What is a People Search Site?

What is a People Search Site?

Searching for people online is very useful, especially if you want more information about a potential date or an old schoolmate. However, They can be used even by people working in the investigation and juridical systems to find information or evidence concerning suspects or clients. Here you can find more information about people search sites and why they can be helpful.

How Do People Search Websites Work?

Doing a people search on a specialized website is relatively easy. You need to enter very general information, such as first and last name, state, and town, and you are given a list of the people to choose from.

The collected data comes from entities that specialize in finding, storing, and selling information.

The data is basically what is available on the public records from your local, state, or federal government.

This data is then matched to a social media profile, forum information, and other public information that is available online.

The sites can be free or paid. Advertisements usually support the free versions. Also, The paid ones require a monthly or yearly subscription or a one-time search report fee.

Some advanced people search websites might have tiers with different prices that offer a more detailed check of people’s backgrounds for a more considerable fee.

What are people’s search sites useful for?

Safe is better than sorry, especially when dealing with people.

Here are some cases where it is advantageous and beneficial to know who the person you are about to contact really is.

●      Finding a new neighbor

Getting information about your new neighbors is not being nosy. It is safe to know who the people next door are and if there is anything to worry about.

●      Get information on a potential roommate.

You may be considering sharing a flat or a house with another person. It is beneficial to know who these people are and if they present themselves for what they are. When you share the same space with somebody, you must know them very well and verify they are safe.

·   Verify someone’s identity before the first date

Meeting a person that you contact online can be pretty dangerous. Also, This is why checking their information in advance is quite helpful. Also, It makes it possible to confirm if they are being honest with you and if they presented themselves for who they were.

●      Find information on unknown phone numbers

If you got a call from an unknown number, you’d obviously wonder who this person was. You can do a reverse phone number search on a people search site to check the caller’s identity.

What Information Do People Search Sites Have?

A variety of data can be collected and stored by people search sites. You will find it quite surprising.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of all the information that might be available:

Name and Surname

Name changes and AKAs

Date of Birth


History of residence address

Flatmates or partners someone shares their home with

Flatmates or partners in the past


Current and previous marital status

Divorce information

Information on family members and extended family

Activity online on social media, forums, blogs

Current job and yearly income

Political affiliation

Degree of education

Possession of real estate and other properties

Criminal record

Civil records

Company records

The list goes on. Only some people’s search sites offer such detailed reports, but it’s safe to say the best ones do. This data, sometimes freely available online, can be used by anyone who wants to do research for whatever reason.

How to Check a People Search Site for Your Information

It is handy to look yourself up on such sites and check what information is available about you. To do this, just look up your name and sift through the list of results.

For a more detailed report, you should pay a fee.

Also, If you are unhappy with some of the information that shows up, you can request a change or removal of specific data. Some sites have this option. The report can be updated or hidden if inaccuracies or safety concerns exist.

In Conclusion

People search sites can be a great tool to check on somebody you’re in contact with. They can be used for a lot of practical reasons. Yet, there is an ongoing discussion about the potential misuse of this information. You can choose to have your info removed from such websites.

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