Can I Make Calls On Smartwatches: Answering Calls On Smartwatch

Can I Make Calls On Smartwatches: Answering Calls On Smartwatch

Smartwatches are becoming very popular because of their instance capabilities. The latest smartwatches also allow you to make calls directly from your wrist. 

If you’re a person who doesn’t want to carry a smartphone during workouts, then smartwatches are the best alternative for you. 

But not every smartwatch offers a calling feature; only a few of these devices in the market come with these features. In this article, I will discuss how you can make calls via smartwatches and which calling smartwatch is best for you.

Can You Make Calls On Smartwatches?

Yes, you can make calls on smartwatches but not every smartwatch is capable of making calls. Only a smartwatch with a built-in mic and speaker enables you to receive calls and reply to a text. 

Almost every single smartwatch will show you notifications of calls, but only a few of them answer the calls. Usually, smartwatches with LTE or cellular features are considered best for this purpose. 

But BlueTooth smartwatches can also answer calls like Galaxy watches, Fitbit Sense, etc. 

How Can I Make Calls On Smartwatch?

It’s not a big deal to understand how to make calls or answer calls on a smartwatch. If you have a BlueTooth smartwatch, make sure it’s connected to your smartphone. Any Incoming call on your iPhone will appear on your smartwatch, and from there, you can simply drag the slider to answer it from your wrist. 

If you have a Cellular or LTE watch, it needs a sim card to give phoneless calling features. After activating that sim, you can make calls, reply to a text, and use the internet on your smartwatch without smartphone connectivity. 

If your smartwatch doesn’t support calling features, you will only receive call notifications and can’t reply to them. Similarly, you can see all other smartphone notifications on your watch if it’s connected to your phone.

Which Smartwatch Is Best For Calling?

According to GorillaFitnessWatches: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Apple Watch Series 7, Ticwatch E3, and Amazfit GTR 2 are considered best for calling and replying to a text.

If you have the budget, I recommend you go for Apple Watch 7. It gives much better performance than the rest of the smartwatches. Also, this watch has more advanced fitness and health features. The accuracy of the Apple watch series 7 is better than the rest of the brands. 

Consider These Factors Before Buying A Smartwatch For Calling

1- Microphone

First, if you are interested in buying a smartwatch that can answer calls, there must be a high-quality microphone.

With a quality microphone, you can make effective calls. For making calls, you should connect your smartwatch with your smartphone, or in some watches, a build slot is available for the sim card.

2- Voice Assistant

I prefer to buy a smartwatch with a voice assistant, which helps you reply to text SMS. Voice Assistant, such as Google Assistant or Alexa helps, comes with a build-voice text feature; with this feature, it becomes really easy to reply to text SMS. Despite this, there are also a lot of functions of the voice assistant in smartwatches.

3- Connectivity

After the above two factors, this is another important factor you should consider before buying a smartwatch. With a universally compatible smartwatch, you can connect your smartwatch with your android phone and iOS devices.

4- Notification System

This factor does not matter much, but if your smartwatch has a smart notification system, it’s best for you. Because Previously, I used a smartwatch, but the notification vibration was too loud and unpleasant. So you should consider this factor too.

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