge bear market. This bear market resulted in huge price crashes across the crypto market. It is not the first time that the cryptocurrency market is going through a bear market. Those who know how the cryptocurrency industry works will insist it would be rolling over like many others before it. Yet this may only be the longest bear market the cryptocurrency industry has to deal with. Despite the prices falling, there are many Big Eyes Coin showing huge promise and offering great value for all investors.  Looking for a safe cryptocurrency trading platform to invest in Immediate Edge? Then have a look at Immediate Alpha.

Position of cryptos

The main trick is ferreting out these valuable coins and investing in them while the worst of this cryptocurrency winter is blowing over. The volatility has been trademarked to this cryptocurrency market. It impacts various coins in various manners. Two cryptocurrencies are set to offer huge value to investors in the middle of the worst of it. They are Big Eyes Coin and Solana. Here is a review of the present positions of these coins as the situation of the market unfolds. 

Big Eye Coin is soaring in the cryptocurrency space

Big Eyes Coin may be a meme coin. Yet it is not only for the laughs. The cryptocurrency asset has been designed to offer huge value and enhance the standing of this meme coin sector. It has been built on the network of the Ether. Big Eyes Coin is one of the most secure, efficient, and transparent cryptocurrency assets available today in the market. This platform provides options for a smart contract that endears it to the crypto user and investors.

How is it different?

This cryptocurrency is much different from all norms. It is very clear from its theme. While some other meme coins select to use a dog as their mascot, this crypto selected a cat as the theme. The huge turn from the normal has pulled many investors and cryptocurrency users to check it out. Its aesthetics attracts people; its huge value and interesting use case will keep them well grounded. The cryptocurrency asset is one of the most well-known coins right now, with many followers and interested individuals. 

All about its community

Similar to other meme coins, it has its own community full of committed people who have an interest in the progress of the coin and its development. With its huge popularity, Big Eyes Coin managed to amass more than 31 million dollars even when it is in its presale stage. Such a huge increase has endeared a lot of investors to this coin. All are at their seat edges. They are thinking about what other goodies the cryptocurrency asset may offer the cryptocurrency community. 

Solana is aiming for the top

It is an interesting cryptocurrency asset whose value can never get diminished in the cryptocurrency market. This platform lets its community arrange some decentralized applications off the chain. This crypto operates by using a proof of stake consensus mechanism. It reveals that the cryptocurrency asset is concerned with the environment. The proof of stake consensus offers scalability. Other than this, the proof of stake consensus lets users and investors pool their resources together and then stake in the pool of the Solana. It offers them a chance of earning an equal percentage of all profits on their main investments. 

The best crypto asset

Solana has been considered one of the best cryptocurrency assets in this market and it is also for a good reason. This platform offers quick and secure transactions that are very much appreciated in this market. The coin too offers low transaction prices. Launched in 2020, this cryptocurrency has been doing very well for itself by every measure. 


The crypto market has been witnessing the long-lasting impacts of a bearish market for more than seven months. Every sector, such as the NFT trade have got impacted by the cryptocurrency collapse as the price of the token keeps fluctuating at some lower boundaries. Solana got hit the most because its whales took to the market to sell all NFTs.  Big Eyes, the new meme coin launch looks to center on trading NFT for all users. You may want to know more about this coin. For the best cryptocurrency trading platform check out Bitcoin smart.

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