Biker Rings: How to Wear Them and What do They Say About You

Biker Rings: How to Wear Them and What do They Say About You

Biker jewelry, and rings, in particular, are a niche thing, and at the same time, a cultural phenomenon admired by prominent figures in the world of fashion let alone regular fashionistas. Burly, striking, and badass, they are catnip for everyone who wants to assert themselves as a toughie. But to convey the image of a tough guy, you need to know how to wear your rings. Moreover, a hand and even a finger that you choose to embellish can say a lot about your character. 

Of course, there are no universal ring-wearing rules but one thing is pretty obvious – you can’t put all of your baubles on the same hand while leaving the other undecorated. This will simply look ridiculous. If you want people to notice your jewelry, wear it on your right hand. No matter if you’re a lefty or righty, you use this hand for handshakes and this means that your ring will always be in the spotlight.

Fingers for Your Biker Rings

Not everyone knows it but there is a symbolic meaning in the way you wear your rings. In particular, the finger you choose for your ornament can say a lot about you including your traits, tastes, hobbies, belonging to a particular community, etc. 


Historically, rings adorn the thumbs of strong and self-confident personalities. On the one hand, a raised thumb is a sign of approval. On the other hand, emperors used the thumb to indicate whether to execute or pardon a person. Wearing a biker ring on the thumb may not be extremely convenient but if you wish to demonstrate your masculinity and assertiveness, this is the way to go. 

Index Finger

A ring on the index finger, especially on the right hand; unequivocally declares the ambition of its owner, his thrust for power. Such people prefer to give orders rather than follow them. They strive to be a leader in every situation, whether it is a work environment or a friendly get-together. It might be hard to find a compromise with such a person.

Of course, this stereotype doesn’t apply to every ring wearer. It is not uncommon for men to flaunt a ring on the index finger simply because they have rather small hands. A dashing ring decorating an index finger makes a hand visually striking. 

Middle Finger

A middle finger is the safest and most common option for jewelry. Normally, there is no special meaning in this fashion choice. At the same time, psychologists say that a ring on the middle finger is a sign of a confident and independent man who has achieved a lot thanks to his persistence and purposefulness. 

If you prefer gemstone rings, your inlay shouldn’t be too large. Otherwise, it may indicate such less-than-desirable traits as self-importance and conceit. 

Traditionally, the middle finger was a display for family heirlooms. Therefore, it is reserved for the most valuable and cherished pieces of jewelry. When it comes to biker rings, this finger is the best for wearing vintage baubles as well as rings that have a sentimental value such as a gift from a sworn brother or a keepsake that commemorates the memory of a late friend.  

Ring Finger

A ring finger is what girls look at when they make new acquaintances. Consciously or unconsciously, they want to know the status of a person they meet – married or not. Of course, the lack of a ring is not a guarantee that a man is single while the presence of a ring does not indicate that he is married. Still, if you want to attract the opposite (or the same) sex, it’s best that you leave the ring finger without a ring.

And if you are married and want to have a ring that indicates your marital status, we suggest sticking to biker wedding bands; for example Koi carp designs or Gothic style pieces. Make sure to check out some cool options at


The pinky is probably the least conventional choice for a ring. More often than not, you can see a ring on this digit in creative individuals such as writers, actors, musicians, etc. Psychologists claim that a man who wears jewelry on his pinky prefers to restrain his emotional impulses. Along with that, such a way of sporting a ring may give away a gambler or womanizer. 

Psychology aside, the tradition to wear a ring on the pinky goes back to medieval times. It indicated belonging to a certain class or community. For instance, in prestigious European universities, some student clubs issued special rings to their members. They were supposed to be worn on the pinky. When it comes to the biker community, most of the time rings and signets featuring a club’s emblem sit on this very finger. 

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