What are some ways you can keep your closet organized?

What are some ways you can keep your closet organized?

When your closet is disorganized, you cringe every time its doors are open, and you wish they would stay closed around the clock. The situation would be unbearable when you have guests in your house since it would be embarrassing if they had a glance at your messy closet organized.

Did you know that disorganized closets harm your health? Well, if you are experiencing some guilt every time you think about your closet, then know the disorganization is causing your stress levels to spike.

Besides experiencing euphoria when your closet is well organized, you will save up more time and energy that could have been spent looking for a particular item. All of the minutes you could lose digging for things in the closet can instead be spent doing things you love like exercising, Intertops poker bonus, or not being late for work.

1. Declutter Your Closet

Most people who embark on the journey to organize their closets dread decluttering since they are emotionally attached to their belongings. Holding onto things you love but never use will overwhelm your closet and make it messy.

Among the best ways to get rid of decluttered items include donating items that are in good shape to someone in need, selling them and making some money, and trashing the ones beyond repair.

The perfect method of decluttering items in your closet is sifting through them by type. Categorize them into pants, tops, dresses, undergarments, and accessories, giving you a better opportunity to get rid of things you no longer use.

Instead of focusing on what you get rid of, shift your attention to what you keep and ensure it is an item you use with frequency; otherwise, if you have not used it, like forever donate it.

2. Empty and Clean your Closet

Most people find this tip tasking because it involves emptying everything from the closet and cleaning it up. The core things to remove include baskets, bins, hangers, and items on the shelves or the floor.

You can acquire ample clear and well-organized space by giving your closet a thoroughly clean job. Remember to clean the hanging rods and shelving of any dust, which will keep the items in your closet clean once you arrange them in the closet.

Importantly, scrub off any stained marks on the walls and vacuum the carpet to give your closet a deep clean. Also, remember to clean light fixtures and leave the door open to allow fresh air into your closet.

3. Design your Ideal Closet Space

The best way to keep your closet organized is to have a mental picture of your ideal closet. You need to be creative and organize things up without an actual closet.

Another important step is to understand the best features of your closet; which will help you know how best to organize based on what you have. Although closets differ in their design, some have common features like built-in shelving, multiple hanging rods, and vertical storage space.

Being creative will help you develop alternative options for the features your closet lacks. If your closet has several shelves and not enough hanging space; you could remove some of the shelves and add some hooks on the wall instead.

Other creative options that will beautify your closet include lighting up the space; a fresh coat of paint will do wonders, adding a mirror for a brighter space; and thinking vertical to help use space efficiently.

4. Improve your Closet Storage

By improving your closet storage, you will gain enough space to cater to your needs. You can purchase budget-friendly closet organizers to assist you with customizing your space to make it functional.

You need to invest in containers that will allow you to keep items in your closet neatly arranged with separate categories for easier access. Also, You can improve your closet storage space and overall look by stocking up on space-saving hangers, including slender velvet ones or wooden hangers.

5. Organize your Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

Begin by storing each clothing category based on how frequently you wear them. For instance, keeping clothes, you wear to work at eye level will save you time that you could be spent looking for them and maintaining your closet’s neatness.

Additionally, you can store seasonal clothes or those rarely worn on the top shelf or below the most used items. Group up your items to help you determine the amount of space needed and the perfect way to store each item.

Although storing your clothes by category may look obvious; it makes a difference when you want to locate an item in a flash. For example, t-shirts, workout clothes, and pajamas are best rolled into storage boxes; sweaters and denim are better stacked since they are thick and delicate, and fancy fabrics are better hanged than folded.

Accessories and shoes are better stored separately from clothes to create an organized space. You could try hanging your scarfs instead of putting them together with a sweater; and keeping a shoe you often wear to the office at close range; not at the back of the closet, will keep the space more organized.


The space and size of your wardrobe determine how your closet stays organized. It is one thing to organize your closet, yet keeping it organized is another thing. You need to commit to a complete makeover of your closet by often decluttering, deep cleaning; and storing items according to category.

Of course, your closet may not remain perfectly organized after the makeover. Still, you can take control by periodically working on closet maintenance instead of waiting until everything is in disarray.

Next time you notice that your clean white lingerie is brown, it’s a sign that your closet needs a touch-up. By adopting a seasonal cleaning schedule, you save yourself the hustle of having to clean all your clothes again.

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