Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Hazardous Cleaning Products

Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Hazardous Cleaning Products


Although they do help in keeping our house clean, the cleaning products can sometimes lead to unhealthy issues at times. 
But, what are they, really? And, how do you be careful while cleaning your house or office
Keep reading this article till the end to know more about it.

How Can The Cleaning Products Affect Your Health?

Cleaning Products

Let’s be honest, here.

House cleaning products are basically used to clean your house and clear the germs alongside it. Hence, they’re supposed to contain a toxic material or two. So, if you are not using them carefully, they might affect both your external and internal organs.

Here’s how:

They Can Affect Your Lungs’ Health.

Products like house fresheners can help in keeping the smell of your room fresh and enticing. However, if you breathe them in directly, they can also affect your lungs health.

For example, they can cause coughing right after you have taken the essence of the same in. In addition to that, it can also lead to asthma if you’re breathing it in for a prolonged period.

In extreme cases, it can cause lung cancer as well. However, we still don’t have any scientific backing to prove this statement. Anyway, they’re toxic and you should stay away from them.

They Might Damage Your Stomach Lining.

Most people perform their cleaning tasks by using a towel and their hands. Sometimes, while thinking about something else, they end up putting the same hand in their mouth.

And, that’s what affects their stomach. It can cause indigestion, lead to incessant vomiting, or stomach pain. Sometimes, it might also stimulate your stomach acid and affect the lining.

Skin Irritation.

If you are not using a pair of gloves or something, the products might also affect your skin. For example, due to having a higher pH level, they can lead to skin rashes.

Also, if you are using an acidic product, they can also cause pain, swelling, blistering, as well as redness. Permanent scarring can be a result of the same as well.

Eye Injury.

Sometimes, while spraying the cleaning product on something, you may also end up spilling the same in your eyes. This, in turn, can affect your eyes and lead to internal bruises.

In extreme cases, it might also cause corneal abrasion, which may lead to blindness in future. So, always wear an eye protector while cleaning up your house.

Childhood Stomach Poisoning.

Keeping the bottle of a cleaning product in front of a child can affect their health to quite an extent. They might start playing with the same, which can cause a spillage on their skin.

In some cases, they may also end up gobbling the liquid. It, sequentially, can lead to stomach poisoning and send your kid to the hospital for a month or two.

How To Be Careful While Cleaning Your House?

If you are working with something acidic, it’s a must to focus on keeping yourself safe at any cost. Keep reading to know how you can do it.

  • Try wearing a pair of gloves and hand protectors while cleaning your house. This way you can easily decrease the risk of skin irritation and allergy.
  • Don’t get your hands near your mouth before you have cleaned up well. Or else, the product might get into your system and cause stomach pain.
  • Avoid keeping the product in front of your child or somewhere they can access it. You may preserve the same in a locker room or put it in a height where they can’t reach.
  • Always clean your hands twice after you are done with cleaning your house. And, you must do so even when you are using gloves or hand protectors.
  • Wear a pair of sunglasses or eye protectors if you are cleaning the ceiling of a house. This way, you can avoid the risk of the product going into your eyes.

The Bottom Line

When you are buying a cleaning product for your room, always ensure that you’re opting for something that’s made naturally. Try to avoid chemical-based products as much as you can.

Also, try to use antibacterial cleaners as sparingly as you can. And, if it’s possible, add a lot of water in the mixture as well. This way, the acidic nature of the same will reduce a little.

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