Chew bakka – Famous Character, Original trilogy, Biography

Chew bakka – Famous Character, Original trilogy, Biography

Chew bakka, is a Fictional Character, and he is not in Reality in Life. He is just Fictional and thinking of his Creator.


We are going to discuss a fictional character which is commonly known as chew bakka. He is also referred to as the Chewbacca. And he has a good nickname of “Chewie.” He is also a famous fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. He is also known as a Wookiee. And he is a tall, furry, bipedal, and intelligent species in the star wars series. He originates from the fictional planet, which has the name of Kashyyyk.

Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire:

He is a very loyal friend and his first mate of Han Solo in the movie series. And he serves as a co-pilot on Solo’s spaceship in that film. And the name of Millennium Falcon is also together with him. They both helped out the Rebel Alliance and defeated the Galactic Empire, and he restored freedom to the galaxy once again.

Chew Bakka original trilogy:

Chew bakka, as we all know that is a fictional character, and he is not in reality in life. He is except fictional and thinking of his creator.

He is also very famous in the original trilogy. And he is portrayed by a famous filmmaker who has named Peter Mayhew. Mayhew is sharing the role with his body double, which has the name of Joonas Suotamo. And he is in the character of the first episode, which has the sequel trilogy, which has the name of Star Wars.

The force awakens:

The Force Awakens is another famous series, and then Suotamo is taking over the role in the next episode of this film series. The Last Jedi and chew Bakka are reprised together in the anthology film. So it is starting a new chapter which has the name of A Star Wars Story. And he is playing a role in the final sequel and trilogy film.

The Rise of Skywalker: 

This is another level series, or we can say this is the next series, and it has the name of The Rise of Skywalker. The character of this film series has also appeared in various works and appeared within the Expanded Universe series, which normally consists of television series, books, comics, and video games.

Chew Bakka famous character:

He is a 200-year-old Wookiee and considers a fictional character. And he becomes a young Han Solo’s companion in a movie which has the name star wars. In that film series, they both escaped Imperial captivity on Mimban. He is also known as the adventure symbol in the film series. And after a series of adventures on Vandor and Kessel, he embarks on the smuggling trade and serves as Han’s co-pilot on the Millennium Falcon for the rest of Han’s life in that film series.

Chew Bakka appearance:

He has stood at eight feet tall, and he covered with long hairs on his all body, and he wears only a bandolier. He has a weapon of his choice, which is famous as the Wookiee bowcaster. And it is also known as a crossbow-shaped and directed-energy weapon.

His native language and understanding:

He can speak only in his native language, which is Shyriiwook. And it sounds like an animal sound growling. He can understand the English language as he is the very intelligent creature in that film, and he can easily pick every bit from the human being. But he cannot be physically unable to speak and answer them. He was named as one of the “greatest sidekicks” in film history by Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Chew Bakka biography:

1: He was the first appearance in Star Wars, and it was the year (1977).

2: He was created by a famous illustrator of the film industry, and his name is George Lucas.

3: He portrayed by Peter Mayhew in the episodes of III-VII, and also he featured in the Holiday Special episode.

4: He is also appearing with the famous character of Joonas Suotamo in the episodes of VII-IX and solo. And it is also known as A Star Wars Story.

5: Chew Bakka, voiced by Ben Burtt with many vocal effects.

In-universe film series information:

1: Chew Bakka belong to the species of Wookiee.

2: He has the gender of male.

3: he has the occupation of Co-pilot and his first mate on Millennium Falcon in that film series.

4: He has an affiliation with the Galactic Republic.

5: He has also belonged to the Rebel Alliance.

6: he also belongs to the New Republic state.

Chew Bakka family information:    

1: his father is Attichitcuk and (Itchy). 

2: he also has his mother but his unnamed mother.

3: he also married a creature in that film, and his spouse’s name is Mallatobuck (Malla).

Chew Bakka children:      

He has a son and his name is Lumpawarrump (Lumpy)/Lumpawaroo (Waroo).

Chew Bakka relative’s legends:

1: He also has a younger sister, and her name is Kallabow.

2: he has a nephew, and his name is Lowbacca.

3: he has a niece, and her name is Sirrakuk.

4: he has his Homeworld, and its name is Kashyyyk

Chew bakka in other countries:

France and in french language:

In France, when he appeared in the original Star Wars film; his name was changed to “Chiktabba,” and he had his nickname to “Chiko”. But in the English language, the name similar to “chewing tobacco.” And in French he is “tabac à mâcher”. Or “tabac à chiquer.”

In the Italian language:

In the Italian language and Italian editions, he is named “Chewbecca.” Which is in Italian pronunciation as: [ˈtʃubɛkka/ˈtʃubekka]). And he has the nickname “Chewbe.”

In the Television industry:

In 1978, the television program with the name Star Wars Holiday Special introduced as Chewbacca’s family. And his wife, Mallatobuck, and his son Lumpawarrump, and father Attichitcuk, and his father also belongs to chief of the Kaapauku Tribe.

Additionally, the special feature of this film series is a frame of the story in which Chew bakka and his best friend Han travel to Kashyyyk. And they both celebrate their Life Day with his family. 

In Video games:

He is also famous for most video games. Also, He is a superstar and known as the fighter star in-game of Star Wars. He is also known as a playable character.

The final words:

Chew Bakka or Chewbacca is a famous and popular fictional character worldwide. He has a fictional character of 200 years ago. He has a family, owns a planet, and is famous in the film series star wars.

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