7 Tricks to Boost YouTube Engagement in 2022

7 Tricks to Boost YouTube Engagement in 2022

Youtube is the second largest social media platform globally. Here, over 2.5 billion users engage with creators. In addition, millions of people view content without an account. Youtube is home to a versatile group of creators. There are food videos, hacks, dance videos, and vlogs, among hundreds of other genres. Youtube has around 51 million channels. As an aspiring creator, everyone’s first site has probably been Youtube. From gamers to daily vloggers, Youtube has it all. Through this platform, various creators have gained popularity in other media. YouTubers have successfully attracted their subscribers to other platforms. These include Instagram and Facebook, among others. 

This platform sees the number of creators increase with every passing day. Viewership is an advantage for those starting out. To grow a Youtube channel, engagement is necessary. This means the number of people that view, interact with, and follow one’s Youtube channel. It is essential to know how to use the platform to benefit oneself. Many features help creators gain views and increase engagement. One must explore all of these to take full advantage of the space. So, here are seven tricks to increase engagement on one’s Youtube channel:

Consistency is Key

The most important tip is to stay regular. This helps with engagement. A particular day and time can be set to post videos. This also keeps the audience aware of the timings. One should post regularly to capture the audience’s interest. A calendar can be prepared where posts are scheduled. This will help with staying punctual. 

Go with the Trends

Trends are a major part of any social media platform. Youtube sees challenges and games in trend. These can be posted to gain views. Another useful way is to post opinions. Certain news that is trending may not concern the creator. However, the creator can create a video with their opinions on the matter. This brings in an interested audience. The use of tags is also useful.

Use All Formats

Youtube has different formats that must be utilised. Shorts are a way to create short videos. These are easy to make and quick to view. Trending sounds and challenges can be used. This provides a short route to increasing viewers. SuperChat and stickers are also often used in live sessions. These can also help with engagement. 

Connect with the Audience

Audience engagement only increases with creator engagement. It is important to interact with viewers. Relatable content should be created. One must know what the audience likes. Asking interesting questions during the videos can also help increase comments. Youtube Live sessions can be useful in connecting with one’s audience. The Youtube Community feature can also be used to interact with different audiences and get better engagement. 


 Collaborations are a great way to capture attention. Viewers of the collaborator will be drawn to one’s channel. This increases one’s engagement. Collaborations can be useful for both sides. The followers of the collaborator build trust through this practice. It would be preferable if collaborators belonged to a similar niche.  

Utilise Youtube Analytics

Youtube Analytics are a great feature for understanding one’s performance. These help track how much the audience is engaging. Through this, one can know what works and what doesn’t. One can also see whether viewers stay for the entire time or watch just for a few minutes. This helps point out problem areas and improve accordingly. 

First Impression is the Last Impression

Viewing a video is a second step. The first is to gain interest. The only way one will tap on a link is if it seems exciting. The title and thumbnail are of use here. These two factors are instrumental in attracting the audience. The title should be catchy and short. The thumbnail must also be able to gain the attention of the viewer. Clickbait helps gain views but isn’t very ethical. A slight exaggeration can still be used if one wants to attract viewers.

Youtube channels have been around since the early 2000s. Youtube has been one of the first video-sharing services in the virtual world. Creators have gained a huge following through this platform. Individuals have found careers in the film industry as well. With the increase in accessibility, many people have taken an interest in creating content. 

In this jungle of creators, it is pretty easy to feel lost. Before creating videos, knowledge of the features is essential. This helps use the platform to one’s advantage. Engaging with the audience results in the audience engaging. Buying followers can be considered to begin the journey of being a creator. This is only to get things started. However, in the long run, one must not depend on bought followers. 


Youtube creators have unlocked great opportunities. This has helped people earn huge incomes. The audience must be entertained. The idea is to stay consistent and trustworthy to oneself. 

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