Great insights into Botto: A Decentralized Autonomous Artist

Great insights into Botto: A Decentralized Autonomous Artist

Botto is the next frontier of art. Botto has started to introduce new ways for artists to make a living without relying on galleries and other intermediaries, giving them more control over their work. This article will detail how Botto, the decentralized autonomous artist works and what it means for the future of art.

What is Botto?

Botto is a decentralized autonomous artist. Although most people have never heard about Botto or know anything about it, surely that in the future; they will be just as popular and well known as blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, NEO & EOS.

The goal of the online art selling website called botto is to provide a platform for artists from all over the world; who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to sell their work without going through galleries. To do this, you pick an artwork that you want to sell on your profile after uploading it with either Dropbox, Google Drive, or even Facebook.

In addition, the bitcoin payment option makes transactions much easier; because there’s no need for credit cards or Paypal accounts, making it quick and easy to use.

Botto is fair to artists by cutting out the gallery and collector intermediaries to sell directly through their website or mobile app. There are no fees for selling artworks, but other than transaction costs (e.g., gas in Ethereum); a small fee of 0.00075 BTC per view will pay to bottoms who display works on the botto.

The gallery page is well worth it, considering you receive 100% of the sales price; and keep total control over your artwork without a gallery commission.

Botto is fair to buyers

They can buy artworks from emerging artists at reasonable prices; there are no fees or commissions to pay, making Botto an even more attractive option for people; who want quality pieces but don’t have thousands of dollars in their bank account. In addition, buying bitcoins isn’t as complicated as most think because several online exchanges allow anyone to purchase them with a credit card.

What does this mean for the future?

It means that Botto is just one example of how blockchain technology can create a website for decentralized autonomous artists. For instance, one could have easily made the same thing by writing code on Ethereum or NEO; but botto was much easier and cheaper since everything is done through APIs.

However, artists with little to no following or profile presence can sell their work on Botto. For example, suppose you’re an artist who wants to go viral.

In that case, this platform will be perfect because botto only charges a small fee of 0.00075 BTC per view; which means your art gets seen by thousands of more potential buyers; than if it was displayed on some other social media site; where the maximum amount of views would cost $15-$50 depending on how many followers you have.


Many people who want to buy artwork don’t have credit cards or Paypal accounts; making it difficult for them to make online purchases. The other problem is that some websites require a minimum transaction amount which can be too much for most artists with little money.

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