Top 9 Tips and Tricks to get better at Call of Duty: Warzone

Top 9 Tips and Tricks to get better at Call of Duty: Warzone

Be careful where you drop, Prepare a helpful Loadout, Make 10,000 Fast, Get the Orbital VSAT, and Equip your team members are Tricks for Call of Duty. Warzone has never been an easy game to win. It is a battle, and like all others, you must employ different strategies, tips, and tricks to remain alive. Also, if you want to win, you need the best of all tools such as good guns, perks, equipment, etc., and even some external tools. 

So, if you’re struggling to stay alive longer or even make it to the final rounds, don’t lose hope yet. We’ll share some pro tips to help you play better, avoid quick deaths and even win with your team. Also, you can check some of the warzone cheats we recommend for players who want to shorten the learning curve. 

With that said, let’s check them! 

Tips and Trick for Call of Duty 

Be careful where you drop. 

This game starts when you land on the map. That short time determines how you perform in the game. So, plan the landing carefully based on your fighting skills, looting goals, and game objectives. For example, if you can fight and shoot with accuracy, you can land where the fight is hot. But if you’re still honing your skills, land in a remote area. Also, if you want to grab good weapons, drop where you can find them. But mind you, other players have the same goals, so; it will be a real fight. 

Prepare a helpful Loadout. 

This game is a terrifying and challenging adventure to embark on and requires excellent tools to meet the challenges. Your choice of weapon will determine your performance and the results it will yield. That’s why you need the best weapons to match the fights. But there is only one way to choose what suits you, and that’s the loadout. 

When you prepare your loadout before a match of Call of Duty, it allows you to choose the grenades, operator skills, weapons, and perks that suit you. So, get to it before anything.  

Make 10,000 Fast

 The reason to make this amount quickly is to get your loadout package. After preparing the Loadout, you’ll need to get it in the game. If you don’t make 10000 cash, you won’t have it. So, try to gather the amount as fast as possible to get your package and uncover the weapons you’ve prepared. 

Get the Orbital VSAT

One of the easiest ways to get more kills is by locating the enemies. That’s why the Orbital VSAT is a powerful tool in Call of Duty. This Scorestreak uncovers all the enemies on the mini-map and the effect lasts for 45 seconds. Moreover, once you activate it, the enemy player cannot shoot it down. But you’ll need 12000 points and reach level 42 to unlock it. 

Utilize the smoke against enemies

Many other players are afraid of the gas as it depletes their health. But if you have a gas mask, this smoke can become a shield that covers your moves from the enemies. The only thing is to be careful not to expose yourself while putting on the mask. Don’t shoot at anybody until you’ve fully covered yourself. 

Don’t be a stray dog.

Being part of a team means working together. So, instead of playing the lone wolf, try to stick with others. That way, you’ll complement one another’s strengths for a better outcome. Moreover, if you stray too far and meet a dangerous situation, you might compromise your teammates who will try to rescue you. So, think hard before moving. 

Don’t ignore the lethal equipment. 

There are many tools to use in Call of Duty. If you can grab some of the best ones, your gaming performance will improve a lot. For instance, some lethal equipment includes Semtex, Frag Grenade, Throwing Knife, Claymore, Molotov Cocktail, C4, Thermite, Proximity Mine, etc. Some of the Tactical equipment include a Smoke grenade, Stim, Stun Grenade, Gas Grenade, Decoy Grenade, etc. All this equipment is unique and offers lots of advantages. Don’t ignore them for the guns only. 

Equip your team members

One of the best ways to improve your result is by working in unity with your team. Make sure you plan everything and protect one another’s back. Then again, always ensure that all the team members are equipped with the right weapons. So, when you make cash, share with others to get the weapons they need to help the team. 

Use the circle as a shield. 

This is risky, but it will help you. All you need is to back the circle to protect your flank. That way, no player will take you unawares and attack you from behind. But make sure you move with the circle so you can make it to the safe zone too. 


These 9 tips above can improve your performance in Call of Duty. Even though the fights can be tough, you can plan with your team and utilize relevant tools to play better. Don’t forget to use the best weapons and equipment. It’s a battle and not a picnic. So, get everything that can give you an edge over enemies. 

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