Diamond Engagement rings and Proposal Inspiration – We’ve Got It All Covered For You!

Diamond Engagement rings and Proposal Inspiration – We’ve Got It All Covered For You!

Diamond Engagement Rings. We’ve got some of the best and greatest Proposals of all time for you to take inspiration from.

A diamond is the definitive symbol of luxury and elegance that is popularly known today as the gemstone to mark the beginning of the eternal love of a couple. People who get engaged more or less prefer a diamond engagement ring more than any other gemstone, no matter how pretty it is. Why? You may wonder.

Well, to begin with, one of the basic reasons is that diamonds are the hardest substance known on earth; their durability is something that people pay a high price for, and it is also the factor that makes diamond the perfect stone for daily wear. Unlike other gemstones, diamonds do not lose their shine or radiance after being used for a long time. Hence, they are the most common gemstone used in engagement rings. Here we reviews for brilliant earth.

History of Diamond Engagement Rings

The first-ever diamond engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in the year 1477. After that, a trend grew in Europe among the aristocrats and royals to present diamonds in engagement rings. Several years later, there was a boom in the diamond markets across the world.

Today, when you shop for diamonds, you will come past two diamond types: The Earth Grown Diamonds and the Lab Grown Diamonds. By reading their names one can easily understand the origin of these diamonds. While natural or earth-grown diamonds are found in their raw states deep below the earth’s surface where they develop over a billion years, the lab-created diamonds are equal to their counterparts in every aspect but are created in a laboratory within few weeks.

Why Natural Diamonds Are Preferred

A wide population prefers natural diamonds over man made diamonds because they feel that these diamonds have authenticity due to their presence on the earth for such a long time. However, what goes unnoticed is the methods of extracting these diamonds. Earth-mined diamonds, as the name suggests, are extracted from the crust of the earth with the help of heavy machinery and labor. This can often result in disturbing the balance of the ecosystem.

Lab diamonds are a great alternative to solve this issue as they require a laboratory and a chamber in which they are created by developing conditions just like the earth’s crust. Although they require a good amount of energy for their creation, it is much lower than what’s required for an earth-grown diamond.

Therefore, when making a choice between Diamond Engagement Rings; you can either go for a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond because both are equal in every way. The only difference is that lab diamonds have a better environmental benefit than natural diamonds.

If you have found a special person in your life and are eager to pop the question to them; then we can understand your anxiety might increase just by thinking about that moment. Nonetheless, you would definitely want it to be special and something that’s unique. So if you are looking for some proposal ideas to surprise your significant other with, then you’re at the right place. We’ve got some of the best and greatest proposals of all time for you to take inspiration from.

1.     The Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Style

Kanye surprised Kim on her 33rd birthday with a proposal that was absolutely unexpected. At the ballpark, he pulled out a 15-carat engagement ring with all her friends and family by her side with the words ‘Please Marry Me’ illuminating the scoreboard. Now isn’t that cool?

2.     The Simplistic Meghan & Harry Style

So Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were cooking dinner together when Harry went down on one knee and popped the question with a beautiful diamond ring. If you want to have minimal arrangements yet maximum romance, then this one’s for you.

However, you can go the extra mile for the Diamond Engagement Rings and make it the star of the show by choosing a colored diamond. You can buy colored diamonds from various stores in the US that offer lab-created colored diamonds at great prices.

3.     Pink and Carey Hart’s Unconventional Style

If you want to take matters in your hand; then we suggest something unique as Pop Star Pink’s proposal where she stood on the sidelines of the racetrack of Carey Hart’s motor race with a whiteboard that read ‘Will you marry me?

4.     Joe Manganiello’s Distinctive Proposal For Sofia Vergara

For the proposal, Joe Manganiello went all out to give a Spanish speech for his to-be wife Sofia Vergara proposing to her in the most wonderful way. How far can you go in love?

5.     John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s Maldives Proposal

For the proposal, John Legend discreetly hid the engagement ring box from Chrissy while they were on their way to the Maldives. Upon reaching the spot successfully without dropping any hints; John proposed to Chrissy at the getaway with Diamond Engagement Rings where they enjoyed a short holiday together.

6.     Up in the Air like Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom planned a surprise proposal for Katy Perry amid the air while on their helicopter. He prepared a note, the ring (of course), and champagne which he accidentally smashed his elbow with, in a frenzy. The proposal was however successful.

7.     The Family Proposal like Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

Dwyane Wade organized a simple yet unique proposal where he had his three sons hold a sign that read “Will you marry us?” it was surely a family affair!

8.     Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Beach Proposal

Alex Rodriguez planned a beach proposal in the Bahamas, and just while the sun was about to set; he went down on one knee to pop the question with a beautiful emerald-cut diamond ring.

9.     Matthew Koma and Hilary Duff’s Cute Style

So after Hilary Duff was back from work one evening, Koma convinced her to visit a nearby park with him. Once they reached the location; he gave her a book that outlined their relationship with the last page carrying a pretty ring. He then proposed to her blurting out “I forget everything I’m supposed to say; but you’re my best friend” and we think that is really cute.

10.    The Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Style

Nick Jonas seemingly took Chopra to celebrate her birthday at the Greek Island of Crete; where he waited until midnight for giving her Diamond Engagement Rings after the day to pop the question on one knee. Chopra was silent for a good 45 seconds but said ‘Yes’ eventually.

These were some of the incredible and wonderful proposals that you can take inspiration from to surprise your beloved. Make sure you get one of the most remarkable diamond rings before you ask the big question. You can shop color diamonds and other lab-grown diamonds from New World Diamonds; if you want to get a ring customized for your partner.

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