Is It a Good Option To Buy a Used Phone?

Is It a Good Option To Buy a Used Phone?

Changing phones is always a complicated task involving many factors. For example, sometimes a phone seems perfect in features and design, but its price is out of our budget. Don’t settle for less, sometimes a good way out of this dilemma is to get a used phone terminal.

As its name suggests, a second-hand phone has already passed through another owner and that implies certain special considerations when considering its purchase. We have all heard some horror stories about buying a used device, but by taking into account the following tips you should minimize the risk of falling into a scam and manage to get the mobile of your dreams at a bargain price.

Check your status

When buying an Android device such as used Samsung phones -or, in general, anything- second-hand, the most important part is determining its condition. After all, it is what differentiates a new product from a used one and the discount you get will be based on it.

The mere passage of time makes a high-end Android mobile reduce its price dramatically; but the discount for damage is even more critical. A used but in perfect-condition, mobile will offer you a much lower value than another that has visible scratches.

In this regard, sellers are obliged to specify the condition of their second-hand phone products on any self-respecting sales page; and if this is not the case -or if it is not precise enough;- you should always ask before taking out your wallet.

Different Pages and sellers use different terminology, but you’ll generally find different status types:

  • New: a new product, with its box and guarantee, just like buying it in a store.
  • New (other): in theory, it is a product like phone that has never been used, but something happens; so that it does not fall into the previous category (for example, it does not come in its box).
  • Refurbished: The definition varies (Amazon here, eBay here), but they are generally products that are somewhere between used and new. For example, if your box has some damage, they have been repaired or has been damaged in transport or storage.
  • Used: a product that has been used and that may be in different states of conservation.
  • For scrap: a product that does not work; and that you should only buy if you are interested in its parts or know that you can repair it.

For any product that is not brand new, you should carefully read any condition notes included in the description. Does it have any scratches? Is something not working properly? Missing charger, cables or headphones?

Some sellers may be intentionally vague in describing the condition;so ask them to show you in a photo or video what those “light scratches” look like to see if they really are light or not. To see if anything is missing; you can check the official product page to see what is included in the box.


It is necessary to differentiate between a used phone and its condition since you will find cases in which a device technically has never had an owner (for example, it has been on display in a showcase) but that has defects such as a burned screen after being turned on for many hours every day.

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