A Glimpse into The Brightest Moments of Cryptocurrency History

A Glimpse into The Brightest Moments of Cryptocurrency History

Talking about cryptocurrency, the name that automatically pops into our mind is bitcoin. Cryptocurrency History Introduced in the year 2009, today, bitcoin is regarded as the most popular of almost 5000 different types of cryptocurrencies available in the market and more information Register here.

However, you’d be surprised to know that when it was first introduced, bitcoin did not get recognition, neither it was accepted by financial experts. One of the reasons was that it was an entirely new concept, besides, back then, bitcoin did not have the robust and sound technology that uses today. 

However, over a period of time, bitcoin has emerged as the most successful of all cryptocurrencies, and today, investments worth billions of dollars done for the acquisition of bitcoin. In that case, you can visit bitcoin profit. This website offers the ideal platform for those who wish to invest in bitcoin and make a profit out of it.

A Look Back At The Best Moments In Cryptocurrency History

It has almost a decade now, and slowly but steadily; bitcoin has left its mark in the financial market, especially cryptocurrency? There are many memorable moments in the history of Bitcoins which are as highlighted below-

Bitcoin creation: 

The creation of bitcoin has to be one of the most significant moments in the history of the financial market. As mentioned, introduced in the year 2009, and initially, bitcoin took the market by storm. However, after a certain point in time, lots of loopholes appeared, and bitcoin gradually started losing its acceptance. However, they worked on their system and introduced the blockchain mechanism as its backbone.

First transaction:

 After nine days it was introduced, the first transaction was made between the founder of bitcoin and a global leader in cryptography called Hal Finney. This transaction is considered to be a test check to see whether the entire system is working properly; and the wait expected. Much to the delight of the founder of bitcoin, it did show amazing results; and from there on, bitcoin never looked back.

Bitcoin currency exchange: 

Mt.Gox is known for designing the biggest ever bitcoin exchange in history, but he is not the first one. The first ever bitcoin currency exchange was known as the bitcoin market and it was designed only after one year of its introduction on 6 February 2016.

Acceptance by eBay: 

In the year 2011, bitcoin accepted as a medium for making payments and carrying out business transactions by eBay. This was a landmark moment for bitcoin; as it marked the beginning of a new area for an online business transaction using cryptocurrencies. In that sense, bitcoin regarded as a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrencies for online trading in transactions.


In May 2011, BitPlay introduced Cryptocurrency History; which later on turned out to be one of the most profitable business partners of bitcoin.

Price collapse: 

In the year 2010, bitcoin experienced its first major setback. The price of the bitcoin market or the stock exchange collapsed significantly; and it was on the verge of being wiped out. However, it was from this point onwards that bitcoin started reengineering its mechanism; and gradually emerged as one of the most reliable and trustworthy cryptocurrencies to used.

Acceptance by Microsoft: 

On 11th December 2014, Microsoft Corporation accepted bitcoin as a mode of payment. This was another major landmark moment in the history of bitcoin; as corporate giants like Microsoft recognized bitcoin as the valid legal tender for carrying out business transactions.


These are some of the memorable moments in the history of bitcoin. Apart from these mentioned-above points, many more glorious incidents are there in this history of Bitcoins. Though all the moments do not mark happiness and a cause for celebration; however, all these events put together have contributed to the history of bitcoin; which regarded as the most popular cryptocurrency today. 

According to the experts, within the next couple of years, bitcoin, which is already holding 85% of the total cryptocurrency market is going to expand further and is gradually going to take over the entire market.

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