15 Content Video Creator for Freelancers and Marketers 

15 Content Video Creator for Freelancers and Marketers 

Videos are here to stay as part of content creation. There are clips everywhere, and they concur with modern-day advertising. There are also more video consumers, and digital marketers are reaping the fruits of it. 

If you are a freelancer or marketer, this is a realm you have thought of already. So, we are here to help you get the best video content creator platforms. The main aim is to get the best video from available tools and do it fast. 

Video content creation equipment is now as cheap as only needing a website and computer to do the job.

Doratoon – The Video Content Creator Freelancers and Marketers Need 

You have a lot to ponder, so, Doratoon is here to make it easy for you. It has become the best in video creation because of how it will carry itself while creating the videos. You only need your browser to complete creating the video. 

Everything you need is available for you after you create an account. You can start by perusing the thousands of templates available to get an idea of how to get started. After that, there are tutorials showing how to use the different features to make the best out of the platform. 

Freelancers and marketers can then go ahead to make use of the animated characters available. Adding texts and background colors involves clicking, dragging, and dropping. You can also add speech or convert text to speech. 

If you have some pictures or background music to include, Doratoon allows uploading from the local storage. You can do so much with this platform, including adding paths for your characters to create moving objects. 

If you want to learn more about video marketing ideas and video creation, go to this page and then create a free Doratoon account.


You can also use Vyond video content creator to create your freelancing videos or complete that quick video assignment. The creation page involves drag and drop, and you can use it if you need a video for your social media updates or an ad. 

Some templates can help you get started as well. With that, you can play around with the background, characters, and dialogues you will include. It’s also possible to import what you would like to add. 

That means you can create a video that resonates with what you are aiming to achieve. Vyond was formerly known as GoAnimate. The name changed in 2018. 


Vidyard takes a different direction by helping video content creators to do it themselves. You can record yourself on the platform via the webcam or record your screen. It offers an excellent way for marketers and freelancers to express their products. 

After the video, you can engage with your viewers by linking to various social platforms and checking how your videos and response rate are performing. You can also embed the videos you create with your website too. 

It’s a major tool that not only creates videos but helps you share, manage and create revenue from them. 


Magisto is another tool in the video content creation niche that allows you to make short clips no matter where you are. You can decide to shoot a video by recording or selecting the photos available on the platform or in your gallery. 

Magisto also allows you to add music background or select from the ones available in the library. You can also determine the video length. After the creation, there is an AI that processes everything by applying the transition and filters that match your theme. 

You can use it on any internet-enabled device to create short clips. 

Adobe Spark 

Adobe Spark is a video creation tool that marketers and freelancers can consider too. You can create videos from scratch or use the templates to complete the job. The web platform also allows you to share after creation and editing. 

Other things you can use or adjust are images and fonts. There is a library of images that you can depend on or import from your local storage. Adobe also allows you to license your videos which means you can change the ownership information and who can access it. 

The only problem with Adobe Spark is that if you are a newbie, you will need some time to learn first.


Animoto is another video content creation with an interesting way to create and share videos. You can use it to express your marketing ideas, among other tasks, by dragging and dropping what you need. 

If you need to customize, that is also allowed since you can upload your material. Such may include pictures you would like to use or background music. Other customization options include editing the video length and adding texts and characters. 

The main advantage of using Animoto is that you can engage with your audience via different channels on the platform. So, you can invite people to view, comment, and engage as you work on the video. 


Animaker is a web platform that can help you and others in the video content creation complete a project. So, you can work on your video or work with others using the multi-user option. 

As you create the video, there are templates to guide you through. So, you can make any clip you need, from simple testing to corporate videos that relate to the business values. There is no limit as you use, but more is there when you subscribe to the business plan, which requires about $39 per month. 

More features include the whiteboard videos and access to charts, maps, and icons. If you are two or three people working on a clip, there is an in-app messenger to help in communication. 


Video content creators in the freelancing and marketing niches can also use the Powtoon web-based platform. It has helped many in corporate and personal businesses express their thoughts and create explainer videos. 

If Powtoon can help achieve that, you can use it to execute any video idea. There are free resources to help you start, such as templates and pictures. You can also import what you need to include. 

In most cases, it’s a matter of drag and drop when you want to add characters, text, and annotations. After the video creation and editing, you can upload it on YouTube directly. 


Biteable will guide you through as you make your first video online. So, apart from the video content creation ideas available, it will help you bite that seemingly impossible video chunk. There are pre-made templates that you can edit as you wish. 

They are also well-sorted based on various niches. So, if you are looking for something to help you crack that marketing idea, there are hundreds of templates ready for that. Anything else you need on the video can be updated using drag and drop. 

It’s also possible to import what you require to customize the video. 


Moovly has also helped video content creators to make videos easily online. There is also an app version for those who want an offline solution. What you get, as usual, are templates that will give you more ideas. 

They also give you a baseline to start. They are categorized into personal, business, and educational videos. That means they cover most of what freelancers and marketers need. Other features include adding custom fonts and colors, text-speech conversion, and subtitles. 

The only flaw here is that acquiring a subscription plan is expensive. If you opt to stay on the free version, there are limited features that you only unlock by subscribing. 


Rocketium is a major platform that can help you with everything from creating that video to managing workflows after automation. The video content creation tasks will meet high-quality development that leads to videos matching the input level. 

You can also size your video according to the requirements, especially if you post on social media channels. The best thing about Rocketium is that it supports more than 100 languages. 

It’s possible to add animations, music, and other forms of media via the platform. Once you are ready with the video, you can subject it to different marketing techniques using the available features on the website. 

To get started, you need to have an account. 


Shakr is a tool that video content creators can use to create and export their videos to different channels. After account creation, the platform welcomes you with various templates and video designs to choose from and edit. 

You can use it to create videos that target different social channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Most of those who have used the platform know that it’s specialized in ad creation and short video clips. 


Headliner is a video content creator you can work with on the web, Android and iOS. You need a paid subscription to enjoy the full features, but that’s the only way you get to know how it can work for you. 

It’s excellent for making short social media clips with captions. So, you can create those videos that require sound to be off while viewing. Headliner can transcribe the audio for you and get the necessary captions. 

It also allows you to upload materials you need to use and utilize their videos and images library. 


We mostly know Canva as the place to go when you need a quick but perfect photo editing tool. They also added the video content creator feature as well, and it has editing capability too. 

There are ready-made templates available, just like on the image editing page, and you can add music and import other files. You need an account and a monthly subscription at least to use it fully and get rid of watermarks. 


Lastly, we have Typito, which also helps video content creators work online and deliver quality videos. It has the drag and drop specification, and you can start with the free plan to see how it works. 

You can also add custom banners to your videos to relate to your brand and what you are informing your audience. You can also resize the videos to suit different channels. The only issue with the free plan is that it will watermark your videos. 

You have to upgrade to get rid of it. 


If you are in marketing or freelancing and create videos, you don’t have to be stuck with offline solutions. Online video creators will help you work anywhere and get your work done fast. 

You can start with Doratoon to see how easy it is. The review also gives you other options that you can utilize or recommend.

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